People Are Sharing Their Kids Irrational Tantrums As Just Another Example Of Why I’m Not Having Kids

Being a parent is tough.

You have to deal with your kids and try to control them when they’re going bonkers. With that comes the joyous wonders of being a parent. You get to raise someone you love on a daily basis. Although, kids aren’t perfect like adults. They’ll do anything to get out of doing some pretty simple tasks. Their specialty? Throwing a tantrum in front of mom and dad while out in public. Imagine if your kid had to lodge a silent protest to make a statement? These are just some of the reasons why I don’t plan on having kids in the future.

Personal Plunger

Personal Plunger.jpg

Kids sure do love toilets, especially this little one who appears to have a thing for the plunger. If you lose sight of your kid for a minute, there’s a good chance they’ll turn their back on you and run off on an adventure. The next thing you know, they’re running around the house trying to get the plunger off their face.

Please… Enough Of The Grocery Shopping

Done With Grocery Shopping.jpg

All kids hate grocery shopping. It’s a little more fun as an adult, but hearing your parents say “one more aisle then we’ll cash out” is a nightmare to any child’s ears. Simply put, they run around screaming while falling on the ground just to make their parents leave quicker than ever before.

Dirty Hats

Hats On Heads.jpg

Later, one day down the road, her mom will bring this up. It’s funny, but somewhat embarrassing when we get older. Sure, it might be cute now, but your parents know better.

Coming up, men’s best friend gets in the way, so naturally, all you can do is cry about it.

Nope, I’m Fine Here In The Toilet

Doesn't Want To Get Out Of The Toilet.jpg

Kids are tiny enough to fit in the toilet. Thankfully, this one isn’t getting a swirly, just hanging out in the bowl. Once her parents tell her to get out, she’ll immediately make this face. It would be kind of funny if they gave it a flush, just to see what would happen.

No More Walking, It’s Nap Time

Done With Walking.jpg

Walking from place to place is good exercise, but it tires out the young folks. Even if your mom insists on taking you to the park, you won’t have the energy to go on the swings. So instead, lying on the ground in the street is one way to say that it’s nap time.

Move It, Doggo

Move It Doggo.jpg

Ever try to do something and the dog gets in the way? Case in point, this toddler tried to push the chair, but doggo clearly doesn’t want it’s nap time interrupted.

Has your kid ever met an actor who played a superhero? The result to that is coming up shortly.

I’ll Be Here While You Go Shopping

Shop, Then Pick Me Up.jpg

Shopping with your parents sucks. Somebody doesn’t want to go back to school shopping so they insist on staying put. They’ll regret doing this once they see the clothes their parents bought for them on the first day back. Luckily, you only have to put up with this once a year.

Get This Leash Off Of Me

Get This Leash Off Of Me.jpg

Parents, why are you doing this to your kid? Kids aren’t pets — they are humans like you and me. Sure, this mom has her kid on a leash at the airport for obvious reasons, but that’s just sad. The best part about it is that the kid can’t escape like they dream of doing.

Hey, You’re Not Iron Man!

That's Not Iron Man.jpg

The second your kid sees an actor who plays a superhero, they’re instantly star struck. Unfortunately for this guy, they pulled out the waterworks and cried. Heck, even Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t look too impressed.

Just ahead, having a beer is great until the little one goes full into Soup Nazi mode.

But I Don’t Want To Leave The Court

Didn't Want To Leave The Park.jpg

Going to the park is one of the most exciting things about being a kid. You get outside, other kids are playing, and you don’t want to go home. After a long, exhausting day out in the sun, you still have energy left in the tank. Make your way to the tennis court to avoid your early bedtime.

Screw This, I’m Done With Winter

Falling Flat.jpg

That’s a solid silent protest right there. Old man winter is a pain in the keester, and so is bundling up your kids. Yeah, they have to stay warm since they’re so small, but they hate the season as much as adults. It’s not all about making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate anymore.

No Beer For You!

No Beer For You.jpg

This toddler looks like it could be the Beer Nazi, a parody of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. It might be Friday, but there’s no chance you’re sharing that with the little one.

The moment someone tells their kid Darth Vader is evil results in pretty much what you would expect to happen.

Give Me More Snacks

Give Me More Snacks.jpg

Every single kid makes this face. That’s the face of a child enjoying a pack of cookies. As soon as they find out they can’t have any more, cue the upset reaction. No matter what, we’ve all had this reaction when we couldn’t get what we wanted as kids.

Let Me Go!

Let Me Go.jpg

*Sigh* all kids want is freedom. Having that freedom has its ups and downs and this is coming from an adult. Once he breaks free of holding hands with mom, he’s running to the candy store. Without even seeing the parent’s face, you can tell this is a regular thing they have to deal with.

Darth Vader Is Evil

Darth Vader Is Evil.jpg

It’s too late to apologize. Although, she could lash out at George Lucas with a letter. Really though, he’ll just laugh and think it’s cute. Honestly, this is the face kids make when they find out Santa isn’t real.

Coming up, telling your kid they can’t have something that’s not really theirs, to begin with.

Too Many People On This Planet

Too Many People Here.jpg

100% accurate. There are too many people on this planet. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about it. Instead, all kids can do is look at their surroundings, then fall to the ground after a bit of reality hits them. Just wait until they take public transportation, it gets worse.

Fix The Cracker

Fix The Cracker.jpg

When something needs to be fixed, kids assume that their parents have all the answers. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, especially if it’s something like a cracker with a chip on the side. Good luck trying to explain that to your kids.

Wagon Away, Kid

Wagon Away, Kid.jpg

Such a crushing realaization. You might like the wagon more than the socks, but you can’t take it with you. Not only is it the store’s wagon, along with the socks, but you can’t blame them for wanting a new set of wheels. They won’t be the best thing on the street anymore.



I would instantly start laughing if I saw a kid doing this. They won’t really know what a tampon is used for, but seeing them run around with one is rather comical. The mini face-palm after his reaction is priceless too. I can only assume he found it what it’s used for!

The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle.jpg

Okay, imagine this when they are older, coming home from a party and they try to use the bathroom. Don’t be surprised if you see your grown-up kid in a situation like this one. The simplest thing to do is to lift the seat then get the child out.