Food Items That Definitely Don’t Belong On Instagram (I Don’t Care Which Filter You Use)

Instagram is full of carefully styled food photos. People know that before you dig your fork into anything delicious looking, you have to take a quick snap of that stuff for the ‘gram. Showing off what you’re eating is half the fun of food nowadays.

Some food just isn’t Instagram worthy, though. It just doesn’t have that aesthetic that we know and love. Keep reading to see some of the ugliest foods that have ever posed for a photograph. They’re not pretty, but I’m sure at least some of them taste ok.

The Worst Kind Of Jello


Photo Credit: perfectionsalad / Reddit

This… meal is trying really hard to be pretty. It’s really trying. It’s just not going to ever be appetizing though.

There’s no way that you can combine hotdogs, jellified consume, olives, and celery and have it be ok. It’s not ok.

19 Layer Tortilla Chip Abomination From Chili’s


Photo Credit: MikeMeyersResplendent / Reddit

I’m just impressed that somebody took the time to count all of those chip layers. How does someone eat this?

Do you try to bite through all of the layers in one bite, or do you try to pull it apart and eat it one chip at a time?

A Veggie Sub With Olives


Photo Credit: Dextrofunk / Reddit

Attention Subway employees: when somebody asks for a veggie sub with olives, this is not what they mean.

They mean that they want olives in addition to many other vegetables. Everyone got that? K, thanks. Let’s never let this happen again.

Targeted Marketing At Its Finest


Photo Credit: Whitlow14 / Reddit

Twix gives the people what they want—even if what the people want is objectively awful. To be fair, I’d rather people eat a Twix that looks like a Tide Pod than an actual Tide Pod.

Chocolate isn’t exactly a health food, but it’s way better for your system than laundry detergent.

What Happens When You Order Sushi In Pakistan


Photo Credit: XanderDay / Reddit

This is what I imagine someone would make if they knew what sushi was, but they’d never seen it before.

Good effort, Pakistan. You did your best. I can’t make good sushi either. We can’t all be sushi masters. Keep reading to see the most advanced PB&J sandwich to ever walk this earth.

Chinese Takeout Done Wrong


Photo Credit: ChrisTweten / Reddit

This whole situation makes me sad. Nothing about this is #aesthetic or ‘gram worthy. It had so much potential. Now it looks like that egg got a tattoo in a language he doesn’t understand.

Nobody wants ink in their food. Not one person.

The Blandest Sandwich


Photo Credit: Louie69eyes / Reddit

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if a sandwich is just bread and one other ingredient, it’s not really a sandwich. The whole point of a sandwich is to pack a whole bunch of complimentary flavors conveniently between fluffy carbs.

This “sandwich” accomplishes nothing.

There’s A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity


Photo Credit: WaWaCrAtes / Reddit

Now that’s a sandwich. This sandwich is the polar opposite of plain chicken on white bread. This is innovative, it’s interesting, it’s delicious…

I don’t think it’s Instagram worthy, though. At least, not on that plate. Fancy it up with a minimalistic background and some soft lighting, and then we’ll talk.

Potlucks Are A Bad Idea


Photo Credit: fej057 / Reddit

What kills me about this one is the amount of effort that must have gone into making those disgusting jellified food items. Like, there are three different creations there, all made by the same person.

He must really dislike whoever invited him to this potluck.

2 Realistic 4 Me


Photo Credit: Pkmnlovr19482 / Reddit

This probably tastes pretty good. Pretzels and white chocolate is always a good idea. I didn’t know anybody that could make chocolate covered pretzels look this unappetizing.

Who is this for? Who asked for this? Keep reading to see the pizza-ception of your dreams… or your nightmares.

Breakfast Of Champions


Photo Credit: cheesecleh / Reddit

This doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, at least compared to some of the other foods we’ve already seen on this list.

It’s definitely not pretty, though. This is the kind of breakfast that you eat quickly to hide the evidence, not the kind you advertise on social media.

This Is An Abomination


Photo Credit: mutaza64 / Reddit

Every fiber of my body is rejecting this image right now. What kind of twisted mind came up with this idea, and then had the audacity to execute it?

I don’t believe that we’re the same species. No human would allow this to happen. Pasta is sacred. Gatorade is a necessary evil.

Get That Smug Look Off Your Face


Photo Credit: Kitnado / Reddit

So, is this a pizza box made out of pizza, or is it a pizza pizza? That is, a pizza with pizza as a topping?

Whatever it is, I don’t like it very much. I prefer to eat my pizzas one at a time, thank you very much.

This Meat Has Ruined My Life


Photo Credit: admalmatuschka / Reddit

I’m actually pretty curious to know how exactly this gets made. Like, is there a mold involved? What kind of meat is it? Is it actual clown meat? Are the lighter parts fattier meat or are the darker parts just colored with food coloring?

I think if I watched someone concoct this I might throw up, though, so let’s just leave it alone.

A Good Effort


Photo Credit: 9999monkeys / Reddit

Picture on the left: definitely Instagram worthy. 10/10 for cuteness, 9/10 for originality, 10/10 for presentation.

Picture on the right; Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” meets an egg’s worst nightmare. Not cute. Not Instagram worthy. It’s pretty funny though. Read on to see every Disney princess (the important ones at least) reimagined as gross looking hot dogs.

This Is A Travesty


Photo Credit: MuslimGangEnrichment / Reddit

If you look up the word travesty in the dictionary, you won’t see this soup because the dictionary publisher didn’t want to upset people who are just trying to expand their vocabulary.

This soup is much too upsetting. Please get it out of my sight.

Bort Sompsom


Photo Credit: bottlefish / Reddit

This just gets funnier the more you look at it. Everything about it is so wrong, yet somehow, it’s also so right.

I think I’d rather receive this cake than a legit Bart Simpson cake, just because it would make me laugh so much.

Weiner Royalty


Photo Credit: BushyEyes / Reddit

Ok, so 10/10 for originality. Execution leaves a little to be desired. Maybe a 6/10 for execution. 10/10 would eat, though.

I also would Instagram. It’s not perfect, but it’s just silly enough that it makes the cut. #nofilter #foodgoals. Using a piece of lettuce for Ariel’s tail is next level genius.

The ’70s Were A Wild Time


Photo Credit: Hard_Avid_Sir / Reddit

I don’t even like ketchup on things that ketchup is meant to go on. This is hard to look at. In the ’70s, I guess this was just normal? Like someone thought it was a good idea to make this and actually publish it in a print book because the internet didn’t exist yet?

The ’70s was an excellent time for fashion. Not so good for food, though.

Ogre. Green. Creamy. Filling.


Photo Credit: Reddit

I don’t like the look on Shrek’s face. Nothing about this is a good idea. Please stop using Shrek to sell snack foods.

Let’s use Shrek’s image to do something useful, like save the environment or end world hunger. Twinkies were doing just fine without his help.