Elementary Students Gave These Responses On Tests, And They’re Pure Comedy

What did you do in elementary school, when you don’t know the answer on a test? Try your hardest to come close to the correct answer? Or just totally give up and throw something out there to make the teacher laugh, which could possibly earn you a point for some comedic relief? Many of these kids weren’t thrown a bone by their teacher for their hilarious response, but they thought it was too funny not to share with the internet. Here are the best kids’ test answers out there. And we give them all an ‘A.’

Saturn Isn’t A Single Lady

Saturn Engagement Rings.jpg
“Saturn was not a single lady.” That might be the most strange answer this teacher has ever had to write out for an incorrect test answer. (Not to mention, Saturn still exists…) This teacher seems a bit closed-minded to us. Carry on, kid.