21 Times Dogs Showed Us Why They’re Better At Being Human Than We Are

Ruff day? Here’s something that’ll turn your mood right around… Sorry about the pun

According to the latest statistics, Ruffly (ok, I’ll stop now I promise) 90 million dogs live in homes in the US alone. That’s a whole lot of canines. So it’s pretty clear there a popular animal sidekick like you needed telling that.


Pooches come in all shapes and sizes and often become much more than just the family pet, they become our friends. It’s corny I know, but bare with me here…

They just seem to have a way of understanding us that is lacking in a lot of other animals. I mean I’m a big fan of cats too, but you can’t really compare the two in terms of empathy and compassion. He isn’t as fond of showing it, but my cat definitely loves me… I think.

Dogs on the other hand have a habit of doing things we humans do but somehow manage to do it even better. There’s always an added level of cuteness or humour and it just makes us love them even more. Some of them are just bonkers!


Take a look at these dogs teaching us how to behave as well as showing us why they’re so hilarious. I dare you not to be in a better mood by the end of it!

Dogs Humans 9.jpg

1. Enjoy the little things

It’s the smaller moments in life, the ones that don’t seem that significant at the time that can have the greatest impact. Take a leaf out of this guys’s book and make the most of that 5 minutes you’ve got spare to just have a laugh and you’ll be almost as happy as he is… almost.

Giff 5.gif

2. Bad day? Need a hug?

Sometimes all you need is a cuddle and the world can seem ok again. Well, this pooch doesn’t need telling twice. Cuteness levels are off the chart here.

Gif 3.gif

3. Grad pup

I’m welling up now. Dogs have a wonderful absence of prejudice. They don’t care what you look like, or in the case of the picture what kind of disability you have, they’ll stick by your side forever. Look at that outfit!

Dogs Humans 1.jpg

4. “You’ll grow into it”

This pup’s got a bright future ahead of him. There’s a reason dogs are one of the most commonly used animals in the service. They’re intelligent, loyal and if trained well they’re incredibly disciplined too. Most of all though, they’re just great sidekicks!

Dogs Humans 2.jpg

5. Nannies are so expensive these days…

I hear this dog’s rates are cheap. Especially if the job comes with a swanky pink buggy to stroll around with. Seems like a viable alternative to me!


6. Parenting 101

This dog’s trying so hard to teach his little sister to how to crawl and it’s absolutely adorable. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

Gif 7.gif

7. Rescue services

It may seem a bit far-fetched (Get it? fetched? Nevermind), but dog’s never hesitate to rise to the occasion, especially when someone’s in need of help. This guy’s doing everything he can to pull that car out of the ditch and we love him for it.

Dogs Humans 3.jpg

8. Put your differences aside

These two adorable pals show us how easy life can be if you forget about what differentiates you and focus on what makes you stronger together instead. For example; how much you love a good cuddle.


9. It’s important to stretch

Finding your daily exercise routine a little dull? Just involve this little madame and it instantly becomes ten times more interesting. She’s the personal trainer everyone needs and best of all, she’s free!

Dogs Humans 4.jpg

10. Looking to the future together

A trusted guardian, coach and friend. Dogs seem to be able to to sense the importance of just being there in the moment. This child has a buddy for life.

Dogs Humans 5.jpg

11. Cuteness overload

Sometimes all you have to do is look at your trusted furry friend for a pick-me-up. Dogs are great because they don’t even know they’re being cute when we are literally about to explode with affection.

Dogs Humans 6.jpg

12. “We’re going to the where?!”

Sometimes dogs remind us that on the odd occasion they need us just as much as we need them. This guy has just found out he’s heading to the vets and it’s safe to say he’s not exactly thrilled about it.

Dogs Humans 7.jpg

13. Be my friend?

If you’re the type of person to shy away from social occasions through fear of awkward interactions with new people, then take a look at this pooch. He walked up to a freakin’ lion and said hello. Dogs just want to build happy relationships with everyone, no matter their size or appearance. Now get out there!

Final gif.gif

14. Manners cost nothing

I wonder if this little pup’s been taught to do this or it just came naturally. Either way, this is a clean-freak homeowners dream.


15. That coworker that’s enthusiastic about everything

If a person at work did this, you’d probably say “calm down”. But when a dog does it, you think “why can’t everyone be like this?”. I think it’s the added adorableness.

Gif 4.gif

16. Motherhood? Easy peasy

If this girl can thrive with a family of pups this big then there’s no excuse for the rest of us. She must have the patience of a saint!

Giff 3.gif

17. Patience is an underrated trait actually

A dog’s temperament leaves a lot to be desired in other humans. I get frustrated waiting for the freakin’ toast to pop up in the morning and then there’s this guy hardly reacting with a kitten jumping on his face.


18. When you’ve got no one to play with

She’s scoring the winning basket in the imaginary play-offs, what have you done with your day?

Giff 2.gif

These pups have got better hand-eye coordinations skills than me!


19. Chief Rover, reporting for duty

Give this canine a raise!


20. The biggest dogs can have the softest hearts

“What is this tiny little human, I must go in closer to have a look”.

Dogs Humans 8.jpg

21. They’re downright bonkers and it’s hilarious…

You can’t deny that dogs are a bit strange sometimes. It’s ok though because they’re brilliantly funny and come out with some of the best moments of spontaneity.

Final gif 2.gif

Someone once said “a dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than yourself” and I think these pictures prove that. They are our companions, are best friends and part of our families. They are so pure that it’s hard to imagine someone not liking them!

I hope seeing these great canines in action has lifted your mood Acidheads, let me know if you’ve got dogs and what your favourite things about them is in the comments!