Proof That Your Closest Ally Might Actually Be Your Greatest Enemy

You never know if the devil reincarnated is walking among us. They might look just like you or me. They probably hold down a nice 9-5 job with health insurance, and go home to their family at night to watch the nightly news. They might even be your childhood best friend. But behind their normal persona, they’re secretly brewing a plan for world destruction.

It may start out small. You might notice them take a full-size bite out of a Kit Kat or passive-aggressively open every banana in the house. But before you know it, they’ve sprouted little red horns and are practicing their evil-genius speech in the mirror. Beware.

What To Do When You Realize Your Child Is Evil: A Guidebook

took labels off cans.jpg

Photo credit: @NaniMachego / Twitter

Someone’s kid ripped every single label off the cans in their house. If you think this was a simple mistake and didn’t have any evil intentions, then you’re sorely mistaken.

Now all those times they maliciously sat there twisting the arm of a doll without blinking makes so much more sense.