PHOTOS: Proof That Dads Are Photobomb Masters

You may laugh off “dad jokes” but these men know what’s funny. What’s funny is waiting for just the right moment when people are posing for a photo to jump in and change it up. Their photos aren’t ruined, in fact, they’re made one hundred times better with these hilarious dad moves. Some are being creepy in the background of a date night photo, while other dads take photobombing to the next level… click and see!

Am I Doing It Right?


Keeping up with social trends will always baffle most fathers. All of the different poses and sayings are way too much to keep up with. This girl is practicing what we call the “I don’t know any way else to take a picture” pose and her father is following suit. He’s probably even more confused than he already looks. We can only imagine what’s going through his head. He’s going to have to get used to it though because this classic pose doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. At least she doesn’t have a boy around her arm. Count your blessings.

Man Of The House


Would you even really be a dad if you didn’t give your wife and daughter a hard time? Probably not. That’s one of the obligations of being a father, to be as annoying as possible to the women in the house. We’re pretty sure that’s in the father’s handbook somewhere, right? You can also tell by this dad’s form that this is not his first time pulling off this maneuver. For years he’s probably been perfecting this pose. Fly away dad, be free!

Deer In The Head Lights


This dad appears to have stumbled upon a photo shoot while making a trip to get a late-night glass of water. He looks like a deer caught in the headlights as he sees his daughter pose like this as the flash goes off. Funny enough, he himself just looks like a much more out of shape and startled version of his daughter. They’re essentially wearing the same amount of clothes, really. We wonder what the occasion is for this girl to take these pictures? The real question is, who wore it better? We’ll let you decide that one for yourself.

Young Love And Dad Bods


This doesn’t look like a photo taken off of an iPhone. No, this looks professionally taken, which means that those two dads in the background must have planned this prank out. While the young couple is trying their best to look mature and cute, the dads in the back are trying their best to be on their worst behavior. It’s going to be hard to photoshop these two goobers out. One thing is certain, they both probably got yelled out at their wives for ruining a potentially great picture. In our opinion, the picture would have been boring otherwise.

Check It Out!


This dad really stepped it up in this photobomb by showing off his luscious armpit hair. Usually, we just get the belly or a funny face, but this guy went the whole nine yards. It looks like it might have been a last minute decision as he walked by the glass door. You have to work with what you have and he definitely did. He was quick and nailed the photobomb. His daughter is just lucky that her date wasn’t in the picture for this one. We’re sure that picture was worse.

Nobody Is Safe


Even pop star Taylor Swift can’t catch a break. While taking a selfie after the release of her new album 1989, her father couldn’t help hopping in the frame for a little photobombing action. Although there’s no armpit hair or belly, it’s a photobomb nonetheless. This just shows that nobody is safe and that even celebrities have to be careful to avoid a good photobomb by their father. We wonder how many other celebrity father photobombs there are out there? There has to be a lot more than we can even imagine!

Missed It By That Much


Just when this girl thought that she had the opportunity for the perfect shot, this dad decided to mimic her attempt at being sexy on this beautiful beach. Although he’s showing some skin, is in the water, and is posing, something just isn’t quite the same. We can’t seem to put our finger on it. Even though this dad may have tarnished this picture, somebody has to do it and we’re glad that it was him. He really does have excellent form and the sun reflects off his pasty skin just right.

Hey Girl!


We’re not sure if this girl knew her dad was standing behind her or not, but what we do know is that it’s hilarious either way. This girl has definitely been honing her selfie skills for a few years and it’s apparent by the camera work. The dad…not so much. He might need a few more years to reach his full potential. This guy has the stereotypical dad bod down. Hairy, a little out of shape, yet rocking it with all of the confidence in the world. That’s what it takes to possess a true dad bod. Nonetheless, 10/10 father photobomb.

What In The…


This dad just did the best job of scaring away any young men that might be looking at his daughters. These two girls were attempting to take a playful picture in their bikinis when this father decided to step in. Is he naked? Just wearing really short swim trunks? We don’t even want to know. What we do know is that this is one of the most effective father photobombs yet. These kinds of pictures just don’t come around every day and deserve to be in the hall of fame of photobombs.

Being A Father Ain’t Pretty


What we have here is just a dad taking care of some fatherly business. Nobody ever said that being a father was a clean or pretty responsibility and here’s a picture to prove it. While the girls are enjoying themselves and taking pictures, the dad is in the back handling dirty work. Nobody ever wants to sniff someone’s butt or be caught doing it, but duty called and this dad answered. We commend you on this good sir, this is quite the exceptional photobomb. We kind of hope that it was on purpose to maybe prove a point.

“I’ll Give You Five Seconds To Run”


Was this picture planned? Probably. is it still hilarious? Absolutely. This image perfectly sums up everything that the other dads have tried to convey. Don’t mess with their daughter. However, instead of just a stern look or muscles, this man is wielding a rifle. It looks like he even got dressed up for the occasion too. This appears to have been taken in the middle of the street, so we can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking. We know we’ve said it before, but we definitely wouldn’t go around hurting this dads daughter in any way. The picture says it all.

Say Cheese!


Nothing says happy birthday to you more than a photobomb of your dad showing off his excellent physique! Ths girl looks like she already knows what her dad is up to before she even has to turn around. This certainly doesn’t look like his first time pulling off something like this and you can even tell by the smirk on his face. However, the other girl in the picture seems to be completely oblivious as to what’s happening. Either that, or she doesn’t dare to turn around.

Nailed It!


This dad is really going the extra mile in order to make sure that he made it into this picture. He probably used all of his dad strength to sprint across the beach to get there right in the nick of time. Most dads want more nice pictures of their family members, but not this dad, he’s the one that seems to be the problem. We’re sure his wife wasn’t thrilled about this particular picture and probably told him to “grow up”. Something that we all know isn’t going to happen if it hasn’t already.

Sneaky Dad


Apparently, this dad thought that he was more important than the statue, or the beautiful ocean behind them. At least we hope that’s their dad, or else this would be very, very creepy. He found the perfect little spot to photobomb from without being too obvious and getting caught. It takes skills to recognize spots like this, and only keen photobombers with the right eye can pull something like this off. Nice work, dad, you’ve really set the bar for the other fathers out there. What’s unfortunate was that this wasn’t the best picture already anyway so he didn’t ruin much.

Awkward Just Got Awkwarder


At this point, we think that boys are just waiting to be old enough to photobomb their kid’s prom pictures. It looks like a lot of fun and you’d be missing out if you didn’t at least try. While some are well-orchestrated, others are spur of the moment like this one here. All this dad had was a hose in his hand and he made the best of what he had. He’s even matching with the blue theme of the picture, so maybe it was thought out. We’ll never know.

Bold Move


This man has some serious guts to mock not one but two pregnant women while photobombing. That’s one crowd you don’t particularly want to make fun of when it comes to their condition. Although he may have a big belly as well, we didn’t think it’s exactly when the same when it comes to a pregnancy. He better hope that these two don’t see this picture anytime soon, or he’ll probably be sleeping outside with the dog. However, we do have to admit that it’s hard to deny the comedy behind this picture, maybe they even thought it was funny too.

Dad, Is That You?


While most of these fatherly photobombs have been hilarious, this one is just downright scary. We get that he was trying to get into the picture in the last minute, but the results are scary. This dad looks like he could be right out of a zombie horror movie, but that’s what makes this photobomb so unique. Now, whenever this family look backs on this picture, they can remember just how scary the father can look when it comes down to it. We wonder if he made a noise during this picture or we’re just imagining that he did.

Son…What Are You Doing?


Is it just us, or does this photobombing dad just look disappointed more than anything? It could be a variety of different things that are giving him the reaction. Is it the fedora or because his son is taking a mirror selfie. Maybe it’s both. What we do know, is that this dad looks like he’s about to drop some serious fashion advice on his son once he realizes that he’s right behind him. Hopefully, he didn’t end up sending this picture to anyone, or that could be embarrassing. Remeber, one fedora per group, kid.

Like Daughter Like Father?


Clearly, this dad was trying to copy what his daughter was doing but ended up with different results. Like most of the dads we’ve seen, some need some serious practicing when it comes to taking pictures, but it’s hard to blame them for being a little behind. We can only appreciate the effort of this dad, and his dedication to absolutely ruining this selfie that his daughter was trying to take. He definitely succeeded and we’re happy that he did. To be fair, she shouldn’t have taken a selfie with him anywhere near her.

Shooting The Gap


This dad is an expert photobomber. it looks like he happened to be walking by when he stuck his head through the gap and absolutely nailed the photobomb. Photobombing can be hard enough as it is, but when you’re moving, it’s a whole other game. That room looks pretty crowded too, which only makes ruing a picture that much harder. This dad has to have been doing this for a while because all of the odds seemed to have been against him, yet he prevailed in the end. Bravo, sir.

Made It To The Big Leagues


As most of us know, the best time to do any solid photobomb work is during the holidays, which is exactly what this looks like. This group of women should know that if you take a picture in front of an open hallway, more often or not, a dad is going to try and squeeze in there and get into the frame. This guy did just that and made it into what looks like the girls only picture which is a feat for any photobombing dad connoisseur.

Snapchat Bomb?


It looks like this daughter was showing her mom the magic of Snapchat filters when the dad decided to hope in on the fun. He even managed to get a little pink on him too so he fits in the picture. The chances are that for the next 10 minutes these three went through all of the different filters trying them out together. Unfortunately, Snapchats don’t last forever, so this dads photobomb won’t be around forever. We respect the effort though. he did manage to get his daughter and wife at once though.

A Few Beers Later


It’s no surprise that after a few beers most dads become pranking and more specifically photobombing masters. This dad wasn’t going to stand idly by when there was an opportunity to hop into a picture. So, beer in hand he made the executive decision to get behind these kids and ruin a perfectly adorable shot. Now, the picture is of three smiling kids and rambunctious dad with a beer in his hands. After you ruin a picture of the kids you get cut off from beer, dad.

What’s With Dads and Windows?


This dad wasn’t just going to let this couple get away with a cute selfie of themselves. So, he did what he knew how to do best and stuck his face against the nearest window. it’s the oldest trick in the book but it’s also simple and effective. Windows have been a jokester’s best friend since they were invented and we’re sure that they still will be for a long time. The ability to smoosh your face for a picture looks like it won’t ever get old. better luck next time getting this photo lovebirds.

Gang’s All Here


Looks like this dad was feeling a bit jealous that he wasn’t included in the family photobomb, so he decided to make some room for himself. The mom and two daughters are posing and ready for the picture, while the dad is just making his presence known in the background. Maybe next time the girls will turn the girl picture into a family picture, so the dad doesn’t have to go to such extreme measures to be part of the photo. If you haven’t learned by now, never exclude dad from the photo.

Played Themselves


These two girls set themselves up for this photobomb. It looks like even the dad wasn’t ready to have his picture taken. They were bold enough to trust their father not to do anything behind them while taking a picture which shows some serious trust. They’re lucky that their father was caught off guard, or else he could have done something to embarrass the both of them. Maybe next time, they won’t be so lucky and will learn to be more careful.

Even Weddings Aren’t Sacred


If there’s one universal truth about dads, it’s that they play by their own set of rules. Dads truly don’t care what others think of them, which means they’re going to act how they want to act whenever and wherever — even if that means at their own daughter’s wedding! While the newlyweds were about to embrace in a sweet moment for the photographer after saying “I do,” this dad clearly had other plans. While he may have “ruined” the moment, we’re sure the couple will love to look back at this silly photo for years to come!

Dads Just Wanna Have Fun


Sure, Cyndi Lauper may have written that girls just wanna have fun, but the same can be said for dads everywhere — including this dad, who gracefully photobombed this lovely picture of his daughter and her boyfriend at a wedding. At least this dad is dressed in his Sunday’s best rather than scantily clad like some of these other dads on our list! This is another photo that we’re sure this girl and her boo will love to look back on since it just gets funnier and funnier as time passes by.

A Heartfelt Dad Photobomb


Alright, grab a box of tissues because this might just be the most touching dad photobomb you will ever see! Corporal James Bass had been deployed for months in Kuwait when he decided to surprise his son Joshua at school. This wasn’t just any day at school though! It was picture day, so dad schemed to epically photobomb his son’s school picture. While Joshua sat and smiled for the photographer, his dad snuck in the photo behind him. Click to see his son’s heartwarming reaction next.

Dad Photobomb Turned Best Homecoming Ever


After the photographer snapped a few pictures of Joshua and his dad (who was throwing up some pretty epic jazz hands), the photographer showed him the photos. It took him a second to realize his dad was in the photo and that nope, this wasn’t Photoshop — it was the real deal! When Joshua turned around and saw his dad, he quickly ran into his arms in pure excitement and joy. Are you crying yet?

The next dad photobomb reminds us how hilarious a simple selfie can turn out.

When Selfies Go Wrong


Ah, the art of the selfie. It’s not as easy as some celebrities make it seem. This guy had it down, well sort of. Sure, his glasses might be a little quirky, but what really ruined this selfie but dad’s body in the background. His face isn’t even in it, but he’s clearly relaxing on the couch in his boxers that make him look semi-nude. This son will learn to stay far, far away from dad next time he tries to snap the perfect selfie!

Frolicking Father Interrupts Pregnancy Photo Shoot


When you’re pregnant, one of the things many women want to do is document the process with photographs. Some even hire professional photographers to make sure the pictures come out really pretty. This young woman had no idea that her husband and dad-to-be was skipping in the background during her special photography session. He was going all out by whipping around a blue piece of fabric while his unsuspecting wife concentrated on her baby bump and made a sweet little pose for the camera. The picture is rather hilarious, but we’re sure his wife probably didn’t feel the same way when she saw the images.

Clumsy Dad Falls Off A Boat Dock


Millennials love having their photo taken and like selfies even more. It’s not uncommon for them to execute several poses in order to get just the right shot. Sometimes, they even make duck faces because for some reason they think it’s more attractive. A group of four ladies standing on a dock decided to take a picture. Little did they know that a clumsy dad in the background (wearing a rather skimpy black swimsuit) would fall off the dock during the process. Dads will be dads, and he obviously didn’t intend on making such a memorable impression in front of this group of ladies.

Blushing Bride Doesn’t Notice This Photobomb


This bride is glowing. It’s her special day, and she’s so happy to have finally tied the knot with the love of her life. Brides and grooms pose for a lot of photos on their wedding day. They must have their smiles plastered to their faces in order to get through the night. Yet, sometimes someone pops in the photo unexpectedly. Take this dad (who may actually be her grandfather — but who knows!) He couldn’t pass up the chance to interject a little bit of humor into his daughter’s photo. Everyone looks happy in the picture, so no harm, no foul.

What’s Better? The Lipstick Or Dad’s Expression?


Twitter user Assyla the Jolly was showing off some new makeup when her dad decided to get in on the action. She posted this pic with the caption: “I wanted to show my new lipstick but my dad decided to photobomb me.” She is 21 years old and by now is probably used to her father’s antics. We love how he not only sticks his head out from the side but also opens his eyes really wide. It’s as though he’s amazed by her choice of purple lipstick and can’t wait to share this photo with her Twitter followers.

Black & White Photobomb


Dads have been photobombing their children for years, even before digital cameras became fashionable. Check out this old black and white photo. The couple is probably middle aged, but that didn’t prevent dad from making an appearance in the shot. Yet, there’s something creepy about this picture. Maybe it’s the look on the dad’s face? Or the fact that he fits perfectly into the background space between the man and woman’s head? Dad’s head also looks suspiciously small due to the perspective of the photograph. All in all, it’s a very strange photo and proves that dads love having fun with their kids.

Toddler Selfie Gone Awry


Little kids can do amazing things. It’s incredible how young they are when they first start using technology. This toddler appears to have taken a selfie with one of her parents’ cell phones. Either that or mom accidentally took a super close photograph of her kid. Notice in the background that dad is making a spectacle of himself. We’re not sure what exactly is going on with his expression, but he is definitely making a crazy face. Even toddlers aren’t immune to the occasional photobomb. They better learn early in life that some people will do anything they can to mess up a picture.

Devil Horns & Baby Go Hand And Hand


This dad’s name is Brian Reda. He’s a stay at home father and is a photographer. He’s also really into metal music. Like a lot of parents, he takes many photos of his kid. Only he likes to be a little creative with his pictures. Check out the beautiful baby wrapped up and sleeping peacefully in its crib. Then dad comes along to take a photo and uses his hand to make some devil horns. He’s mixing two of his favorite things: his child and his music. The hand gesture signals that he really loves this baby. He’s like, “Yeah, we’re awesome!”

Facetiming During His Daughter’s Proposal


An East Tennessee dad and his wife attended dinner with their daughter Emily Lowe and her boyfriend, Rickey Sexton, in downtown Knoxville. When they finished dinner, they went to Krutch Park where the couple’s friends jumped out holding up signs with the message, “Will You Marry Me?” Naturally, photos were taken at the event. When they looked at them, they saw that dad was right in the middle of the special moment. He had been facetiming Emily’s brother so he could witness the proposal. What did Emily think? She was a good sport, telling NBC: “This is the greatest photobomb alive!”

The Attention Seeking Dad


Ah, young love. There’s something special about getting to know that special someone when you’re young and pretty new to the dating scene. You want to make sure everything is perfect and every thing is in place, particularly when you take a photo. Well, this dad didn’t seem to mind jumping into the photo. You can tell it was an impulsive decision because he’s leaning into the shot and is waving his hand in the air as if to say, “Here I am! Don’t forget me!” We love that he has a giant grin on his face and the couple is completely oblivious.

Bush Lurking Dad


Okay, here’s another dad photobomb that can be filed under “creepy.” A young lady is enjoying a nice evening and poses in front of a bush while her father, wearing a hoodie, lurks behind the bush and peers his head out. It doesn’t help that the camera makes it look like he has demon eyes. You gotta love dad for playing such a joke on his unsuspecting offspring. He obviously has a sense of humor, but we’re not sure how his daughter felt after she saw the photograph. Maybe she inherited her dad’s funny bone and didn’t care. One can hope!

Dad Dabbing In A Santa Sweater


This daughter went to cut down a Christmas tree with her father, but she had no idea that he would make the day particularly memorable. She posted this shot on Instagram with the caption: “me- oh what a cute pic. me- oh what’s that in the background. me-oh just my dad photo bomb dabbing in a sweater of santa dabbing. me- ????” In other words, she loved the photo and then noticed her father peering out of the side of a tree doing a dance move known as “dabbing,” in which he’s dropping his head into the crook of his arm.

Jazz Hands Photobomb


This dad knows what it’s all about. Nothing messes up a photo like a guy doing jazz hands behind two pretty young ladies. These girls have absolutely no idea what is going on behind them. They’re simply smiling at the photographer. However, the one on the left does look like she’s about to discover the intruder in the picture. She’s snapped mid head turn. If you’re going to do a photo bomb, you have to come up with something creative in the background. Either you make a funny face or you do something silly with your hands. It’s the rule.

Creepy Christmas Photobomb


While many photobombs are hilarious, some are a little creepy. Take this one. It’s obviously around Christmas, and dad must have a thing for Jack Nicholson. It’s as though he’s channeling the actor’s character from “The Shining” and about to say, “Here’s Johnny!” It almost looks as though his son is aware that his dad is up to no good. He’s laughing at something, and either we can’t see it or its because his dad is acting like a goofball. Either way, we give the dad credit for trying to ruin the shot, which may have been used for a Christmas card.

Funny Prom Pic


This looks like a young couple getting ready to attend the prom or some other school dance. The young lady is dressed in a pretty gown, while the boy is in a tuxedo with a boutonniere. They are wearing some fancy duds. So to see dad comically put up the peace sign with both of his hands in the background is awesome. He is absolutely thrilled to be part of the photograph and has no qualms about messing up what could have been a very nice picture. At least everybody is smiling and getting ready to have a good time.

Dad Interrupts Sunbathing Beauties


You can’t tell from the picture, but these three young women are all wearing bikinis and getting ready for a day at the beach (or lake). But that won’t prevent dad from jumping in to be included in the photograph. While the girls are smiling, he had to make a grimace for the photo. After all, if you’re going to be part of a photobomb, you have to make a statement. One’s expression is very important when you’re making an unexpected appearance in a picture. We’re not sure if the girls are laughing at dad or not, but we think the pic is hilarious.

Thanksgiving Cousin Photo Bomb


Twitter user Marissa Weinstein took this photo of her dad and cousins, using the caption: “My dad likes to photobomb cousin pictures #thanksgiving.” What could have been a nice photograph of four young people posing during the holidays turned into a hilarious photo with one dad/uncle getting into the action by opening his mouth wide in the background. We can’t help but wonder if he was shouting something at the same time or just silently screaming so no one would notice that he photobombed the picture. This guy is probably pretty fun to have around at parties and family gatherings.

Trump Photobombs Son & Grandkids


Even the president of the United States can’t help joining a photo when he has the opportunity. This picture was taken during Christmas dinner at Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Florida. His son, Donald Trump Jr., posted it with the caption: “Ha, now thats a photo-bomb. @realdonaldtrump jumping in on a photo of Spencer and Tristan horsing around with Barron at Christmas dinner. Too funny.” Trump couldn’t help himself and gave the rabbit ears as his son Barron hugged his niece and nephew. It shows even men in powerful positions enjoy having a little fun here and there.

Dad Photobombs Famous Daughter


Even celebrities must deal with dad photobombs. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (aka Cheryl Ann Tweedy) is a British singer and TV personality. The star, 31, was taking a selfie of her new hairdo, which included a bright new red tint, when her father walked down the stairs in the background. She captioned the picture: “Dad: ‘what ye deeing’ ‘wait til I git doon these stairs’ Got him !! #rundadrun.” There are few photos of Gary around, and it doesn’t look like he planned on being in the photo. He looked casual in jeans and a white shirt while Cheryl looked a bit more glamorous.

Kids Photobomb Dad During Serious Interview


In a reverse dad photobomb, Dr. Robert E. Kelly, associate professor of international relations at Pusan National University in Korea, was giving an interview on Skype for BBC World News when his young daughter opened the door, marched into his office and sauntered over like she didn’t have a care in the world. Kelly tried to stay focused and motioned for his clueless daughter to leave. Then his infant son came into the room with his baby walker to check out the action. The girl started eating a Popsicle before mom realized what happened and dragged the kids away from the room.

Congressman’s Son Photobombs Swearing In


Cal Marshall, the 17-year-old son of a congressman, decided to give strike a pose known as “dabbing” after his father, Rep. Roger Marshall, a Republican from Kansas, was sworn in and the rest of Marshall’s family smiled. The picture is hilarious because the boy was also holding a bible in his other hand. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan was there for the moment and appeared very confused by the teen’s actions and asked if he was okay. Ryan then told the kid to put his arm down. While the kid’s friends probably thought the post was funny, his father’s constituents probably did not.

Give Them An Inch And They’ll Take A Mile

Give Them An Inch And They’ll Take A Mile

These two girls were just trying to take a simple selfie with their father. Of course, it didn’t prove to be as easy as they thought. Obviously, they put way too much trust in the maturity of their father to take such a picture, so he put his own little twist on it. Although he may have gotten scolded for his actions, we’re sure that this photo will still be in the family for a long time. Maybe even longer than the intentional photo even will be. Sometimes, dads just have a sixth sense about things and it’s important not to question it.

Not On His Watch


Nothing screams fun more than taking your teenage daughter and all of her friends to the beach. You already know that there is going to be an impossibly long photo shoot so you might as well make the best of it. Blow up a raft, grab a beer, and hit the water in order to nail the perfect father photobomb. Surely, none of these girls were too thrilled to see a pale middle-aged man floating in the background of their perfectly synchronized photo. Looks like Instagram is going to have to wait. Better luck next time girls!

Why, Hello There


This couple thought that they were going to take a cute photo of themselves. Yet, their plans were thwarted by none other than the girl’s father. This was a power move on the dad’s part by reminding the boyfriend that he’s always watching. Although he’s smiling in the picture, you can tell that it’s not necessarily a happy smile as much as a “hurt her and I’ll hurt you smile”. We would expect nothing less from a loving father. Maybe they’ll learn from this and their next picture together will be in front of a wall where dad can’t find them.

I’ll Be Watching You


Ah, high school dances, a real milestone for some dads. Nothing goes more against the fatherly instinct than to hand your daughter off to some 16-year-old boy that still gets picked up by his mom from school. Clearly, this dad isn’t ready to let them go off on their night together and is even supervising this tasteful photo shoot in front of the garage door. Hopefully, this young lad knows what he’s getting into. Because if he doesn’t know now, he will once the pictures are developed. Best of luck tonight buddy, don’t do anything foolish.

Killing the Vibe


This dad is here to enjoy a little bit of dad rock on one of his few days off. He’s been looking forward to this concert for a long time because it’s an opportunity to get out of the house and cut loose to some classics. Now, instead of losing himself in the guitar solo, he’s distracted by these two youngsters playing tonsil hockey in his vicinity. Granted, back in his day, he would have been doing the exact same thing. Yet, times have changed, and now he has to be sure to be home in time to catch the latest episode of West Wing.

Check Out My Six Pack!


Fatherly love and devotion go hand in hand with embarrassment and humiliation. If this girl thought she was going to get away being all dolled up without her father pulling a prank, she was dead wrong. Chances are that he never even told her what he did and waited patiently for her to find out. Now, her awkward smile and his big hairy dad belly have been immortalized in the family photo album forever. Her children will even get a chance to see their grandpa’s double chin and hairy chest during his prime fatherly years. Nice one, dad.

Tis The Season


The holidays are supposed to be a time of giving, love, family, and apparently photobombs. This young lady thought that she’d take advantage of the holiday to do a little modeling, but her father had other plans. Just when she thought she had the perfect shot with the aperture set, and the focus ready, her old man threw himself into the frame, making for quite the picture. But hey, it could be worse, at least he’s dressed accordingly so that it matches the rest of the picture. Maybe she’ll even think it’s funny rather than complaining about his existence.

Not Too Close There, Kid


Another prom, another suspicious dad. Except, this time, this dad isn’t hiding behind a garage door, he’s standing out in the open. He’s also wearing a shirt that very clearly defines his muscles, which are pretty huge. This is no soft dad, he looks like he just got home from a very fulfilling gym session and doesn’t have the patience for any of this. We advise that this young lad treads lightly because we don’t think a punch from this dad would be very beneficial to his health. We would make sure to get her home before curfew if we were him.

I’m Just Gonna Squeeze By Real Quick


We don’t think that this dad is related to either of the people involved in the proposal, but we can all agree that this is a classic dad photobomb. Look at that shoulder bag, he’s ready for anything that Disneyland can throw at him. Even if it means getting in the middle of a priceless moment in two people’s lives. He figures that he’ll just slip in the way for one second in order to make it through the door before the magic shop on Main Street closes. We wonder if she said yes?