Hilarious Snapchats That Not Even The Flower Crown Filter Could Fix

Snapchat, Oh, Snapchat. The only form of social media that allows you to showcase the most controversial side of your life without fear of it being documented all over the internet. Oh, wait. Yeah nevermind, there’s this thing called “screenshotting” which apparently slips the mind of some people.

Let’s be honest, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use Snapchat. We’re thankful for the people who don’t use it the right way because of they pave the way for articles like this. Protip: don’t add your mom on Snapchat.

Paradise Is Subjective

even though my dog is blind.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @_amypound

We can all learn a very important lesson from this picture. This dog is envisioning its paradise which involves lots of treats scattered around a big backyard with dog toys sprinkled in between.

This just shows that it’s all about our perception of life that makes a difference. We need to enjoy the little things, like, in this case, looking at the wall.

Let’s Hope This Trend Ends Soon

Fidget Spinner (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Remember that 30 seconds when fidget spinners took over the world and we could do nothing about it? They were at every corner store, in the hands of every kid aged 0-18 and apparently engraved in haircuts like this.

The phase hasn’t completely gone to the wayside just yet, but we really hope it does.


Bruh Had to delete my uncle .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Okay, we all have one or know one. An uncle who tries really hard to be “hip” with the trends and social media but also forgets that being annoying can still happen even if you’re not in the same room.

Yeah, we see you, uncle. We know you just got Snapchat but can you at least pretend that you have a life outside of snapping your nephew.

Coming up, Snapchat shows why it’s a great way to tell your boyfriend that you’re about to get married, but not really because he’s not down.

Yikes, We’re Crossing Our Fingers For You Man


Photo Credit: Reddit / @LossfulCodex

The thing with college is that you do have to be able to spell, at least a little bit. You should never give up on your dreams but if you can’t even spell the place you want to go it might be a long shot.

It would be like someone who wants to play in the NBA and they didn’t even know that it had anything to do with basketball. It’s a possibility you might get there, but there’s a lot of learning to be done.

It’s All About The Perception

Ready To begin class.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

When your mom infiltrates Snapchat it’s a game changer. Not only can she see all of the shenanigans that you’re partaking in while you should be studying for finals, but she can see it in REAL TIME.

This guy now has to make a full lifestyle change, or at least, give the perception he has. He’s got to send her snaps of him in bed at 9:15 and going to church on Sunday mornings.

“Look Who’s Next”

guess who caught the bouquet.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Garde_A

So, I guess it’s a thing that if you catch the bouquet at a wedding it means you’re going to be next in line. This could be a shot in the dark here, but I’m going to go ahead and say that this case might be the outlier.

That guy is making the same face we all do when you’re in an elevator with one other random person and they start talking to you. Stop, please.

Get ready to see the devastating effects of poison ivy to the face. It’s hilarious, and it’s just ahead.

Those Don’t Look Like His Sheets?

prove a girl that he's in bed.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JayGreatorex

Sometimes the lengths that boyfriends have to go to just so that they can have a boys night is extreme.

It needs to be a team effort with all hands on deck. Everyone needs to be briefed on the plan of attack when the girlfriend interrogates them about what her boyfriend did on that Saturday.

….And Here Comes The Spatula

NVM Guys.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @nataliexxm

It’s a bit of a buzzkill when you’re trying to flex the fact you’re drinking on Snapchat only to have your mom beat you with a kitchen utensil.

There’s nothing worse than being on the high of knowing you’re about to have a good night out, only to have your mom humiliate you with a spatula.

Poison Ivy Turns You into A Different Species

Don't Get Poison Ivy.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @lauren_petrozza

What’s great about Snapchat is that it captures all of your best moments in real time. Snapchat tells a story through a series of pictures, like this one.

Also, we are burying the lead on what’s important about this picture. This is enough evidence to prove that poison ivy is the main ingredient in the potion that turns humans into aliens. This picture proves that.

If Snapchat was to create a Batman villain, it’d look a lot like this next one coming up.

Life Is An Emotional Roller Coaster

Not The Lasanga.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @alonzolerone

Snapchat has revolutionized how we look at our meals. The aesthetic of food matters now. You basically have to share every time you eat, so make sure that it looks good.

Snapchat is for the grub that isn’t good-looking enough for Instagram, but attractive enough that you want to share it with your friends. Lasagna straight out of the oven is ALWAYS a good choice. Lasagna on the floor? Not so much.

You’re Never Safe From Dad Jokes

the streets raised me.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @tjmiles2

Just when you think that Snapchat is going to be the only social media that Dads won’t be able to infiltrate, you get sent this. Dads will flood your Facebook timeline with questionable content, but you probably never thought that it would seep its way onto your Snapchat story list.

There is a time and a place for dad jokes, and this isn’t a good time or a good place for them. Now’s a good time to *cue the fake laugh.*

The New Joker?

Lex Luther.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Perrinho

This isn’t exactly how he expected the face-swap to work, but it is what it is. Who knew that the next version of the Joker from Batman actually would get inspired by flower wallpaper.

Not going to lie, the Heath Ledger Joker was scary, but honestly, this one could be more terrifying. This one looks like he’s just been feeding on human flesh which is unsettling.

Just ahead is proof that Snapchat is the dumping ground for creativity that you can’t use anywhere else and it’s brilliant.

Kesha Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

yelleth timber.jpg

Photo Credit: Tumblr / @tisbaylee

The song Timber by Kesha and Pitbull is an absolute banger. It’s probably one of the only songs that would translate seamlessly to the Shakespearian era.

The first thought when trying to create a catchy pop song is whether it would fly hundreds of years before, and in this case, it’s a yes.

Cats Will Take Over The World In 15 Years, Mark My Words

riding the hoverboard.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @iconickkk

Can we all stop turning a blind eye to the fact that cats are quickly taking over the world? They’re malicious and conniving in the cutest way possible. They’re starting to be able to open doors, and punch in credit card numbers — we’re doomed.

Our last way out was that they wouldn’t be able to drive motor vehicles, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. If they start to maneuver hoverboards, game over.

Snapchat Brings Out A Different Type Of, Uh, Creativity

Snapchat Boo.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JahnellAnya

Snapchat allows creative juices to flow. These juices often have no other outlet because the ideas are so weird that they are inappropriate in any other setting.

Flaring your nostrils to finish the phrase “hey boo” and sending it to your crush would be creepy and awkward anywhere else. But since it’s on Snapchat, it’s tolerated, and quite honestly, encouraged.

Just wait till you see how this girl coming up resembles Rihanna. It’s bizarre but mindblowing.

Some Pick-Me-Ups From Unexpected Places

bad morning.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @vivaglameve

Kids are unfiltered and unpredictable which is why it makes them so cute. Sometimes it backfires like when they plainly tell you to your face that you resemble Shrek with a sprinkle of Dumbledore, on a good day.

But, other times (most times) they completely ignore any social cues and go out of their way to make your day better. We all need somebody to lean on, and sometimes that somebody is a random little kid in the bus seat in front of you.

Yep, Okay, Across The World Isn’t Even Far Enough

Time to Move.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @DaOBeeZY

You know that sprint when you’re the last person in the basement and you have to turn the light off but also don’t want to get killed by a ghost? Yeah, this is what you’re running away from.

Who knew that you just needed to have a Snapchat filter to be an effective ghost hunter? Maybe this is a friendly spirit who is just trying to show off its best Coachella outfit.

Anything That Resembles Rihanna Is A Major Step in The Right Direction

Rihanna Face.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @baelaani

Look, I don’t care if just your elbow bones share a similarity with Rihanna, you should feel blessed. She’s the queen of the Caribbean and she should be treated as such.

It’s really hard to fully understand how anyone can say anything negative about Rihanna. This is like seeing Jesus or getting confirmation that there actually is a monster under your bed. It’s life-changing.

Can Someone Come And Get Their Grandpa?

grandson hot to post.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @MaudlinStudios@aol.com

While it’s true that grandparents have a lot of wisdom and knowledge about how to maneuver through everyday life, they almost fully discredit themselves when it comes to technology.

It’s like learning a brand new language for them. This grandpa thought that Snapchat was Facebook and is now somehow going to do what every grandpa does on social media — overshare EVERYTHING.