Recreated Childhood Photos Are Amazing And Awkward At The Same Time

There’s nothing better than a family with a sense of humor. These siblings and parents dug through the family photo album reminiscing about the good old days. But it didn’t stop there. They went so far as to recreate their favorite memories, down to every last detail. These hilarious photos show that some things change, while others totally stay the same. After clicking through you’ll want to call up your family to create one yourself! (Do it.)

Boys Will Be Boys


We love this photo so much. Mostly because the photo on the right doesn’t even look like they were intending to recreate the original picture. Honestly, we hope these four mud-covered brothers remained close throughout childhood and into adulthood and we really that this photo just happened to be snapped and bore a sweet similarity to the original.

What sweet moments captured from youth and beyond. We bet Mom and Dad would be delighted to receive these photos framed for Christmas!