People Who Are Living A Life That None Of Us Could Ever Imagine

Life is what you make of it.

Regardless of whatever is going on in your life, you have to make the best of every opportunity. You can’t take everything seriously to the point where you’re negative all the time. The point is, if you look on the bright side in certain situations, there’s a chance you’ll feel much happier. The key to having a happy life is pretending you’re not happy. Even if you hate your job, these people will show the bright side of life.



Who said Saturday’s have to be for the boys? Well, they don’t always have to be about the boys. The ladies, including the ones above, know a thing or two about having fun in the sun. Even if it’s a resort in Mexico, the old lady just made some new friends.

Senior Vs. Freshman

Senior Vs. Freshman.jpg

Let’s face it — we went out more as freshmen in college. However, it’s the polar opposite once you’re near the end of it all. You’ve been through a lot in terms of partying and going to the bar. Thanks to that, all you want to do in your final year is sit at home and watch Netflix with a case of beer.

Lazy Way To Walk A Dog

Lazy Way To Walk A Dog.jpg

If your dog wakes up as early as 6 AM in the morning, this is a valid option. The dog would love it most since it’s like a little jog for them down the road. Unfortunately, you still have to get out to pick up their poop.

Coming up, a dog who is showing off their skater attitude better than Avril Lavinge.

Free Time Away From The Wife

Hide From The Wife.jpg

We all need time to ourselves. Especially if we tied the knot, most husbands and wives need some time apart. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this bar sign knows how to make fun of that. It won’t be surprising to see a group of dads at this bar on Friday night.

Weird Arrangement

Computer Side Ways.jpg

That would hurt on the one side of your body. Quite frankly, his arm would fall asleep in that position. As uncomfortable as this looks, this would be better to do laying on your bed. He might be at a friends house, but his neck is going to feel sore in the morning.

Skater Dog

Doggo Skateboard.jpg

That dog is showing off the skater attitude better than Avril Lavinge. At least the both of them get some sort of exercise. This inspired me to train my dog to hop on a skateboard now.

Still on the way, walking the dog on the way to the greens on a Saturday morning.

Sit Back And Enjoy The Action

Sit Back And Enjoy It.jpg

Despite the shenanigans going on, the guy in the back is still having a good time. His beer didn’t slip out of his hands as the fight broke out in front of him. Now, he can watch these clowns get arrested while watching the game with this unharmed beer.

The Morning Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real.jpg

This happens to everyone on a weekly basis. Honestly, the second you lay back on your bed, you’re going to fall asleep. It’s a deathly trap we all want to fall for but then come the consequences of missing work or school. If you want to risk it all for sleep, go for it.

On The Way To The Greens

On The Way To The Greens.jpg

If you’re retired and live in Florida, there’s a way to take your dog for a walk. On your way to your early morning tee-off, take the golf cart and the dogs with you.

Have you ever seen a dog push a stroller? The mystery behind that is coming up shortly.


Being A Goat Is The Dream.jpg

The one place you don’t need to tell Tom Brady about. This guy did one better than the so-called ‘GOAT’ of football. He seemed fed up with dealing with humans on a regular basis, so he decided to become a goat for fun. That takes some serious dedication, but honestly, I think more than a few of us would take on this challenge.

Weird AF

Weird AF.jpg

First of all, ew. Second of all, somebody seems to have a weird fetish for feet. Not sure about you, but I’d laugh at my girlfriend if she asked me to do this. Even if she offers something special for later, I still wouldn’t put my mouth on her toe. Some people just get to have it all I guess.

Stroll This Way

Dog Pushing Stroller.jpg

Have you ever seen this before? I haven’t, but this is legit. So legit, that this dog could beat a human in an elementary school talent show.

Just ahead, when humans can’t walk their dogs, man’s best friend must stick together.

They See Me Shopping

They See Me Shopping.jpg

They ain’t hating on this guy. He ain’t trying to ride dirty like Chamillionaire or whatever that rappers name is. If anything, this is a sufficient way to get your groceries done. Since so many people walk like turtles in the aisles, this could change the grocery shopping game.

Just Hire Me Already

Just Hire Me Already.jpg

Ahh, youth. This was so much like me during my college years. Most people who need a part-time job are flexible to work any day of the week. As much as it really sucks, you have to make some coin to get by in life. Anyways, let’s hope this kid didn’t break anything.

Dogs Walk Together

Dogs Walk Together.png

If the humans can’t walk them, then dogs can walk themselves. Obviously, this dynamic duo knows the protocol of going for walks. All they need is a leash, but they don’t care who picks up their nasty stuff.

Coming up, the complete opposite of walking a dog down the street.

Groceries Over Kids

Groceries Over Kids.jpg

Kids misbehave. If you drag them to the grocery store to get a few things, this is what you’ll likely see. They don’t like shopping with their mom in public and the thought of walking around sounds like a daunting task. This would be so funny if they did this when they moved out for college.

Pilots Last Flight

Pilots Last Flight.jpg

If you’ve ever flown a plane for a long time, this will give you the feels. One pilot has flown planes for almost 35 years and this was his last ride on a plane. They decorated the inside of the plane as a celebration of his retirement. Still, that’s one of the coolest jobs out there.

Doggo Walking Human

Walk The Human.jpg

Remember the Seinfeld episode when George does the complete opposite? Well, this is so much like that episode, except Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld never came up with this clever idea. It’s the exact opposite of walking a dog since they get the real workout anyways.

Cat Person To The Rescue

Cat Person.jpg

Does Cat Person know Spider-Man? They could become best friends, and Spider-Man would have to accept that this man has a thing for cats. Not only that, but this would be a great gift for an old lady who owns more than three cats.

Prom Date For One

Prom Date For One.jpg

Who needs a date to the prom when you can take yourself? It’s like you have a love for yourself and nobody else you go to school with. This guy executed the cheesy prom photos so well that it’s almost like he’s mocking it. It would be awkward at the end of the night since he’s taking himself home.