People Who Are So Trashy They Have Raccoons Feeling Jealous

Let’s get one thing straight — we’ve all had our “trashy” moments at one time or another. Whether it’s getting into a fight because someone cut in front of you in line at Starbucks, or having to pay for your $15 dinner in all quarters and dimes and making the server count it all — we’ve been there, and it’s somewhat relatable.

Thankfully for most of us, these moments of being pure trash are just that, moments. The desire to publically show the worst side of yourself doesn’t follow you around as it does with some people. Have you ever seen the pants version of a mullet? Prepare for the need to plug your nose as you sift your way through this pile of human filth.

Flexing On The Haters

oh heck yeah.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / NothingToSeeHereMan

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that anyone who poses with money for a picture actually doesn’t have any money.

This kid definitely emptied his bank account so that he could flex in this mirror selfie. Also, that undershirt screams “I yell at my mother in public.”

Run! Save Yourself While He’s Not Looking

stepping on baby.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

There’s nothing wrong with trying to figure out different ways to use a stroller, but I don’t think this is one of them.

We get it. Trying to see a concert when you’re average height and in the standing room poses it’s visibility threats, but, there are other ways to do it. Perhaps he could ask a stranger to get on their shoulders?

“Do You Have A Bag That My Kid Will Fit Into?”

baby in bag.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

Has anyone ever said, “shopping with kids is way more fun than shopping alone?” The answer is probably not shocking, but that has never come out of anyone’s mouth.

There are a few options that this mom could’ve explored before she decided to shove her kid in a shopping bag like a T-shirt from the sale rack.

Coming up, the pants version of a mullet. It’s captivating, yet confusing.

If The Inside Of Your Bag Looks Like This, You Might Be A Redneck

Pogo Stick.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

Can we just talk about how infinitely good pogos are? Has anyone ever had a mediocre pogo or are they always absolutely mind-blowingly good?

I don’t blame this person for having a pogo in their bag, but I do blame them for the presentation and safety of it. WHY is it not secured in, at least, a plastic bag? This is hard to look at.

“What You Do Guys Do For Fun?”

what they do for fun.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

When you grew up in a small town, you can relate to this picture. People from big cities just don’t understand the things that we did for entertainment.

You haven’t seen creativity until you’ve witnessed a group of small-town 11-year-olds scouring a backyard looking for ways to keep themselves occupied. Finding odd ways to use a leaf blower is one of the classics.

The Pants Version Of A Mullet

pants pants pants.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / HighOnGoofBalls

You know those days when it’s too hot to wear pants, but it’s too cold to wear shorts? Well, you’re welcome. This is the best solution to that issue.

If these pants were a hairstyle, they’d be a mullet. Let’s just hope that when she bought them they were already half-off. Get it? Half off the price. Right? Okay, I’m done.

This couple’s Valentines Day took a serious DIP in a pool of tobacco and it’s very redneck.

Finals Week Mood

trashy trashy.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

When it’s finals week at school and your stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high, this outfit is necessary.

I was always told to dress for how you feel, and if you feel like trash the least you can do is look like it too. What’s even more beneficial is that garbage bags usually come with their own scent too, which means you don’t have to worry about cologne.

Like Father, Like Son

got my ankle bracelet.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

As a parent, you usually want your kid to take all of your good qualities and use them while ignoring the bad ones.

I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think that having to be on house arrest falls into the “good qualities” category.

The Trashiest Valentines Day Gift


Photo Credit: Reddit / xvyl

It’s interesting to note that chewing tobacco contains 30 chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

It’s also interesting that Fun Dip contains colored sugar on sugar on sugar. In case you’re in the dark on this one, sugar is also known to cause cancer. So, these two dips are basically the same thing, right?

You may not agree with the clothing choice just ahead, but you’ll appreciate the willingness to recycle.

Anyone Need An Uber?

Uber Uber.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / tekkaman01

This Uber would be driven by a man named Darryl who has beard hairs that are longer than the hair on his head.

He wouldn’t stop complaining about how many bad drivers are in your city and say “I’m not racist, but..” before every sentence that was 100% racist. In other words, if this Uber pulls up — run.

Rig Your Pregnancy For A Low Price Of $9.99

$ for preggo9.99.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / allcohol

This girl has saved more relationships than Dr. Phil and Oprah combined. She’s out here just hustling, and we can’t blame a girl for being independent.

What’s wrong with penetrating a portion of the market that really hasn’t been touched. Fellas, whenever your relationship is starting to feel rocky, you need to be cautious of pee dealers.

It May Be Trashy, But At Least It’s Recycled

hanes back strap.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / heretik

Just so everyone is aware, it takes 700 gallons of water just to make a cotton shirt. The average American throws out about 82 pounds of textile waste every single year.

It can take clothing up to 40 years to decompose. So, now that you’re armed with this information, I sure hope we see more recycled shirts like this.

Ready to see the cheesiest prom outfit of all time? And by cheesiest, I literally mean cheesiest.

The Hail Mary Attempt

my dog just died.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

So there’s being a super fan, and then there’s just being ridiculously obsessed/ borderline crazy.

This girl wants a follow back from her favorite One Direction star so badly that she took a picture with her dead dog for brownie points / to guilt trip into a follow back. Even if we put this picture in isolation, can we just talk about how gross it is to hold your dead dog in general?

Taste The Rainbow?


Photo Credit: Imgur

I know what you’re thinking as you look at this picture — “how many calories are in one Skittle?”

Well, let me blow your mind by telling you that four calories are in a single Skittle. They also contain a decent percentage of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake. So, go for it, taste the rainbow.

(Kraft) Single For Prom

kraft singles.jpg

Photo Credit: Tumblr

This is the cheesiest dress I’ve ever laid my eyes on. This dress is literally made out of sweaty Kraft singles.

We could feed an entire country grilled cheese for a year with this cheese. No matter how hard she tries, standing by a classy car does not add any value to this dress whatsoever.

Trashy people can find a use for beer in EVERY situation and environment. Just ask this person coming up.

We Wish You A Redneck Christmas

beer can beer can.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / SW44

In parts of the South, the beer can tree is actually very common. They can be difficult to find out in nature, so many people just resort to growing it themselves throughout the year.

Depending on your family, beer trees on average take about three months to grow but can take up to nine months.

Hunters And Gatherers

squirrel pencil case.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

If you’re going to hunt, you should either eat them or use them as pencil cases and nothing in-between.

This picture was obviously not taken in Kentucky where eating squirrel brains is considered a delicacy. With that being said, squirrels have been known to carry Mad Cow disease which zombie-fies you by eating your brains, so it’s probably safer to just use it as a pencil case.

A Natural Shower

Natty Light.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Shower heads are very expensive — well, the good ones anyway. Why go out and buy one when you can just crush a Natty Light, poke some holes, and grab some duct tape.

You can then go and tell your vegan, environmentally friendly peers that you take natural showers and they’ll be very impressed.

It’s All About Resource Management

game cube game cube.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Being trashy does have some redeeming qualities to pass along to the next generation. First of all, trashy people have excellent resource management skills.

No one in the suburbs is going to see a GameCube as a potential kleenex dispenser. Similarly, no one in the suburbs will EVER use their empty JD bottle as an elegant soap dispenser.

An Above Ground Mobile Pool

garbage bag (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

When it’s a hot day and you don’t have a pool, you make one. When you’re a red neck, the world revolves around your truck.

It acts as your porch, your pool, your bed, your drink cooler, and in SOME cases your method of transportation.