PHOTOS: Proof That Dads Are Photobomb Masters

You may laugh off “dad jokes” but these men know what’s funny. What’s funny is waiting for just the right moment when people are posing for a photo to jump in and change it up. Their photos aren’t ruined, in fact, they’re made one hundred times better with these hilarious dad moves. Some are being creepy in the background of a date night photo, while other dads take photobombing to the next level… click and see!

Am I Doing It Right?


Keeping up with social trends will always baffle most fathers. All of the different poses and sayings are way too much to keep up with. This girl is practicing what we call the “I don’t know any way else to take a picture” pose and her father is following suit. He’s probably even more confused than he already looks. We can only imagine what’s going through his head. He’s going to have to get used to it though because this classic pose doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. At least she doesn’t have a boy around her arm. Count your blessings.