This Australian Cosplay Artist’s Work Is Simply Incredible

‘Cosplay’ is a trend that has grown wildly in popularity in recent years. Comic cons all around the world allow the “geeks” of the world not only come together to celebrate their love for their favorite characters but to dress up as them too (I mean, that is the dream after all!). However, not all cosplays are created equally. (1).gif

For the uninitiated, cosplaying basically means dressing up as a well-known fictional character – it could be a character from a movie, a book, or a video game. However, this is not like when us “normies” lazily dress as The Crow on Halloween – no, cosplay artists really commit to their outfits and often spend months (sometimes even YEARS) working on them. (2).gif

It can also be a lucrative business opportunity, with many cosplayers generating thousands of dollars in revenue each month through crowdfunding sites like Patreon. Yup – some people do this full-time, and make a good living doing so!

One of these people is an incredible Australian cosplayer Nicha, who goes by the name Nichameleon on Instagram.

Nicha’s Instagram name is a reference to the fact that she’s a “chameleon” (Chameleon/Nichmeleon… get it!?) when it comes to dressing up as her favorite characters. Her ability to transform herself into near-perfect replicas of these characters has earned her over 100,000 followers on the photo-sharing app… and when you see the results of her efforts, it won’t be hard to see why!

So, without further ado, here are 16 of her most impressive cosplays…

1. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

cosplay 2 katniss.jpg

Right off the bat, this one is incredibly accurate… I’m not gonna lie I had to double check to make sure it actually wasn’t Jennifer Lawrence herself! Okay, so it may not be the most complicated outfit to pull off, but it is so incredibly effective!

2. Violet Parr from The Incredibles

cosplay1 violet.jpg

Well… I definitely don’t remember this version of Violet in The Incredibles! As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed (and if you haven’t then take a look at little closer) but this particular piece of cosplay is completely painted on. Yep, that’s right, completely. And here’s me thinking that going out in regular cosplay is brave enough, but this is a whole other level. Amazing!

3. Mera from DC Comics’ Aquaman

cosplay 5 ivy.jpg

Now, you’re probably thinking that this is another paint-based masterpiece… but alas! This is a full body-suit garment! It’s just super skin tight. I tell you what, if that was me I’d probably avoid eating absolutely everything while I was wearing that!

4. Supergirl

cosplay 4 supergirl.jpg

I’ll be honest, I’m really not a massive fan of DC… especially the whole Superman/ Supergirl side of it. However, there’s no denying that she looks pretty darn super in this outfit. (too much? Okay, sorry.)

5. Yoko Littner from the manga and anime series Gurren Lagan

cosplay 6 yoko .jpg

I must admit, I’m not very well-read up on the whole manga/anime thing… but after seeing this I can definitely understand why it’s such a big hit around the world… wow.

6. Danaerys Targaryen Cosplay from Game of Thrones

cosplay 6 khalisee .jpg

Can I just mention something here for a minute… how fabulous are Nicha’s wigs? Honestly, if I had access to wigs this good I’d shave my head immediately! Danaerys Targaryen is possibly my favorite character in Game of Thrones, and I totally approve this cosplay! I especially love the addition of the dragon’s egg.

7. Mystique from X Men

cosplay 7 mysteec .jpg

So here’s another example of Nicha’s insane bodypainting skills. I mean, just look at that detail! It must have taken hours. I guess she really didn’t have a choice with this one though… there’s no bodysuit tight enough to be able to pull off this look!I guess she didn’t have any choice with this particular character.

8. Jinx ‘The Loose Canon’ Cosplay from D.C. comics’ League of Legends

cosplay 8 jinx.jpg

Okay so I would totally wear the shorts and bikini top to like, say, the beach or at the pool… but would I have the confidence to walk around in it all day among crowds of people? Probably not. But as always, Nicha is absolutely killing this look. I love the matching knee-high socks!

9. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

cosplay 9 belle.jpg

Beauty & the Beast is my all-time favorite movie, so I can attest to the fact that the detail in this dress is perfect. From the stitches to color tones, you can really tell how much time, effort and care she put into making this. Emma Watson (and Belle, of course) would be proud!

10. Samus Aran from Metroid, the science-fiction action-adventure game series by Nintendo

codplay 10 metroid.jpg

I just love how varied Nicha’s cosplay outfits are… you never know what character she’ll be next! The colors used in this one are beautiful. I’ve never seen the actual character this particular costume is based on, but I bet she’s got the design down to a tee!

11. Jessie from Pokémon‘s Team Rocket

cosplay 11 rocket.jpg

Like most people during the 90s, I was actually obsessed withPokémon… and although they were the bad guys, I loved Team Rocket, they were just so hilarious. I especially loved their matching uniforms, and of course, Nicha has created an awesome replica. Look at the color of that wig! I may even try this one myself one day.

12. Zubat Pokémon

cosplay 12 zubat.jpg

Another Pokémon inspired cosplay, which Nicha put together during the height of the Pokémon GO craze in 2016. I won’t lie, I used to go crazy whenever I found yet another Zubat, those things were everywhere! But this one I wouldn’t mind finding in the wild… she’s so adorable!

13. Harley Quinn from the Batman series

cosplay 13 harley.jpg

I know I know, you’re probably sick to the teeth of seeing women dress up as Harley Quinn, especially the Hallolween right after the Suicide Squad movie was released. However, you’ve got to admit, no one has done it quite as well as this.

14. Nidalee from League of Legends

cosplay 14 legends.jpg

I don’t know what it is, but I love the caveman fashion era. They had leopard print, feathers, bones… what’s not to love? I may have never heard about League of Legends, but if this cosplay is anything to go by, it definitley seems like my kind of thing! I’ve never seen faux fur worn so well.

15. Black Widow from Marvel Comics

cosplay 15 blackw.jpg

If you’ve never heard of The Avengers, then I can only assume you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years. And who could forget the most badass, only-female avenger of them all, Black Widow? Especially when she’s portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in that suit. Nicha is clearly in great shape herself, and she is killing it in this cosplay.

16. Cammy from Street Fighter

cosplay final cammy.jpg

I don’t know about you but I always have a lime green bodysuit lying around. Usually in video games the female characters are, shall we say, often scantily clad, and Nicha is just putting it all out there in real life. And she looks amazing doing so! Don’t you agree?

To help fund her creations, Nicha actually has a Patreon account where people can support her cosplays… I wonder if they be interesting in helping me support my hug wine habit? Nicha has once said;

“The ultimate dream would be not having to work two jobs to fund my cosplay obsession and do cosplay full time?!” she wrote. “BUT I know that is a HUGE very very unlikely goal so, in the meantime, I am just doing my goddamn best guys!”

She’s a self-described geek, and she’s definitley doing her best to show the world that girls can be just as big a fan of comics and gaming as boys can! It’s not hard to see why she earns a good living doing what she loves! More power to her. (3).gif

So go on Acidheads, which was your favorite cosplay? Have you ever cosplayed yourself? If so, who’s your favorite character to cosplay? Let us know in the comments! And why not share some pictures with us too? We’d love to see your cosplay efforts! And don’t forget to share this with all your friends and fellow cosplay fans! AA x