20 Angry Neighbors That Couldn’t Be Bothered With Other People’s Sh*t Anymore

For many people, owning a house can be the ultimate dream. But when you find out you live next door to Mr and Mrs as*hole it can quickly turn into a nightmare…

Thankfully, living next to rubbish neighbors can have hilarious consequences.

I guess in a lot of cases, residential areas can include a real mixture of personalities and there’s no way of avoiding that. Well, unless you’re super rich or live out in the middle of nowhere.

Some homeowners are extremely high maintenance and take great pride in the appearance of every blade of grass on their front lawn. Others aren’t really fussed and allow their dogs to continually poop on theirs until all of the dog feces pile up and merge to become one giant super turd. Ok, I’m exaggerating slightly here but some people really don’t care about the little things in the same way.


This friction can result in some brilliant pettiness though so it’s not all bad, well unless you’re the person actually living there. For the rest of us, it means we can just sit back and laugh, even though we probably shouldn’t…


Check out this brilliant list of neighbors getting their messages across in the most passive-aggressive ways ever!

1. An answer to homophobia

This guy’s neighbor had made negative comments about his sexual preferences. So, rather than use physical or verbal aggression as a response, he chose to use thousands of lights displayed across the front of his house instead. Love it!

Neighbour 1.jpg

2. Middle finger

This person was threatened with a fine if they didn’t move their trash cans out of sight, despite them having been in the same place for years. So, they took to creativity to vent their frustrations. Excellent work.

Neighbour 2.jpg

3. “Do you mind being louder?”

You see, why bother complaining angrily when you can just come across as an absolute creep instead?

Neighbour 3.jpg

4. “We Know Where You Live”

A slightly less orthodox way of threatening someone, but equally effective. I hope their grandson’s only used jokingly… You never know these days.

Neighbour 4.jpg

5. “Please Do Something!”

What did they expect really? It’s hardly a crime having dandelions on your own lawn. Some people aye?

Neighbour 5.jpg
Neighbour 5.0.jpg

6. “Look Bob”

The lesson to take from this is: don’t ask people to paint their own fences. Why? Because you’ll end up with an incredibly sarcastic passive-aggressive response like this instead, smiley face and all.

Neighbour 6.jpg

7. I’m not sure it’s big enough

When you live away from the busy city and its outlying suburbs, you have to be a little more imaginative when insulting your neighbors. This guy’s got the right idea.

Neighbour 7.jpg

8. “All in the nude”

Exaggeration is this person’s middle name. But hey, if you’re trying to get your message across…

Neighbour 8.jpg

9. “Please call 911”

Sometimes it’s so bad it can seem like torture, that’s all I’m saying.

Neighbour 9.jpg

10. “Favorite shoes”

I think maybe just maybe, they might consider their upstairs neighbor to be ever so slightly loud when walking around. I think.

Neighbour 10.jpg

11. “Walk of shame”

There’s a special place reserved in hell for people that refuse to pick up their own dog’s poop, especially when walking through a residential area filled with y’know, lots of other people who don’t want to walk in it!

Neighbour 11.jpg

12. “Just not so late”

Is that a CD or a DVD, because I’m pretty sure the latter could be considered by some to be just a bit of an invasion of privacy. I’m pretty sure doing this probably worked though. I mean would you want to be doing the deed knowing that someone else has got a camera and they’re not afraid to use it?

Neighbour 12.jpg

13. Please don’t feed his addiction

It’s hard enough trying to quit when other people smoke around you, let alone when they litter the ground around you with cigarettes too. Some people just don’t think, do they…?

Neighbour 13.jpg

14. “Hey Sillies!”

N’awww, how thoughtful. And people say neighbors fall out more often than they get along these days. I don’t know where they got that idea from.

Neighbour 14.jpg

15. Embarrassing

Awkwardddd… and this guy probably thought it was just the girl he’s sleeping with that’s left disappointed.

Neighbour 15.jpg

16. Gobble gobble

This guy’s neighbor’s kid always leaves toys and random items in his yard when playing. So, he gave him a subtle nudge in the right direction by giving him a sneak preview of what would happen if it carried on.

Neighbour 16.jpg

17. “Get an ashtray”

Luckily it wasn’t windy that day.

Neighbour 17.jpg

18. “You’ve angered the potato clan”

The fact that someone took the time out of their day to carve these in such detail is the real story here. You know what they say… Sometimes vegetables say it better than you ever could.

Neighbour 18.jpg

19. “Your move”

I don’t know about you but I’m secretly glad some people are too petty to simply talk out issues with other people in person. Because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to see acts of genius like this.

Neighbour 19.jpg

20. Those windows are awfully shiny…

When your neighbor turns on floodlights at night time that are so bright they blind you in your own living room, what do you do? Turn your glass windows into mirrors of course, so that he can enjoy the light all on his own!

Neighbour 21.jpg

I don’t see a single thing wrong with any of these. If anything, I kind of wish they’d taken things even further because it’s freakin’ hilarious!

Have you ever had any neighbors so irritating that you’ve had to do something slightly unorthodox about it?

Let me know in the comments!