People Who Woke Up Late, Dragged Themselves Into Work, And Put In The Minimum Amount Of Effort

Working nine to five day in and day out can be exhausting. Sometimes you get tired of going above and beyond and you decided to do exactly what’s required and nothing more. That’s how we survive in this capitalist landscape.

These people had one job, and they did that one job… sort of. You could argue that they mostly did that one job. Keep reading to see a mannequin who’s barely dressed, the saddest egg and cheese sandwich, and the most ridiculous misprints we’ve ever seen.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome


Photo Credit: bloop3338 / Reddit

Broken support column? Don’t worry, just put some plastic wrap around that baby. Plastic wrap is as strong as bricks, anyway. Everything is going to be fine.

Anybody else have structural fissures that need fixing? This guy is not your guy. Just sayin’.

Not A Fan


Photo Credit: kangcore / Reddit

The person who installed this fan obviously didn’t care if the fan was functional or not. Their job was to put the fan on the ceiling, not to make sure that it works. That’s the fan maker’s job.

It’s pretty much a pillar destroyer now. It’s not going to keep anyone cool, but if you want a pillar slowly removed over a long period of time, this fan has got your back.

He Ordered Egg And Cheese On A Bagel


Photo Credit: OMGLMAOWTF_ / Reddit

Look, buddy, whoever made this sandwich is just a sandwich assembler, not a cook. If you want cooked eggs, go to someone who has access to a frying pan.

This is technically an egg and cheese bagel, so you got what you ordered. Move along.

Lazy Writers Or Lazy Editors?


Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

They use the word “ambidextrous” right there in the body of the article. You’d think they’d be able to get it right in the title too.

But nope, amphibious pitcher it is. To be fair, and amphibious pitcher sounds way more interesting. I’d want to read about a man who’s able to live on land and underwater way more than I’d want to read about some guy who can use both hands.

Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me


Photo Credit: Tombombleron / Reddit

This one is actually so infuriating. How could anybody walk away from this monstrosity and think, “yup, I’ve done a hard day’s work.”

Rotate that thing 180 degrees, my man. Make the world a better place. Keep reading to see a soccer field created by the slackiest slacker of all.

Nice Job, Road Sign


Photo Credit: Reddit

We’re used to seeing people phone it in at work, but this is inefficiency on a different level. In this one, the laziness actively sabotages itself, and that’s a rare gem.

The picture couldn’t be more ironic if it tried. Hey road sign, how about YOU give cyclists space!

Ok Boss, I Definitely Won’t Publish That Article


Photo Credit: Meg122101 / Reddit

How did somebody miss the all-caps “DO NOT PUBLISH” written twice in the title of that article? I think that asterisk is there so when a computer scans a bunch of articles for the word “dies,” it doesn’t automatically publish this story.

This is human error at its finest.

I Guess It Technically Works


Photo Credit: Dasgerman1984 / Reddit

As long as you get all the lines in, it doesn’t matter how straight they are, right? This actually makes my brain hurt. I wonder if it looks as bad from the ground as it does from above.

How does anybody play soccer here? Nothing about this is good.

Extreme Wheelchairing!


Photo Credit: OlivierDeCarglass / Reddit

If the fall off the cement slide doesn’t seriously injure you, there’s always that brick wall to make sure you break a few bones.

Even without the sudden drop-off, that ramp looks way too steep for a wheelchair. I just hope nobody starts going down the ramp, only to realize too late that the whole thing doesn’t end well.

Close Enough For Government Work


Photo Credit: FaxCelestis / Reddit

Welcome to Sack-arm-neat-o, the beautiful capital of Cal-flor-iña. Do you think they stamp those letters into the cement one at a time, or did someone mess up an entire Sacramento stamp?

Either way, somebody messed up big time. Keep reading to see some subtitles that really phoned it in.

Made The Name Tag, Boss


Photo Credit: gashtart / Reddit

Imagine if on her university diploma it said, “Probably a Psychologist From Our Institution, I Guess.” Patients would be like, “where did you get your degree?” and she’d say, “probably the University of Central Lancashire.”

That wouldn’t be the most reassuring response in the world.

Ah, Makes Sense


Photo Credit: TheUnchainedZebra / Reddit

Notice: as a result of a recent closure, the patio is currently not open because it is closed due to not being open. The sign is up due to it not being down, and the air is cold because it is not warm.

Whoever made this sign needs to be reacquainted with the concept of causality.

Not My Job


Photo Credit: -ksguy- / Reddit

The editor’s job is to edit videos. It is not his job to translate foreign languages into English. Obviously, he did his job, the whole job, and nothing but the job (emphasis on the nothing but the job part).

If you want stuff translated, hire a translator.

Subway Logic


Photo Credit: fiatars / Reddit

This guy had one job: to repaint that yellow strip. His job wasn’t to care about the rest of the floor space in the subway train or in the station. Cleaning up those yellow footprints is somebody else’s problem.

Read ahead to see the worst soap dispenser placement in public bathroom history.

What An Inspiring Quote


Photo Credit: Jrea0 / Reddit

Wow, this quote really makes you think. It makes me want to go out and conquer the world, or just put all my text in that one spot.

The giraffe looks so happy about it, too. It looks like he’s remembering times in the past when that quote gave him great comfort.

Some Next Level Fashion Inspo From A Target Employee


Photo Credit: EkkoWan / Reddit

Putting your arms in your sleeves is for normies. All the cool kids just use their button-down shirts to pin their arms against their sides.

So avant-garde. So fashion forward. Seriously Target, you can do better. Put in even the slightest amount of effort. I dare you.

Annoying And Dangerous


Photo Credit: JeffMcBiscuit / Reddit

Imagine this: you go to plug in your phone charger, but then a dollop of frothy soap lands right on your hand. Annoying, right?

Then, some soap trickles on to your charger. Soap is an excellent conductor, by the way. You push your plug into the socket, and then you get electrocuted. This is a hazardous situation.

Maybe He Should Hire Someone For That…


Photo Credit: Pariahdog119 / Reddit

I think that actually is his job if we’re going to get technical here. Like he didn’t even show up to work and put in the minimum amount of effort— he just didn’t do his job at all.

The news is starting to look more and more like satire every day.

Token Attractive Woman


Photo Credit: Dian_Cecht92 / Reddit

This is why you always have to make sure you make your photo captions invisible before anything goes to print. Meanwhile, a half-asleep typesetter is getting a stern talking to.

How many different people had to see and OK this photo before it was printed? How many people are doing less than the bare minimum at work? All of us? OK.

Fixed The Clock, Boss


Photo Credit: onebit / Reddit

Your clock isn’t ticking like it used to? It finally decided to clock out? Well, so did everybody else. Just stick a new clock on top of it. There, good as new.

If you know what time it is, then it’s working. If the second clock breaks, I bet they’ll just stick a third clock up there.