Reasons Why Social Media Has Changed The Dating Game For The Better

You know how grandparents say things like “back in my day” followed by some story about a mundane task that has an anti-climactic ending? Well, you should always follow that up with, sorry grandma, but you didn’t have to date when social media was around.

It’s changed the dating game drastically and while many say it’s made it very difficult to date, this article will show you why it’s actually better. If you can maneuver your way through the hook-up culture that’s created by social media and dating apps like Tinder, the exposure is very beneficial.

Tags Wouldn’t Exist

INsta Relationship goals .jpg

Okay, here is an example of someone who uses subtle social media tricks to be a good boyfriend. By tagging her ring finger, it’s insinuating that he’s about to ask her to marry him. For our sake, since we’re all a little depressed looking at this, imagine if she really didn’t want to marry him and every time he did this it made her feel sick? That’s the dream.

You Can Get Called Out Publically

Dating A Model.jpg

You know how we all knew someone who said they were dating this really hot girl and would bring a picture of her to school to show at recess? Social media and the internet allow us to figure out these liers and expose them publically. Nice try, Nathan from Accounting. You’re not going to slip Vitoria by us this time.

You Can Date Whoever You Want

Celeb relationships.jpg

Social media has drastically expanded the dating pool. You can literally start talking to people from around the world and form relationships with them like never before. You can even date celebrities, even if they have literally no idea who you are. No one has to know though, her friends STILL think this is real.

Honesty Is Rampant

I Have Nothing.jpg

Social media has allowed us to be more honest with each other right off the bat. Think of it this way — if you’re on a first date you’re probably not going to say that your life is in shambles and that you’re really boring. Social media allows you to say brazen things like this and not have to see the disgusted look on the other person’s face.

Tags Are Ruining Relationships

My Date Was Complaining.jpg

Here’s the problem with middle-aged people over-using social media. 45 and 50-year-olds are taking over Facebook and it’s becoming a problem because they aren’t fully aware of how to use it yet. People are posting incriminating stuff on each other’s walls thinking they are sending it to messenger etc.

Freudian Slip?

Sorry High.jpg

Not sure if this was just a moment of truth that just slipped out or a genuine typo. His girlfriend probably went out with the girls the night before and he saw her dancing on a table on Snapchat. Or, a wildcard scenario could be that he’s auditioning to be Santa Claus?

Grand (Identity) Theft Auto

GTA Stuff.jpg

When you’re having an online relationship, it’s easy to dupe people. There’s a reason that the term “catfishing” is becoming rampant. You could be talking to 22-year-old Katrina from Delaware, but in reality, it’s actually a 68-year-old man named Rob who lives in Rhode Island. Nothing good comes out of Rhode Island so you know that’s your main red flag.


No Time To Think.jpg

When you get to the point in a relationship that you can start pulling this without getting in trouble, that’s goals. I dare anyone to do this to a girl you just started dating. Expect a frying pan to have a meet-and-greet with your face promptly thereafter. Nothing good would come of that.

These Types Of Couples

gaming couple.jpg

Social media also allows WAY too much access to couples that make us want to throw up in our mouths. Overexposed PDA couples are becoming very normal and it’s not good for any of us. Someone needs to tell this couple that we don’t care, never have and never will.

Aye, Don’t Ever Use That Word

Aye She's Mine.jpg

Again, this picture tells us all we need to know about these two. When you post something like this, it gives us all second-hand embarrassment. First of all, no shirt should ever touch your skin if it has the word “Aye” on it at all. Second of all, this should never be your profile picture because, well, no comment.

Honestly, Just Whatever


Why is it that everyone feels rude if they offer up a place to eat? It’s not being “easy going” if you don’t say what you want to eat and where you want to eat it — you’re just being selfish. It makes your boyfriend or girlfriend have to try to guess what you want to eat and it’s nearly impossible.

Publically Putting People In The Friendzone


Social media has allowed for some public rejection and friend-zoning. Guys have always been in the friend zone, it’s not something unique to social media — but many times it’s been covered up in the past. Now, it’s out in the open for everyone to see. It’s literally murdering self-confidence and it’s hilarious.

Reading Too Much Into Posts

If You Love Someone.jpg

When your crush posts sad song lyrics, you automatically look way too hard into it. If your crush posts a picture where they’re looking really good you wonder if they did it for you. When you crush has a Snapchat with another guy or girl you automatically think they’re dating. Social media has made over-thinking WAY too normal.

You’re In The 100%

in the 1%.jpg

Being in the 1% is impressive. In economic terms, it basically means you’re not going to have to pay tax, and you’re going to have half of the world’s wealth. In dating terms, it means you are basically a celebrity. Now, being in the 99% is way less impressive, but Connie is getting the best of both worlds.

More Of A Hand-To-Hand Combat Kind Of Guy

do you own a gun.jpg

In a society that worships gun ownership to no end, it’s unique to not have one. When you’re looking for someone to date, it’s a great feature to be able to say you’re different and special. This guy can do that. Not many people can say they are “sword people” but my guess is that it only works in his favor.

Shakespeare On Tinder


If you match with Juliette on Tinder, you shoot your shot. You already know her entire sexual history, but she’s one of the most famous people in the world. She starred in a Shakespeare play and has this mysterious aura surrounding her. Social media dating apps are making historical figures great again.

Deception Is Way Easier

Thonng Knee.jpg

You can deceive the person you’re talking to easier than ever. Asking for nude pictures has become commonplace in the dating circles and it’s becoming an art to be able to avoid sending them. If you can have this type of dedication to the game, you’ll do just fine in this hookup culture.

This Pet Owner…

Pet Owner.jpg

Ah, the classic pet owner who is overly excited to be a pet owner. We get it, dude, you own a duck. Why does that need to be the first thing that you send? With that being said, it looks like it’s working. She originally wasn’t that interested by the looks of it, but now she’s had a change of heart.

Flour? Flower?

Flour Deliver.jpg

The internet has allowed couples to be sporadically romantic with each other. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that it’s fully bulletproof. After trying to send his girlfriend flowers, he actually sent her flour. There’s an obvious practical component to this mishap that is going unnoticed, but I think it’s actually quite brilliant.

Lots Of Choices


There are stages to a relationship that everyone must follow. I could go through each of them but it’d take forever, so I’ll summarize by saying you have to start off slow and then ramp it up after a few weeks. The cardinal rule of dating is that you NEVER ask for recipes until at least the first month of officially dating.