20 Weird Billionaires You Have To See To Believe

Aside from being filthy rich, these billionaires all have one thing in common: they’re just a little weird. Perhaps you could call them quirky or charming—but whatever the case, we’re taking notes. Check out this list which uncovers some of the world’s strangest, wealthiest characters; perhaps, teaching us that weirdness just might pay off.

The Plastic Surgery Queen: Jocelyn Wildenstein


Socialite or gold digger? Nobody really knows. But one thing is for sure—Jocelyn Wildenstein has certainly been labeled both. She is famous for two things: billionaire businessman ex-husband, Alex Wildenstein, and plastic surgery. Jocelyn apparently had extensive cosmetic procedures done to please her then-husband, who loved big cats. But after she found him with a 19-year-old Russian model in the couple’s New York home, she soon filed for divorce.

Jocelyn was awarded the $2.5 billion along with alimony payments of $100 million each year for the next 13 years. Although the judge specifically stipulated she was forbidden to spend any alimony money on plastic surgery, that didn’t stop Jocelyn from undergoing numerous procedures. Today, the socialite has a very unnatural appearance and is rumored to have spent $4 million on plastic surgery.

A One Name Wonder: God Nisanov


We cam make this up—there is an actual billionaire named God. Born in Azerbaijan, Nisanov is a real estate tycoon and a self-made billionaire. He was known as the King of Russian Real Estate but he extended his business ventures to wholesale food and is now on the board of a Russian company centered on restaurant ownership.

He’s got enough ways to get paid and stayed paid for a long time. He is married with three children and lives in Moscow. You think his wife and kids have any issues getting what they desire? Not with a husband and dad as rich as him.

The Grossest Of Scandals: S. Curtis Johnson


An heir to the SC Johnson family fortune, Johnson let the family down big time when he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting one of his stepdaughters in June of 2014. What’s worse, his punishment was a measly $6,000 and four months in jail.

“Judicial decisions and witness issues pretty much left prosecutors with nothing,” said a source covering the trial. “Johnson agreed to the drastically reduced plea deal, even though there wouldn’t have been much evidence they could bring in at a trial.” With much money comes great power to get a slap on the wrist for legal issues.

Creating A Race?: Robert Klark Graham


One thing’s for sure about billionaires—lots of them have eccentric interests, ideas, and investments. Robert Klark Graham is one wealthy man who had very different money-generating projects. An optometrist who made his money by inventing shatter-proof eyeglasses, Graham eventually devoted his time to a unique project called the Repository for Germinal Choice. He was essentially trying to create a sperm bank, only using donations from Nobel Prize winners. However, the project somewhat backfired, because most Nobel winners are elderly.

We suppose the idea behind that is a nice one. Having those who want to use the contents from the bank pay a pretty penny because having a child with the same DNA of a Nobel Prize winner would be very valuable. Maybe he should tap into another group of individuals like great current athletes.

The College Kid Guru: Mark Zuckerberg


What is most striking about this Mark Zuckerberg is that he reached such a level of success when he was barely considered a legal drinker. He has also been noticed for his casual style; typically sporting a hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Oh, and his unwavering vegetarian ways.

If you were able to catch the film about his journey to establishing Facebook or know anything about how the social media network came about then you know that this kid is a pure genius. He turned an idea into a billion dollars and a platform used by more than one billion people worldwide.

A Flighty Money Maker: Jeff Bezos


CEO of Amazon (could you imagine life without Amazon!?), Jeff Bezos specializes in technology, computer science, and electrical engineering. But it is his fascination with space travel has led him to quirky endeavors, such as creating Blue Origin, a company devoted to the development of human spaceflight.

Bezos has been in the news plenty in 2017 and for good reason. He was at one point, the richest man alive. Recently, Amazon bought Whole Foods for a cool $13.7 billion and now Whole Foods products are available is on Amazon. That’s helpful because AmazonFresh is in full effect delivering fresh food right to people’s doorsteps. You technically never have to go out and shop again.

The Poorest Rich Guy: Graham Pendrill


At 57, Pendrill decided to donate all his fortune that he made as an antique dealer to charity. And then to really go all out, he moved to live in a mud hut in Kenya. He has been the only white man to have ever been initiated into the tribe, and is called “Brave One.”

He is a brave one indeed. And also possibly a maniac. Or maybe the most selfless person in the world. It all depends on your perspective. This could have been his plan all along or something he realized was the right thing to do as he made his riches. People go through changes all the time…we just can’t say we’d make the same ones he did!

“The Queen of Mean”: Leona Helmsley


Notoriously out of touch with the non-wealthy, Leona Helmsley was a real estate tycoon who eventually went to jail because she was convicted of federal income tax evasion.

She once stated, “We don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes.” But just how rich was Leona? To put things in perspective, she left $12 million to her Maltese, named Trouble. So yeah, that’s a warm fuzzy thought; there are dogs wealthier than us out there. As we’ve seen so far from the people on this list, when you have a ton of money, anything is possible. Giving millions to a Maltese dog sounds like a page out of the crazy book but billionaires are wired differently that’s for sure.

The Sketchiest Wealthy Man: Robert Durst


Robert Durst is known for being wealthy. He’s also known for murdering his wife. When his wife disappeared in 1982 her body was never found, so the case went cold. Then a family friend, Susan, came forward with information regarding the murder. Susan was found dead, as well as Robert Durst’s neighbor. Suspicious, huh? The story only gets weird though. He was eventually arrested for stealing a chicken sandwich and Band-Aids, even though he casually had $37,000 on him.

It would appear that wealth does not equal intelligence. Also, he has so much money he could have easily made the bodies disappear and paid others as hush money. We are not saying that he did it but with his wits, nothing is impossible. Why would you steal a sandwich of all things?

Most Frugal Award: Ingvar Kamprad


IKEA founder, Ingvar saves money by using public transportation, flying economy, driving a 1993 Volvo and recycling tea bags. His extremely frugal lifestyle is what makes him one of the most eccentric.

“If you look at me now, I don’t think I’m wearing anything that wasn’t bought at a flea market,” Kamprad proudly said. “It is in the nature of Smaland to be thrifty. Normally, I try to get my haircut when I’m in a developing country. Last time it was in Vietnam.” It sounds like living like that is embedded in him and he loves to do it.

“The Homeless Billionaire”: Nicolas Berggruen


A billionaire investor and philanthropist, Berggruen eventually grew bored of all material things. He donated everything, including his home to charities. He is focused on attempting to transform California. He has a vision of it being built into something great for those who have big dreams.

“In Europe, dreaming is hard,” he says. “In California and in Los Angeles, there is an openness. People are more accepting of differences and willing to be surprised. New York and London are cities that own you. Los Angeles is a state of mind. It’s atmospheric, visual, conceptual.”

Married For Love, Not Money: Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart


Fairly recognizable for her botched plastic surgery attempts, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart married Alfonso Díez Carabantes, who was 61 years old at the time, when she was 85 years old.

To prove to her disturbed family that she was marrying for love, not money, she renounced her wealth and gave her grandchildren their inheritances early. That sounds like a noble deed at heart but there could have been another motive behind it. You never know with the rich folks of the world. And chances are the grandchildren probably still supply her with some of the money she gave them. you know she’s not walking around dime less!

The Robot Enthusiast: Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel is the co-founder of PayPal and an investor in Facebook. Yet, his list of hobbies is a tad bizarre: artificial intelligence, contracting floating cities, and developing human immortality. He is currently putting money in a shady offshore herpes vaccine trial.

“If our work is approved by a country with a larger population and structures in place for FDA-like trials, it could be viable within three to five years,” he said in a press release. “If we get a sizable country on board for the trials and the vaccine is proven effective, the rest will take care of itself.”

Jurassic Park’s Finest: Clive Palmer


The Australian owner of Mineralogy has put in millions of dollars into cloning dinosaurs; wanting to recreate Jurassic Park. Now, this is one of the more interesting hobbies or interests of these billionaires.

But wait, did Palmer actually see Jurassic Park? Perhaps he doesn’t remember the plot? Well, let us refresh your memory. It involved a lot of death and horrifying dinosaurs who were hungry. Even the ride at Universal Studios is scary. We hope, for his and everyone else’s sake, that this doesn’t come to fruition because it sounds like a lot of people could be put in danger. If not danger, at least someone they know could be affected.

The Jack-Of-All-Trades: Richard Branson


The founder of Virgin, Richard Branson is a busy man. After all, he casually owns and operated over 360 different companies. Nothing about that seems fun or even manageable, but he is one who lives life to the fullest and always seems to be celebrating. And he also a man of the environment or at least wanting people to live better lives in general. He seems to believe that a healthier future is just 30 years away.

“I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone,” said Branson.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness: Howard Hughes


The man that became prolific for his aviation endeavors and film-making skills eventually became a total recluse and was thought to have gone mad. He would shut himself in screening rooms and eat very little, pee in bottles and never shower. When he was eventually found dead, fingerprints were needed to confirm it was him, he was so unrecognizable.

Sometimes that is what success does to people. It pushes them to their limits of sanity and it sounds like that is what took place with Hughes. No normal person would do those things outside of maybe for an experiment.

The Worst Mannered: Stewart Rahr


Money can’t buy etiquette. Rahr was unacceptably inappropriate when he found a group sitting at what he thought was his table, at Nobu. He threatened to kill the manager and got blacklisted. He is also heavily linked to President Trump and actually played a crucial role in his campaign.

“About five or six months ago when the campaign was going through changes, Stewie was constantly on Trump’s floor,” said an insider. That was before Trump struggled to gain a connection with the women voters. Birds of the same feather flock together, in case you were wondering.

Fast Food Lessons: Thaksin Shinawatra


The prime minister of Thailand sent his daughter to work at McDonald’s so that she could learn the value of money. The billionaire dad, once upon a time, worked at a KFC fast food joint.

Of all the obscure things that have been on this list, this one is actually quite noble. A great way to teach someone whose upbringing would be so privileged that their connection with the real world would be blurred. This allows for his daughter to grow and flourish in a different way compared to other children coming up with all of life’s pleasures handed to them.

Color Me Golden: Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah


Known to treat himself, the Sultan of Brunel has expensive cars and a yacht; his Boeing 747-400 has golden sinks in its private bathrooms. He clearly wants to live life to the fullest and get all that he can with the money he has at his fingertips and who can blame him?

“The sultan continues to spend lavishly: in 2010, he purchased 48 handbags, 24 duck umbrellas from Lederer de Paris shop in New York,” wrote The Richest. All of that sounds expensive and like something only he would do because who else wants that many duck umbrellas?

The Tacky Billionaire: Bob Parsons


Bob Parsons is the CEO of GoDaddy and was seen hunting and slaughtering an elephant while on a trip to Zimbabwe. He claimed that he was only doing as the locals do, though his race advertisements speak volumes to his moral compass. He recently dived head first into the world of golf and it just adds to his list of ventures. He immediately signed a few big golfers to his new golf establishment.

“The rumor going around is that we’re spending outrages sums [to sign] these guys,” he said. All of ’em came to us. We didn’t reach out to any of ’em. And all of ’em are making less than what their prior spouse wanted to pay ’em.”

Noah’s Ark: Bidzina Ivanishvili


Although Bidzina Ivanishvili recently became the Prime Minister of Georgia, he made his billions in banking and metals. He is a unique tycoon because he has chosen to live in a glass house and has a zoo of his very own. He also very big on art and his collection includes some classic pieces worth essentially immeasurable amounts.

“Prolific art collector, he sold three paintings for more than $110 million in 2016 including Untitled XXV by Willem de Kooning for $66 million,” reported Forbes. “He still has a vast collection, including Dora Maar with Cat by Picasso, that’s worth an estimated one billion.”

Eye Spy: Suna Kirac


From Istanbul, Turkey, Suna Kirac is remarkable because she communicates solely with her eyes, after being diagnosed with ALS in 2000. That seems like something that would heavily hinder a ton of others who don’t have the spirit or fight to persevere through. So solely based on that information, we can confidently access that Kirac is a strong willed person with a determined mindset.

She and her husband founded the Pera Museum. The museum exhibits historic measures and weight, ceramics, tiles and orientalist paintings. It sounds like she has a good thing going on just by communicating with her eyes.

Former Boxer: Masahiro Miki


Miki was a former boxer before he became a shoe conglomerate, based out of Tokyo, Japan. It would make sense that a former athlete would get into the shoe business. The right shoe is essential to performing well in sports and Mika understands that so making sure people get the right product on their feet is crucial and clearly, there is a lot of money in it.

“Miki is the founder and largest shareholder of ABC-Mart, a Toyko-based shoe retailer,” Bloomberg wrote. “The company has more than 1,000 stores across Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the U.S.”

Wealthiest Man In Brazil: Jorge Paulo Lemann


Jorge Paulo Lehman has a net worth of $31.1 billion and was a former Wimbledon player before he owned the worlds largest brewery. He is about his money and goes out of his way to make sure he can get more. Making deals with other billionaires is one way he does it. Warren Buffett discussed his relationship with a fellow billionaire.

“I consider it one of the largest mistakes in my life that we didn’t really team up as partners until considerably later,” Buffett said but since doing deals together, “he and I are on the same wavelength.”

Spearfishing: Carlos Alberto Sicupira


Also from Brazil, and partnering with the world’s biggest brewer, Carlos Alberto Sicupira was actually a renowned spear fisher before he made the big bucks. Perhaps, spear fishing motivated him to become the rich man he is today. He got so great at it, he had to head into the big money business.

“Sicupira is a shareholder of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest beermaker, with billionaire partners Jorge Paulo Lemann and Marcel Telles,” Bloomberg wrote. “The trio are shareholders in Kraft Heinz and Restaurant Brands International, the company behind Burger King. They also control retailer Lojas Americans and developer Sao Carlos.”

Connection to Stalin: Vladimir Kim


Vladimir Kim is from Kazakhstan and made his money in mineral stocks, though is more noteworthy a descendant of Koreans forced to leave by Stalin.When you are forced to do something out of your will, that can lead to some changes in a person life, good or bad.

“Dr. Vladimir S. Kim has been the President of KAZ Minerals plc since December 8, 2016,” Bloomberg wrote. “Mr. Kim serves as the President of Kazakhmys Corporation, LCC. Dr. Kim served as the Chief Executive Officer of KAZ Minerals LLC from January 2007 to January 24, 2007.

A Veteran: George Joseph


George Joseph made his billions in insurance, though he was first a flight navigator in World War II. He is a forward thinker and a problem solver and it was in the ’60s he came across something.

“While working as a door-to-door insurance salesman in the early ’60s, George Joseph realized that auto-insurance companies weren’t screening their customers correctly,” wrote Forbes. “After raising $2 million in capital, he started Mercury General which offered cut-rate deals to safer-than-average drivers. Joseph still goes into the office regularly and serves as chairman of his $3 billion publicly-traded insurers.”

Another Veteran: John Edson


John Edson had a love of boats and water which is why he built a company that supplied affordable plywood for motorboats, however, he first served in the Korean war. When someone develops a love that is deep enough for a particular something, whether it be a person, object, or passion, then that person will go out of his way to make sure that love stays fueled.

He sold his company for $425 million to The Brunswick Corporation way back in 1986 so he had some time to let his money grow from then until now!

The Youngster: Dustin Moskovitz


Definitely not old enough to stop having fun; Dustin Moskovitz made his money off of a workflow software company after he spent time developing Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg. He can also be found at Burning Man. The story behind how he ended up helping Zuckerberg is nothing short of genius because Moskovitz didn’t know how to write code.

“That weekend he went home, bought the book PERL for Dummies, came back and was like, ‘okay, I’m ready to go,'” Zuckerberg said. Zuckerberg proceeded to tell him that “the site’s written in PHP, not PERL, dude.” He learned that in a just a few days.

Mom To Many: Savitri Jindal


Savitri Jindal has a total of nine children, and her family owns O.P. Jindal group companies, which includes steel and power. With that many kids, it would have been hard to raise them without all of the money she has in her bank account. We hope she had all the kids after she was rich!

“With her nine children, India’s wealthiest woman controls O.P. Jindal Group, an $18 billion dollar conglomerate set up by her late husband, Om Prakash Jindal,” Bloomberg wrote. “The New Delhi-based company has stakes in the nation’s biggest steel producer, as well as companies involved in mining, power generation, industrial gases and port facilities.”

An Oldie But A Goodie: David Rockefeller Sr.


David Rockefeller Sr. made his billions through oil and banking but encountered a series of tragic events. He lost his son on his birthday in a plane crash, in 2014. Three years later, he passed away himself. But Rockefeller is one of the biggest names out there.

“I have never found it a hindrance,” he once said. “Obviously, there are times when I’m aware that I’m treated differently. There’s no question that having financial resources, which, thanks to my parents, I learned to use with some restraint and discretion, is a big advantage.” Sounds like a mental battle if anything.

Celebrity Friends: Jeff Greene


Jeff Greene resides in Palm Beach, Florida and has made his money through real estate and investments. Interestingly, he had Mike Tyson as his best man in his wedding. That does seem to be an interesting combination. Tyson, however, is friends with people you’d least expect so this investment guru must know what he’s doing when picking friends and watching stocks.

“I think the economy is mature,” Greene said. “I think we’re more likely to have a slowdown to 0 percent growth than an increase to 4 percent growth, so I’m very cautious.”

Beer Fest: Tuncay Özilhan


Özilhan has made his fortune through beer sales; he dips his toes into every beverage distribution (such as having a stake in Coca Cola). Well, people love great drinks so this is a more than profitable venture to do.

“Özilhan, with fellow billionaire, Kamil Yazici, controls the Anadolu Group,” wrote Forbes. “It’s flagship company, Anadolu Efes, is the producer of Turkey’s number one beer brand, Efes. Anadolu Efes and the Efes Marketing companies own a 50.2% stake in Coca Cola Beverages.” So it appears that this man is going to be rich forever.

The Collector: Vincent Bollore


Bollore is a French billionaire, with a net worth of $6 billion. He also owns more than 1,000 comic books. Generally, when a person loves comics, they love putting themselves in the shoes of the superheroes to make it feel like they are super themselves. We are willing to bet he likes Iron Man or Batman the most. Besides comics, he is heavy in media.

“The renowned buyout artist holds sizable stakes in telecom conglomerate Vivendi and advertising giant Havas,” wrote Forbes. As chairman of Vivendi, Bollore has drastically increased the company’s stake in Mediaset SpA, a TV company founded by Silvio Berlusconi.”

The Playboy: Thor Batista


Thor Batista was named the 7th richest person in the world, with his $30 billion fortune. He found himself in a bit of trouble when he hit and killed a cyclist. A lot of controversies broke loose when that fiasco took place and many were believing it was due to the class disparity. When he struck the person he died instantly. A local worker said the situation only got so much attention because of his status. Hundreds of others have been run over but no bats an eye. On one hand, he does have a point.

A Tragic Story: Hans Kristian Rausing


Rausing is the billionaire that owns a Swedish milk carton company but was arrested in South London for drug possession. When the police searched his house they found the body of his American wife, Eva.

“You get into this co-dependent thing,” said Sigrid Rausing the sister. “I still have trouble with that term but what it means is that your life, your fate becomes entangled in somebody else’s life and I think that was very true for me and my brother. I was very entangled in his addiction.” That’s why it is always important to check with the people you love.

Baby Mama Drama: Francois-Henri Pinault


Pinault had a nasty court case with his ex-girlfriend, Linda Evangelista, who claimed he had not paid child support for over five years. Now he is dating another star, Salma Hayek. Would you pay if she was asking for $46,000 a month?

“Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask for a lot of money in a child custody battle, but it can hurt a case like this because it’s so absurd,” said Raoul Felder, celebrity divorce attorney. “It accentuates that she’s trying to get mom support.Once a father goes to court, he’s usually ready to dig in his heels. He’s angry.”

Too Much Energy: Manoj Bhargava


The producer of 5 Hour Energy drinks made his way onto the Forbes list in 2012. However, 13 deaths supposedly caused by the energy shots were catalysts for the FDA to further investigate how safe the energy drink really is.

And it would seem that the drink still does well even after those deaths and investigations because that news was hardly making headlines and you can still find the popular drink at stores and you also still see the commercials on TV (that get sillier and sillier with each new release). Hopefully, there will be no more deaths related to the drink.

As Seen From Space


Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan paid to have his first name carved out on his private island, large enough that it could be seen from the moon. The letters are each a kilometer tall. Cue the eye rolls.

Now, you have to be slightly egotistic to have something like this occur. Who even gave him the idea to do this or did he come up with it on his own? Honestly, since it’s his private island, he can do what he wishes but what a way to use resources, right? Next time you fly over his island be sure to get a picture, that is if you’re high enough.

This Nudist Billionaire Does What He Wants!


Alki David, the Coca-Cola heir who owns the Internet-based television provider FilmOn, once offered a one million dollar reward for anyone who would streak nude in front of President Obama. He’s also posted naked photos of himself and his wife to Instagram. Once, he even farted into the microphone while being interviewed at a red carpet event.

It just seems like he is willing and ready to do whatever he so pleases and does not care what others think. He has all the money anyone would want so wishing for someone to condone is for sure out of the question. Let the good times roll when you’re with this guy!