20 Times People Tried But Failed Miserably!

Sometimes you can put your heart and soul into a project and other times you just can’t be bothered!

Either way, it can still end up being a complete failure.

When you’re young and full of hopes and dreams, your teachers tell you that you must try your hardest at all times. This is especially important if you want to get anywhere in life.

Of course, you need to make some allowances for failure. After all, nobody succeeds at absolutely bloomin’ everything they try! But there are those that seem to fail spectacularly more often than not.


Fortunately, it does provide great entertainment for the rest of us. Here’s 20 examples of people trying their hardest to get the job done, but failing miserably in

the process.


1. “Make sure you install that power box somewhere inconspicuous, ok?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered. No one will ever notice the difference.”

Fails 2.jpg

2. “Can you re-stock the toilet paper?”

Perfect, if you’re 11 foot tall and have the wingspan of an Albatross.

Fails 4.jpg

3. “In case of a fire, please use the fire esca… oh”

I can only presume the team behind this disaster were either really hungover or had just completely given up on their day jobs.

Fails 5.jpg

4. “Make sure you put up that last street lamp before you go home”

It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg- I can’t tell which one came first. It amazes me how people can be so bl*ody stupid!

Fails 6.jpg

5. “You do the up-stairs and I’ll do the down”

Maybe I’m just a bit old and past it. This could be a new contemporary design for staircases. Somehow I think not.

Fails 7.jpg

6. Somebody just move the d*mn clock!

You could say whoever did this used their initiative when posed with an obstacle. I would say “what a waste of time”.

Fails 8.jpg

7. “Make sure the sidewalk is nice and even ok?”

Well, what was he supposed to do… wait around all day for the person to move their car? He’s got a social life too you know! Besides, you get the gist of where it’s supposed to be.

Fails 9.jpg

8. “Let’s get a cute snap of buster in the snow”

I think it’s safe to say this pooch isn’t a fan of pictures.

Fails 19.jpg

9. “You can eat half of my grapes”

When you tell a toddler what they can and can’t do, you need to make sure you’re being absolutely crystal-clear…

Fails 18.jpg

10. Lesson #1: Don’t drive over a frozen lake

Because you will more-than-likely end up under it. I’m just glad there are footsteps leading away from the hole, otherwise things would get worrying. They must’ve been so cold!

Fails 3.jpg

11. He tried and that’s all that matters

This picture was taken at the exact moment things went wrong. The little guy was only trying to help, but he’s learnt a valuable life-lesson here: water doesn’t float.

Fails 14.jpg

12. Stick the heaters on!

You can’t help but laugh. You can literally see the pain on her face from smacking it against solid ice. I’m not sure how she ever thought this was going to be a good idea.


13. When this kid thought he would get away with it

Top marks for effort with this one, but I’m not sure Nyla quite understood what to write and where. Still, I think this kid’s going places.

Fails 13.jpg

14. “I’ve finished the mannequins, can I go home now?”

People wear coats like this, apparently. Why not t-shirts as well?

Fails 12.jpg

15. “You never said where you wanted the chimney installing…”

Sometimes you have to just sit back and wonder how people can go through life making such calamities and not stop to think that they might need to start approaching things a little bit differently. I wonder if the person that fitted this even consulted the homeowner before going ahead with it. Probably not.

Fails 11.jpg

16. Who doesn’t love fancy dress?

Unfortunately the top half of the outfit on the left looks more like the face of a clock and the body is more similar to a retro washing machine with a cassette player stuck on the front than Darth Vader.

fails 15.jpg

17. “Who’s your favourite basketball player?”

“Stickman, that’s who I want shaved into the side of my head please”. The haircut actually resembles someone playing Tennis more than Basketball, but even if it were a Tennis player, it would still be sh*t.

Fails 17.jpg

18. Since when was grammar so important?

Sometimes these jokes just write themselves.

fails 16.jpg

19. The more you try, the less cool you are

I haven’t got time for all this ‘hipster’ language, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Clearly it didn’t to this dad either.

Fails 10.jpg

20. How many ways are there to spell Mark?

More than two apparently. Ha, ‘Cark’! I mean how stupid can you be. If the person that wrote it ever reads this then I’m sorry but c’mon, you had it coming.

Fails 1.jpg

Well at least they tried? Just think if you’ve ever attempted something and failed miserably, then at least you’ve made other people laugh. Come to think of it, maybe it is a bit cruel… Oh well it’s all in good spirits. What are your thoughts on these fails? Let me know in the comments!