Elementary Students Gave These Responses On Tests, And They’re Pure Comedy

What did you do in elementary school, when you don’t know the answer on a test? Try your hardest to come close to the correct answer? Or just totally give up and throw something out there to make the teacher laugh, which could possibly earn you a point for some comedic relief? Many of these kids weren’t thrown a bone by their teacher for their hilarious response, but they thought it was too funny not to share with the internet. Here are the best kids’ test answers out there. And we give them all an ‘A.’

Saturn Isn’t A Single Lady

Saturn Engagement Rings.jpg

“Saturn was not a single lady.” That might be the most strange answer this teacher has ever had to write out for an incorrect test answer. (Not to mention, Saturn still exists…) This teacher seems a bit closed-minded to us. Carry on, kid.

This Is The Perfect Example Of A Risk

Taking A Risk.jpg

If you really want to impress your teacher this is a good way to go. This type of “risk” might not have been what the teacher was expecting but it worked. This is one of those questions we were happy to see a checkmark next to. Kudos to this teacher since they allowed one of his or her pupils to take an actual risk and earn credit for it.

Name the Shapes.jpg

They Named Everything Like Asked

This geometry lesson went sideways very quickly. Also, this kid spelled ‘Harry’ wrong and who names someone Tedison? In any case, they did name the quadrilaterals and that’s what the test question asked them to do. This won’t fly in college so enjoy it while you can kid.

I Used Math — Give Me An ‘A’ Please

I solved it with Math.jpg

Math problems seem to deliver the funniest answers and this kid nailed their response with a simple answer, “math.” We’re big fans of letting the answer speak for itself so in our book this young child should have received an A+ just for this answer alone.

Technically, He Did

Expanding His Math Answer.jpg

The test question only said to expand the answer. By adding more spacing after each part of his answer this kid did exactly as instructed. Sure it’s not worth an “A” on his test, at least his teacher admitted that it was “very funny.” Kids’ minds work in some mysterious and funny ways.

This Kid Is Up To Something


Well, whoever the parents are of this kid must be a pretty conscientious couple. That or this kid has been reading a lot of books and watching plenty of documentaries. Do you think the teacher gave this student some points for effort or a big fat zero?

It Was Found


Well teacher, there it is. That was probably the easiest question on the test. Oh wait, you mean that’s not what the question meant? Variables were never an easy concept to understand and this kid showed that you need to be specific or else you’ll get what you asked for.

Good One


You really can’t deny that this is the right answer. Like we just said, sometimes you need to be specific. When you sign most things, it’s always at the bottom so this kid just used common sense to answer this question. Didn’t have to study for this question, the life all students want.

We Have An Artist On Our Hands


That plant looks highly depressed to be locked away. This drawing is almost as flawless as it is simple. The most important parts are identified as “iron bars” and “no windows”. This isn’t your ordinary smart answer, this is art in the face of pressure that deserved some credit.

After Cross Multiplying…


It would appear that after you get rid of the common factors, the answer is quite simple. So simple that even a third grader could figure this out. We all know that six equals six so you can’t get any simpler than that now can you? Were points given to this student? That we do not know.

Do We Have A Zombie On Our Hands?


Zombies are a new craze these days with shows like The Walking Dead so maybe that can explain this creepy yet comical (depending on how you look at it) answer. We know or at least hope this child has not eaten any brains and isn’t speaking from memory and only speaking based on what he or she has heard.

She Couldn’t See!


Scientist and those in science classes know the real answer here but this kid seems to have forgotten why Miranda can’t see down the scope. By answering she is blind was pretty clever. You never know when the teacher will reward cleverness but a nice try comment is a nice consolation prize.

Excuse Me, What?


This kid missed the whole target. He or she didn’t even spell the states correctly. They clearly got their states mixed up. You can’t put all the blame on them, however. Remembering the different states of matter could be a trick we admit but picking U.S. states is not acceptable.

When Mom Drinks Too Much


We know that person who has that mother who takes too many trips to the wine cabinet. This kid just revealed his mom is one of those moms with this one. And it isn’t a wrong answer, it is just his truth and his answer. More power to this kid.



Well, wouldn’t you tell him the same thing? Do you think he would listen to anyone who tried to warn him about his death? The idea of time traveling wasn’t even thought of back then so he just might have had you imprisoned or better yet killed.

Mom’s Signature


This is interesting. We are trying to figure out if this kid thought this was acceptable or if he or she was afraid to have a parent sign it due to a poor showing on the work. Either way, this is for sure funny and something we know they didn’t think they would get away with.

He’s Being Honest


In 100 years, many of us might be gone. It’s not sad it is just a fact of life. We can’t avoid death and taxes. Warren seems to already be ahead of the curve by figuring this simple fact out. Maybe he shouldn’t be so grim though.

There Could Be Truth In This Answer


The real answer was most likely C (Malthusianism is a theory that relates population growth to food supply), but this kid wasn’t having it. The death of that giraffe must have hit home because to call something a heartless creature is highly hurtful. Or just maybe this kid has no interest in giraffes at all and is just an animal person.

All Facts


Where is the lie? This kid must have caught the love bug early or the parents raising him or her have a magical relationship. Would you have given credit for an answer like this? It’s love we are talking about. A very positive aspect of life.

This Is Awkward


This has got to be a prank. No way that a kid is this bold or lacks this much home training to put something like this as a response. One of his friends must have dared him to put this because that’s outlandish in many ways.

May The Odds Be In Your Favor


Well, that is certainly one way to settle overpopulation. Lives would be ruined and relationships would be destroyed but hey, if it is a means to an end, we can’t rule it out. That must be how this kid was thinking this answer through. Did they get any credit for it?

I’m Mr. Lonely


These kids just seem to be getting wittier and wittier. Nothing should prompt a kid to put this type of answer on a test unless they believed they would actually get points for being funny or for at least trying. It also says something about the teacher if a kid is this comfortable at putting this type of answer.

He Admits It


There you have it, folks. One of the kids admits that they are too smart for a regular answer. If you think about it, shouldn’t the teacher be proud of this answer? They are the ones teaching the student so if they’re smart, everyone should be happy here.

What Is Love


This is by far one of our favorites. This kid has got some groove in his bones. The humor is there and the originality is pretty high. The teacher was not expecting this when they read the answer. This answer probably came straight to the kid’s head when he or she read the question.

Three States That Matter Most


This kid was taught the three states of matter, the three physical forms that matter can take, and he or she really applied their new scientific knowledge to real life. This kid wasn’t entirely wrong with their answers, so let’s hope that their teacher gave them credit for that!

Bob Isn’t Left With Just 7 Candy Bars


Whoever took this test was just being realistic. Forget the math involved, let’s look at the real concerning issue here and discuss the fact that Bob just ate 29 candy bars. Who does that? The person who took this test realized the absurdity of that endeavor and hit the answer with some facts.

A Rebel Without A Cause


This kid was asked to describe themselves in just three words, but they answered the prompt in an even better way. They decided to describe themselves as a rebel, but in doing so used not three words, but four. As a result, they didn’t actually do what the test asked them to. Rebel indeed.

This Question Isn’t Realistic


The kid who answered this question cannot be fooled. They know that Halloween is fake and all the ghouls and goblins that come with it are just as bogus. This is why four ghosts minus one ghost equals zero because according to this kid, ghosts are not real. We can’t argue with that logic.

They Weren’t Exactly Wrong…


This simple spelling test asked the children to unscramble the words. It is a great exercise for sure to get kids to recognize words off the bat just by looking at the letters. But this kid in particular may have known a word they shouldn’t have. They weren’t exactly wrong, but that obviously wasn’t what the teacher was going for.

Bacon Is Always The Answer


Apparently, this kid wasn’t exactly able to discern the length of a day on Jupiter given the information on the rest of the test. So, they took a shot in the dark and put down the answer that they hoped would be fail-safe: bacon. Why? Because “bacon is always the answer…”

Cause And Effect


This kid was learning the concept of cause and effect. When asked what would be the effect of Tony practicing piano every day, this kid determined that Tony is just a “big nerd.” Well, it’s obvious that the kid who answered this question considers musical talent something for the meek. This kid will probably be a jock in high school.

Compliments Can Get You Far


This questionnaire was probably given around the beginning of the school year and Mr. Thomas wanted to make sure that his students knew the policies of his classroom. Whether or not this kid knows the real repercussions of being late, you have to admit that his earnest answer will surely put a soft spot in Mr. Thomas’s heart.

When Is The Wrong Answer The Right Answer?


We’re sort of confused by the logic in this answer, but admittedly, the student wasn’t wrong. There is no way that a football can be more than one foot long, but we’re not sure if the student answered this question knowing that information. He still got the answer right, however, because the length of a football is indeed the length of one football.

This Kid Might Have Heard A Thing Or Two


This looks like a simple test or homework worksheet where the kids were asked to complete the words with one letter based off the picture provided. They were so close to getting all the answers right, except when it came to the picture of the duck. They must have said the “uck” sound and thought of the first word that came to their mind.

There Is No Way A Second Grader Is That Strong


This simple math question could not fool this student. Marcus is only in second grade, so it makes sense that he could lift 12 pounds. But how could a second grader go from lifting 12 pounds to 97 pounds? This kid called the nonsense where he or she saw it and came up with the only plausible solution: steroids.



Everyone remembers learning “PEMDAS,” an abbreviation for the proper order in which one should solve algebraic expressions. The easy way to remember the concept of PEMDAS is with the expression “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally,” but this student obviously didn’t remember it that way. Their way to remember PEMDAS is hilarious, but let’s hope that they actually know how to use it too.

No One Remembers When Earth Day Is


This student was taught all about Earth Day and probably about how to take care of the Earth’s environment. Kids often give the simplest answers that first come to their mind, so when asked about what they learned, we suppose the only thing they took from that lesson was that Earth Day fell on April 22nd. Yes, that would be useful to know in a trivia game.

This Kid Knows Their ’80s Slang


This kid may not be well adept in algebra yet, but they sure do know how to use ’80s slang when they see the opportunity. They were asked to turn the given equation into a single “radical” expression, but the term “radical” might have thrown them for a loop so they answered in an equally radical way.

There Is A Difference


This student was learning simple math. Numbers are fun and when you spend a lot of time with them, you start to notice things. That is why when asked to find the difference between eight and six, this student interpreted that to distinguish the aesthetic differences between the two numbers in a hilarious way.

Developing A Thick Skin


School is a trying time for a lot of kids. At the beginning of the school year, this kid was asked about what they think they can improve on. Probably bullied and made fun of for being so sensitive, this kid decided that they’ve had enough. What they want to improve on is crying less which we wouldn’t argue with if they want to learn to stand up for themselves.

“Enough Is Enough Judy!”


Judy is a mischevious student, indeed. On this test, she was asked to determine how this boy felt after falling off his bike. But Judy didn’t take the obvious route and focused on the details, going so far as to add her own answer: that the boy is ugly. Hilarious or not, you could tell that her teacher has had enough of her cheekiness!

An Earnest Dream


This student learned all about Dr. Martin Luther King and his “I Have A Dream” speech. When asked about what their own dream was, this kid said that theirs is to work at Taco Bell alongside their mother. It’s a sweet dream, indeed, but we’re sure that their mother hopes her child has bigger dreams beyond that.

How A Kid Comes Up With The Answer


This kid could not be fooled by a seemingly complicated simple math question (which they answered correctly, by the way). But when asked to explain how they came up with the answer, instead of explaining the math they used, they gave the most kid-like response a kid could ever give: “I started out by thinking then the answer came to me.”

The Driving Test


This question was probably on a test that was meant for a teen, but the answer is still just as funny. Nobody really likes when drivers use their high beam lights, especially when there is no need and this teen probably learned that from riding in the car with disgruntled parents. We couldn’t agree more with the answer.

I Can Pee


We would argue that this kid is being their “best self” at school. Who else is freely able to talk about a subject like going pee. The one fault in their answer? They spelled “pee” incorrectly. We would still give them at least half credit for their noble attempt to show no shame.

Sometimes Brutal Honesty Is The Best Answer

Brutal Honest Test Answer.jpg

This kid might not have scored any points on their test but their outlook on life is strong. We have a feeling this young child will end up living the life of a startup entrepreneur. Even if they didn’t score 100% on their test, they are destined to be a real go-getter later in life. Good job kid and we give you an A+ on this assignment.

I’m A Freeloader

Freeloader Kid.jpg

This kid didn’t mince their words. At least we know exactly where they stand on finding a job and supporting themselves. Hopefully, their attitude will change in the future and they’ll pick up a job or two. In the meantime, enjoy your free ride kid, it won’t last forever.

This Kid Might Need To Study Up On History A Bit


Okay, so maybe on a base level this statement is true. Bernie Sanders might argue that Democratic Socialism is a better answer. In any case, this kid wasn’t exactly wrong and it would be a shame if his teacher marked them down for a rather direct answer.

This Teacher Received A Lesson In English

Funny Sister Answer.jpg

If you want the children in your classroom to give a certain answer, you should really consider how you pose the question. This student made a valid point and all they received was a -7 on the question. We really hope they knew the answer but wanted to mess with their teacher’s poor grammar choice.

Write “Or” And Fail This Test

Write Or.jpg

Technically they should have written < or > for each answer. Kids have crazy imaginations and it’s hilarious but at the end of the day, they still have to give the right answers if they want to get ahead in school.

This Answer Is Technically Right

Animals In the Arctic.jpg

They almost got this answer wrong because of math but they recovered nicely and provided a completely suitable answer. Thinking about it more, can you name six different animals that live in the Arctic? We give this kid bonus points for at least giving an answer that is technically correct.

Well That Escalated Quickly

Escalated Quickly.jpg

If this kid’s path towards world domination is any indication we almost understand now why people who have attempted to rule the world failed. Maybe he should focus on building out his career, finding someone nice to settle down with and then go after world domination. Technically, his answer is correct, even if world domination at such a young age is a bit daunting.

“Oh Dear…”

Dealing with Issues.jpg

This kid might be dealing with some issues that he could use some help with. Who are we to say he isn’t right about the engineer though. All those lonely nights spent in the open ocean may have led to some urges that the engineer couldn’t deny. Nice try kid.

Wrong Hue

Hugh Jackman Test Answer.jpg

If you are going to give the wrong answer why not make it Hugh Jackman. At least the teacher thought this kid gave a clever answer. We don’t know if they were given credit for their snarky answer but it deserves a round of applause in the least. Very clever indeed.

Not A Fan

Education and Hell.jpg

This kid thinks school is hell. We’ve got news for you kid, there are millions of people who agree with you. We’re going out on a limb here to blame the American education system for failing this kid. We predict he’ll work in middle management one day where he can make his underlings’ lives hell.

A Morbid Answer – Let’s Get This Kid Some Help

Milk Before Death.jpg

If you are going to die why not go out with a big helping of milk. On the one hand — NO! On the other hand, this kid has a love of milk that makes them happy and that’s some good child raising right there. But seriously kid, NO!

This Kid Has A Good Head On Their Shoulders

Please dont hit the dog.jpg

This kid rightfully pointed out that their teacher’s test didn’t give the best examples to choose from. If the man was actually hitting the dog it would have been a completely different story. We hope this young child received extra points for their thoughtful answer.