A Woman Live-Tweeted A Pair Of Strangers Flirting On A Plane, And The Internet Was Here For It

Most of us dread flying, but one woman and her boyfriend managed to land front row seats to a real-life fairytale. A Texas woman, Rosey Blair, was flying home with her boyfriend, only to find out once she got on board the plane that they weren’t seated together.

She kindly asked the woman beside her to switch seats. Once she sat down next to her boyfriend, Rosey jokingly said maybe the woman’s new seat partner would be “the love of her life.” Well, we don’t want to spoil anything, but the inner romantic in all of us are literally dying right now. Rosey did the world a favor and chronicled the evolution of the relationship of two complete strangers in front of her. Strap yourself in for the flight of your life.

The Two Immediately Hit It Off

rosey thread 2 (1).jpg

Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twtter

According to Rosey, the two immediately started talking and flirting. The two were obviously attracted to each other if they both look like fitness buffs. I bet they were both wearing incredibly casual fitness clothes that cost more than my phone.

Usually, we all try to avoid any contact with our seatmates on flights, but this is the one exception.

And They Have More In Common Than You’d Think

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Rosey was right to think they are fitness buffs. Two personal trainers who are both vegetarian sitting together on a plane. If that’s not meant to be, I don’t know what is.

They can make tofu scramble and sweet potato fries together while doing jumping jacks for the rest of their lives

A Very Important Detail If You’re Thinking Long-Term

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

This may seem like Rosey is jumping the gun, but is she? If either of them had a wedding ring, this entire love story wouldn’t be worth investing the time or effort. But no wedding rings means that the two are both available to live happily ever after in a Disney castle together.

Keep reading to get your first look at the mystery couple.

Everyone On The Plane Is Invested

baby flight slide.jpg

Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

It’s obviously not just Rosey and her boyfriend can tell love is in the air. This little girl knows that women get baby fever and that the sign of a good man is if they can handle children.

This little girl singlehandedly made these two strangers realize they would be great parents together.

Rosey Is Ready To Run For Us

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Not only was Rosey chronicling everything on the plane for the internet, but she knew this love story was now her sole purpose in life. Just an hour in and she was already preparing to follow the lovebirds to make sure they end up together.

And anyone who has flown knows that tracking down a single person off the plane, to baggage claim, and out of a busy airport isn’t an easy task.

Our First Look At The Couple

rosey thread 7 (1).jpg

Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

For privacy, Rosey blacked out the two faces, but it’s pretty clear that they look like a cute couple. We trust Rosey’s opinion that she is pretty and he’s hunky. Those following the updates coined new names for the pair: #PrettyPlaneGirl and #HunkyPlaneGuy.

Coming up, #PrettyPlaneGirl and #HunkyPlaneGuy navigate the drink cart, and we all want to know: will he follow T-Pain’s advice and buy her a drink?

Every Girl Knows She Means Business Now

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Guys, take note because this is a power move by #PrettyPlaneGirl. She was ready to zone out and relax on this flight, so she went with the practical ponytail. But the switch to hair down means she’s ready to flirt.

The hair down move opens up possibilities like the hair flip, the hair twirl, and for him to move her hair out of her face.

They’re Sitting Awfully Close Together

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

This is a tough one because you don’t know whether or not he’s lying about being a former pro soccer player. He could just be saying that to impress her since the World Cup is in full swing and soccer is relevant again in America.

But if he’s into fitness then it’s likely he’s always been athletic. Only time will tell.

Rosey And Her BF Made Sure To Keep Us Involved

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

The food and drink cart is a huge opportunity for one of them to make a bold move. She’s already put her hair down, so she’s ready to flirt. Will she stay bold and buy HIM and drink? Or will he pick up the cues and offer to buy her something? The world needs to know.

Keep reading to see what happens when the Wifi runs out just as #PrettyPlaneGirl and #HunkyPlaneBoy heat up.

No One Shares A Cheese Board Unless They’re Serious

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

There are menus for every seat specifically so that you don’t have to interact with the person sitting beside you, but they’re sharing a menu, so that’s a big deal.

They didn’t buy any drinks, probably because they’re fitness people, but they did end up sharing food. And it was a cheese and protein board so they could count their macros together.

Talking Family On A Frist Date

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Most of us avoid the topic of our family on the first and even the second date. But these two jumped right in. #HunkyPlaneGuy showed her his mom, and she was scrolling through photos of her family.

And yes, if you’re wondering, they did follow each other on Instagram after this.

Rosey Is Ready To Sacrifice Her Data Plan And Her Body For Love

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

I cherish every single gigabyte of my data plan, but Rosey wasn’t taking any chances. Her free hour ran out and she wasted no time getting back online to keep us updated. Rosey was also planning how to get off the plane fast enough to follow them. This woman is honestly the hero that the internet needs.

Up until now, the two lovebirds were keeping things pretty casual, but continue on to watch them heat up.

#PrettyPlaneGirl Is Ready To Take What She Wants

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

This is a power move that most girls could never imagine doing after just meeting someone. #PrettyPlaneGirl is obviously a confident woman who knows that you have to take action to get what you want in life.

We all were hoping she was putting her number in his phone at this point.

Am I Sweating From The Heat Or The Romance?

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

I’m nervous just thinking about being on a plane for hours with no air conditioning. Having no A/C while sitting beside a complete stranger would normally be a nightmare, but not for these two.

They didn’t follow T-Pain’s advice, but maybe they’ll listen to Nelly and take off all their clothes.

Time To Join The Mile High Club

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Rosey swears that she thinks they didn’t do anything in the bathroom, but what if they did? I think meeting a pretty girl on a plane and then proceeding to join the mile high club is a fantasy of every teenage boy. We’ll never know what happened, but still. What. If. They. Did.

Coming up, find out if this story has a happy ending at baggage claim.

#PrettyPlaneGirl Is In Gametime Mode

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Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Once again, #PrettyPlaneGirl is making power moves that most women would envy. If anyone else tried to rest their head on #HunkyPlaneGuy, they’d probably hit him in the nose and embarrass themselves for eternity.

It is so hot on this plane, but she’s still flirting like a pro. Is #PrettyPlaneGirl a trained seductress?

This Is No Longer A Casual Conversation

rosey thread 17 (1).jpg

Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Okay seriously, things just went from zero to ten real quick. That little girl from before clearly had some impact if the lovebirds are already discussing marriage, kids, and what they want in life.

This is like a 7th date conversation that is happening on the plane. The internet is SHOOK.

#PrettyPlaneGirl Can Rock That Baseball Cap

rosey thread 18.jpg

Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Once the plane landed, Rosey was able to snag a better photo of the two. #PrettyPlaneGirl made the right choice going with the hair down but baseball cap on top. It says, “I’m here to look cute, but I’m also laidback and relaxed.”

It’s hard to tell, but it looks like #HunkyPlaneGuy has some serious muscles. We’re all doubly invested now.

Walking Off Into The Sunset (Or Through Customs)

rosey thread 19 (1).jpg

Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Rosey delivered her promise of making sure to see what happened after baggage claim. It looks like the two are walking off into paradise (or the Texas heat) together.

Little did they know they would get home and find out their entire romance was chronicled online.

#HunkyPlaneGuy Found Rosey, But No Word Yet On #PrettyPlaneGirl

rosey thread 20 (1).jpg

Photo credit: @roseybeeme / Twitter

Rosey’s thread blew up so much that #HunkyPlaneGuy (who will now be known by his real name, Euan) reached out and gave Rosey permission to let everyone know who he is. Judging by that picture, he definitely fits the hunky description.

No word yet on who #PrettyPlaneGirl is. All we know is that they’re both based in Texas and will hopefully be seeing each other again soon! What a wild ride.