Britain Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do After Sharing These Terrible ‘Life Hacks’

We’re all used to seeing hundreds of life hack videos and articles around every corner of the internet. Some of these hacks are actually useful, and others, not so much. But one Twitter user has been working hard to collect the worst of the worst.

Jess McGuire is a writer from the United Kingdom who has managed to find all the most questionable and hilariously bad life hacks you could think of, and we’re so thankful for it. Without her, we’d never know all the weird things British people use feminine products for. These terrible ‘life hacks’ will make you wonder what on earth is going on over there.

Extra Absorbent For Your Sweaty Feet

fluffy slippers.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I’m not sure if the eyes and bow on these slippers made them better or worse. What I do know is that Cathy needs to take a moment and rethink every decision she’s ever made.

If she thinks turning female sanitary pads into slippers is a good idea, just imagine the other terrible ideas she may have had.

There Are So Many Things That Could Go Wrong Here

underwear sticky notes.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

First of all, any female knows that a sticky note would last less than five seconds on lace underwear. Second of all, what happens if the sticky note falls off when you’re just walking around?

If you’re wearing pants, it’s not a big deal, but imagine seeing someone walk by in a dress and out of nowhere a sticky note drops out from underneath? I’d have severe second-hand embarrassment.

There’s Nothing I Want Less Than A Mix Corn Flakes And Cheerios

grannys cereal.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

There are some things better left unchanged. Cereals are perfect already. The crunch of Corn Flakes, the sweet taste of Honey-Nut Cheerios, or the overall disgusting flavor of Raisin Bran. Mix them all and everything good gets lost. Someone needs to stop Helen immediately.

Keep reading to find out which ‘hack’ British people use to get their gym body.

Get Thicc Without Doing Any Work

make yourself look curvy (1).jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

The Mrs. Incredible look is in right now, and people have spent thousands of dollars on personal trainers and plastic surgery to get the hips and butt of a Kardashian.

British people must be a little cheaper than that because their go-to way to get the look is walking around with sanitary pads stuck under your dress.

This Is Scary On An Entirely Different Level

halloween decoration.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

If your tampon ghost decorations are the talking point of the party, it sounds like you’re hosting a very lame party.

Why are they using sanitary pads and tampons for every ‘hack?’ These things have their purposes, and I can guarantee it’s not to be a Halloween decoration.

Don’t Skip Rope, Skip The Entire Workout

cut off rope to skip.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

This sounds like an idea a twelve-year-old makes up to get out of gym class. No one likes skipping rope, but what are you going to do once you cut off the rope? Hold the handles and pretend to skip? News flash: you can do that by just creating a magical imaginary rope.

The hangover tip coming up has to be one of the worst pieces of advice I’ve ever read.

Shred Memories While You Make New Ones

red photos.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I’m sure we all have times where we crave a jigsaw puzzle so badly that we can’t wait to buy one from the flea market.

If you feel the same, don’t worry. Take out your handy portable shredder that every household has and shred up some of your favorite priceless photos for an instant puzzle.

British People Have Found Every Possible Use For Pads

use pads to clean.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

The feminine products life hack saga will never end in Britain. Now that you have curvy hips and your house decorated for Halloween, it’s time to clean up the washroom using a sanitary pad. Take an extra tip from Chizzy and raid your grandma’s closet and use the mega-absorbant ones.

Please also note that the person who sent in this idea got a cash prize. I’m speechless.

Maddie Needs To Keep This Type Of Negativity On Her Side Of The Ocean

no more hangovers (1).jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I can’t think of anything I’d want to do less when I come home from the bar than this. I’m probably stumbling, exhausted, and ready to go straight to bed. I can almost guarantee Maddie that 99% of people would crash into the chair and spill water on themselves.

Get rid of those pesky door-to-door salesmen with the incredibly simple ‘hack’ coming up.

There’s No Tastier Snack Than An Egg That’s Been In Your Pocket All Day

hardboiled eggs tip.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I’ve seen a lot of normal hand-warming hacks like bags of rice or hot water packs, so why did this magazine think that hard-boiled eggs were the way to go?

Joanne also got a cash prize just for admitting that she likes to eat eggs that have accumulated lint and crumbs in her pocket all day. Yum.

This Sounds Like A Stomach Pump In The Making

mouthwash shot glass.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I understand the basic idea here, but I think encouraging people to take shots out of mouthwash caps is the start of a bad habit. I have a feeling that this is going to end up like the next tide pod challenge.

Just drink your alcohol straight from the bottle like the rest of us, and we could avoid this entire issue.

Anita Has Cracked The Code

crazy hat.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I could have avoided all those times I’ve been hiding silently beside my front door if I only had a crazy daffodil hat! Even though I’ll probably become known as the neighborhood lunatic, that’s way better than just politely tell the salesperson “no,” right?

Women have limited real estate in their purses when they go out, but the ‘hack’ coming up suggests adding one more interesting item.

Because One Piece Of Paper With Directions Is Too Basic

driving stickynotes.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I’m convinced that these ‘hacks’ prove that British people are very extra. The rest of us would use our phone GPS or write out a list of directions to look at.

Neither of those options is extra enough for the Brits. They need tear-away directions that go directly on the steering wheel. That’s obviously the easiest way to do it.

But You’re Not Supposed To Swallow Toothpaste

mint dinner party.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

Why take five minutes out of your day to run to the corner store for mints, when you can spend hours waiting for your toothpaste to freeze so you can chop it into wafer-thin mints.

The worst part of this ‘hack’ is that you’re not supposed to ingest toothpaste. LIFE HACK: If someone offers you a toothpaste mint, they’re trying to kill you.

The Irish Are Rolling Over In Their Graves

rub potatoes on your shoes.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

In all seriousness, why would anyone casually carry a potato in their purse? The Brits are just tossing salt in the wound by rubbing Irish potatoes all over the soles of their shoes. There’s a joke in here somewhere about the British walking all over the Irish.

Keep reading to find out which ‘hack’ someone definitely stole from Amanda Bynes.

Whoever Can Blow Up A Balloon Everytime They Park Must Have Iron Lungs

attach ballon.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

So there are only two realistic options if you want to do this ‘hack.’ The first is that you can have a pre-blown-up balloon ready to go, but then you’re awkwardly driving around with a balloon in your backseat.

The other option is that you blow up a new balloon every time you park, which sounds physically exhausting.

You Might As Well Wear A Poncho While You’re At It To Avoid More Spills

plastic wrap keyboard.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

Desk space is limited, but I always make room for a full roll of cling wrap. You never know when you’re going to have to work through lunch and will need a quick keyboard cover.

This way, when you spill your coffee, it will go on all your power cords instead of your keyboard. Genius.

Amanda Bynes Thought Of This Years Ago

tampons up your nose.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

I refuse to believe that British people are so obsessed with tampons and sanitary pads that they can think of four different ‘hacks’ for them. There’s no way that someone actually thought sticking a tampon up your nose in the middle of a darts tournament was a good idea.

Keeley MUST have stolen this nosebleed tip from the 2006 classic film, She’s The Man.

Nothing Screams ‘I Have Kids’ More Than A House Covered In Mini Cereal Boxes

corn flakes.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

Do people know that stores sell things to cover sharp corners that don’t make your house look like the inside of a trash bag?

The American version of this ‘hack’ is putting tennis balls on every single sharp corner in your household. At least tennis ball makes sense because they’re round. A mini cereal box is just putting a different sharp corner on top of a sharper corner.

Who Knew Detergent Caps Could Jazz Anything Up

detergent handles.jpg

Photo credit: @jessmcguire / Twitter

Other people would ‘jazz’ up their dresser with a coat of paint, but Polly thought reusing detergent caps was a fashionable idea. Polly must have canceled her cable subscription because if she watched one hour of HGTV, she would know that this is NOT funky.

At least her dresser probably smells like fresh linen.