Perfect Happy Little Accidents That Would Make Bob Ross Blush

We’ll just paint this little bush here.

Step aside, Bob Ross. Everybody knows who you are, but there are awesome pieces of art that deserve to be recognized. Being an artist involves time, patience, and the ability to bring something meaningful to life. It’s not for self-satisfaction, but it’s to please the eyes of others. Ross did exactly that and became a phenomenon. Although, there are masterpieces that you have never seen before. The perfection of a perfectly broken plate would make Ross blush. Hopefully, the rest of these accidents can become real-life artwork one day.

Butter Face

Butter Face Art.jpg

It kind of looks like Pinocchio, with the big nose and what not. Not often does butter make faces like this. However, Bob Ross would scoff at something so simple. It’s too easy, dull and not very artistic. Now, if the butter had some color to it, Bob would be happy with that.

Heart Of Ice

Heart Of Ice.jpg

Chuck Norris would make a heart out of a block of ice. Bob Ross? He would make sure that every inch of the heart has a coat of red to it. Although, seeing ice mold into a heart is rather cool. This would be something to share with your science teachers too.

Splash Of Crayons

Splash Of Crayons (1).jpg

Now, that’s sick. Taking a bunch of crayons and running them over does make it artistic. It truly looks like an album cover from Pink Floyd, created by Bob Ross himself.

Coming up, an art museum that’s full of shadows, but it’s considered art.

Happy Coffee

Happy Coffee.jpg

Ahh, why can’t coffee make this face on Monday’s? That would cheer up someone like Bob Ross. He would have to have a motivator since he’s got a long week of painting ahead of him. The one part that’s not full of bubbles gives me the urge to add milk and sugar.



This guy was so impressed with this mural that he passed out. Not only that, once he found it had to do something with Bob Ross, he canceled his plans for the weekend. That way, no one can bother him and he can enjoy the sights of a mural for as long as he wants.

Shadow Of Art

Shadow Of The Art.jpg

How lit is this? It’s a little dark, but that’s the point. You can see the cool designs on the wall. Bob Ross himself would be astounded by this artwork.

Not only would he drool over it, but he’ll droll over the next piece of artwork that actually resembles a Canadian moose.

Rainbow In The Making

Rainbow Beattle.jpg

Just waiting for some blue, green, red, and purple to appear. As old as this Beetle car is, it’s rather interesting to see how many layers of paint it’s covered in. It shows how old the car could be and this would satisfy Bob Ross himself. A piece of history, and potential art.

Rock Paint

Painted Rocks.jpg

Bob Ross teaches little kids how to paint on rocks. Just kidding. Although, that would be cool to walk into your art class with Ross as a special instructor for the class. Chances are, these are his examples of what it means to actually put effort into a rock with paint.

Moose Tree

Moose Tree.jpg

Oh, Canada! Bob Ross would be drooling over this tree that looks like a Canadian moose. If Ross actually took a pottery class, he could probably make this better than any Chuck Norris joke.

Still on the way, a jar of paint that has a sick design that we never expected to see.

Perfectly Even

Breaking Plate.jpg

Talk about perfection in one shot. Give this plate some super glue and nobody could tell the difference. In the mind of our friend Mr. Ross, he would use this broken plate as an opportunity to paint something beautiful. See, not all broken things have to be damaged goods.

Colorful Eggs

Colorful Chicken Eggs.jpg

Of course, Bob Ross offers a class to paint eggs for Easter. It kind of makes you wonder if chickens can plop out eggs like this. I highly doubt it, but painting eggs for Easter is an exciting moment for any kid. Little do they know that Ross is secretly the Easter Bunny — just kidding, again.

Skull In Paint

Skull In A Paint Of A Jar.jpg

How often do you see this in a jar of paint? From the looks of it, it actually looks like a demonized skull. Thankfully, someone took a snap of it and hopefully emailed it to Bob Ross.

Just ahead, a restaurant with awesome drawings, but no signs of Pickle Rick.

Paintings Are In Here

Bob Ross Hides Paintings In Here.jpg

People have a thing for safes. Maybe underneath this safe is a stack of paintings from our friend Bob Ross. Or, it could be a ton of money that was forgotten. Whatever is in here, we’re certain that it’ll be worth something to pay off a student loan debt. More likely than not, it’ll hold a pencil and a spider.

ET Brussell Sprout

ET Brussell Sprout.jpg

Bob Ross will be doing a special painting course of a small little brussel sprout. It’s not your ordinary vegetable — I mean, just look at the face that appears on the sprout. Does it remind you of a certain Steven Spielberg flick? Well, it should because it looks like E.T.!

Where’s Pickle Rick?

Pickle Drawings.jpg

All the pickles on all these drawings and not one of them has Pickle Rick on there. Someone needs to notify Bob Ross about the greatness that is Rick and Morty.Once he knows about Pickle Rick, he’ll paint him like no tomorrow.

Still on the way, when students literally take art out to their high school parking lot.

Conan Hair

Conan O'Brien Hair On A Paint Splatter.jpg

That does look like Conan O’Brien’s hair. Too bad it’s not bushy and afro-like compared to Bob Ross’s. O’Brien’s hair would be easy to paint, but for Ross? That would be a challenge. A challenge so big that it’ll be like painting Sideshow Bob’s hair.

Six Leaf Clover

6 Leaf Clover.jpg

Twice the leaves, twice the luck, hopefully. If you give this to Bob Ross, he’ll make an awesome St. Patrick’s Day tribute out of it. This is one of those things in life you don’t see too often. Thanks to this, Bob Ross can make it something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Parking Lot Art

Parking Lot Art.jpg

One of the best on this list. Students should be allowed to do this, but it could come with consequences. Despite that, one person really brought out what it’s like to be a student. Of course, a majority of high school students are always late. But don’t be late for art class with Bob Ross.

It Looks 3D But It’s Not

Trippy Art.jpg

Bob Ross would be fooled by this pole. It does look like a cigarette, but this is an inspiration for Ross to try a new form of art. 3D art, he could probably make a trippy painting out of it too. Who knows, if it does well, he could be the golden god of 3D painting.

Snow Peeled Off

Snow Peeled Off The Wall.jpg

Oh man, Bob Ross is going to have a field day with this. With the snow peeling off the wall, this is his chance to make some sort winter mural out of it. He wouldn’t have to use paint, he could use spray paint to make it like graffiti art. The only downside to this is when the snow melts, the art is gone.