19 Of The Most Hilariously Random And Bizarre World Records

Some people are really freakin’ competitive!

The Guinness book of World Records is something most people have heard of, even if they don’t really pay attention to it’s contents. It’s a weird and wonderful collection of record-breaking people, places and events that can often defy belief- but not always because of how impressive they are.

Sometimes people break records that are just plain bizarre and you wonder “how did they even think to do that in the first place?”


Believe me, if there’s a record to be broken, there’s someone out there trying to break it. After all, it means you can give yourself the title of ‘world record holder’… now that’s a conversation starter at the dinner table.

Here’s a list of some of the wackiest and fantastically random world records, see if you think you could have a go at any of these!

1. Most slam dunks by a Rabbit

Yes, you read that right, a rabbit holds a world record and you don’t. I bet we humans are only just scratching the surface when it comes to realising the capabilities animals have. Who’d have pictured a rabbit dunking basketballs aye? Well one person obviously, because they’ve provided this little guy with his own jersey and everything. Bini the Bunny is a world record holder. I can’t imagine this one is too hotly contested amongst the rabbit world, but still a record holder nonetheless.

World records 19.jpg

2. Most words typed in a minute… with your face

Sometimes I wonder what actually happens in people’s minds to steer them towards doing things like this. I think it’s a question that will always remain unanswered. A man named Mohammed Kursheed Hussain can type 103 characters in 47 seconds – with his nose to be precise. Useful if you’ve fallen asleep on both your arms but you’ve got an urgent email that needs sending I suppose?

World records 1.jpg

3. Most Rattlesnakes placed in a person’s mouth

You can quit panicking now, thankfully someones finally answered the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue: how many poisonous slithery reptiles can you shove in your mouth? The answer’s 11 and the record belongs to a man named Jackie Bibbiy. Well done Jackie, what an accomplishment.

World records 2.jpg

4. Most naked riders on a theme park ride

This one took place in a town called Southend-On-Sea in England. The ride was called the Green Scream roller coaster, which is fitting actually considering most people that bared witness were probably screaming in terror. There was a total of 102 people sat butt-naked on the ride and that ladies and gentleman, is a world record.

World records 3.jpg

5. Longest fingernails in the world

This is just freakin’ bizarre! Surely having fingernails that long is just a massive inconvenience? Imagine trying to type a text message on your phone with those. She must be good at giving back scratches though. Oh and in case you were wondering the woman’s name is Chris “The Duchess” Walton.

World records 4.jpg

6. Most amount of bees on the human body at one time

I can’t decide whether Gao Bingguo is really cool or just an absolute idiot… He’s managing to sit relaxed smoking a cigarette whilst being covered by almost 1.1 million bees. He was stung over 2000 times in the process. I bet he was sore in the morning!

World records 5.jpg

7. Longest time spinning a basketball on a toothbrush in your mouth

Thaneshwar Guragai managed this for 22.41 seconds and I’m sure his friends, family and just about everyone associated with him are immensely proud as a result. I bet he rushed to put this on his resumè too. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

World records 6.jpg

8. Largest Thriller dance

This Michael Jackson impersonator managed to gather a collection of 13,000 people in Mexico to carry out the famous dance. I bet this was one amazing spectacle. This is also one of the few records on this last I wouldn’t mind being a part of!

World records 7.jpg

9. Most apples held in own mouth whilst being cut by a chainsaw… in one minute

Bit of a mouthful this one, literally. This just seems unnecessarily dangerous but I suppose it’s a useful skill if you happen to be trimming the hedges in the backyard whilst having a spot of lunch.

World records 14.jpg

10. Longest Metal Coil Passed Through the Nose and Out of the Mouth

As you can probably tell; these are getting weirder and weirder. At what point did this guy (Andrew Stanton to be precise) decide that this was something he wanted to do? I’d genuinely like to know because maybe that’s the moment you know you’re starting to go insane.

World records 13.jpg

11. Worlds thinnest latex condom

When you want to be safe, but still need that extra bit of feeling. It’s so thin you can literally see straight through it. The rubber was revealed in a press conference in Hong Kong and had an average thickness of 0.036 mm!

World records 18.jpg

12. Largest beer-mat structure

Sven Goebel 21, who already owns several beer mats records in the “Guinness Book of Records”, set a new world record by building a flat from about 300,000 beer mats.What a fantastic waste of time.

World records 12.jpg

13. Most pierced woman

Getting my ears pierced was painful enough, let alone anywhere else! Elaine Davidson from Brazil has more than 1,900… yes you heard me right 1,900 piercings. The reason is still unknown.

World records 11.jpg

14. Largest hairy family

Victor “Larry” Gomez, Gabriel “Danny” Ramos Gomez, Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves, and Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves are four members of a family of 19 that suffer from a rare condition called congenital generalised hypertrichosis (try saying that 5 times fast!), which results in excessive facial and torso hair. The family spans 5 generations and some of them perform in the circus.

World records 10.jpg

15. Largest collection of elves

The date: December 7th

The destination: Bryant Park

The point: Still to be figured out

But hey, sometimes these records just look like a load of fun to be a part of so there doesn’t need to be a point!

World records 9.jpg

16. The most surfers on one wave

I get the feeling this one would’ve taken a few tries. Imagine being the one person to fall and ruin the attempt.

World records 8.jpg

17. Eye-popping the furthest

This makes me a bit squeamish! Claudio Paulo Pinto can pop his eyes balls out their sockets an impressive 7 mm! He picks up all the ladies in the process too…

World records 17.jpg

18. Fastest marathon dressed as a giant vegetable

2 hours, 59 minutes and 33 seconds. That’s the official time set by Edward Lumley whilst dressed as a carrot at the London marathon in 2012. Imagine going as a cabbage, much less streamlined!

World records 16.jpg

19. The longest distance keeping a table lifted with teeth

This is a party trick if ever I’ve seen one! The fun stops when there’s shards of broken teeth lying on the floor. Kind of off-putting when you’re trying to eat…

World records 15.jpg

I bet you never knew half of these records even existed, I know I certainly didn’t. It’s starting to make me think about what records I could break, maybe longest time spent sat with a glass of wine without moving? What do you think to these bizarre world records Acidheads? Let me know in the comments!