These Super Interesting Animals Are Giving That Dos Equis Guy A Run For His Money

You know that guy from the Dos Equis commercials who thinks he’s all that? Well, he’s got nothing on these super interesting animals. It doesn’t take much to be the most interesting man in the world. Men can’t breathe rainbows or grow to be twelve feet tall.

These cool and colorful animals are way more interesting than any bearded dude. Keep reading to see an orangutan who can tie a hammock, an albino turtle that looks like a coconut treat, and a jaguar who picked a fight with a giant reptile and won.

A Tadpole Of Gigantic Proportions


Photo Credit: GallowBoob / Reddit

At the Southwestern Research Station, there is an initiative to remove invasive bullfrogs from ponds. During the removal process, they found this monster of a tadpole.

This tadpole probably won’t turn into a frog because of a hormonal imbalance, but it’s pretty darn interesting.

A Split Lobster


Photo Credit: Scaulbylausis / Reddit

This coloring occurs once in every 50 million lobsters. This kind of coloring is called Gynandromorphism. It’s a cell mutation that causes some parts of the animal to be male, and some parts to be female. The left half of this lobster is male, and the right half is female.

This condition also happens in insects and birds.

The Only Known Albino Humpback


Photo Credit: dickfromaccounting / Reddit

This is Migaloo, and he’s been seen around Australia for years. He was probably born in 1986. He was first spotted in 1991 passing through Byron Bay.

Maybe this is what Herman Melville had in mind while he was writing Moby Dick, the tale of the great white whale.

Malayan Leaf Frogs


Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

Also known as the long-nosed horned frog, these cuties camouflage right into the forest floor. This defense mechanism is a great way for them to evade hungry predators, but not such a great way for them not to get stepped on.

Still way more interesting than a bearded guy who drinks beer, though.

Best Friends Forever


Photo Credit: pagodelucia123 / Reddit

Grover Krantz donated his body on the condition his dog was kept close to him. They are both now on display at the Smithsonian.

The dog, Clyde, died long before his owner. Dr. Krantz saved Clyde’s bones and started to clean and assemble them.

A Super Rare Golden Tiger


Photo Credit: seerebifan / Reddit

This color variation in tigers is caused by a recessive gene. The strawberry color couldn’t happen in the wild. It’s a result of breeding and inbreeding in captivity. It’s believed that only 30 of these tigers exist in the world.

Golden tigers tend to be larger than regular tigers, and they have softer fur.

A Dino-Mummy On Exhibition


Photo Credit: gDisasters / Reddit

This is a super rare mummified dinosaur on display in a Canadian museum. Wondering how this happened? The body likely drifted out to sea, flipped upside down, burst, and then got buried at the bottom of the ocean where it got preserved.

I wish there were more mummified dinosaurs.

A Golden Pheasant


Photo Credit: deathakissaway / Reddit

This bird is truly magnificent. It looks like something out of the Harry Potter series. These birds are native to western China. The males are a lot showier and more impressive than their female counterparts.

I think I could look at this bird forever.

A Baby Shark Inside A Shark Egg


Photo Credit: Pirate_Redbeard / Reddit

If you shine a light into a shark egg, you can see the baby shark swimming around in there.

Some sharks give birth to live young. The baby shark siblings will fight and bite each other while they’re still in the womb. Some of them are born with scratches and bite marks.

This Whale Breathed A Rainbow


Photo Credit: Goal1 / Reddit

Imagine being able to breathe out of the top of your head. That in itself is pretty interesting.

Now imagine being able to breathe rainbows out of the top of your head. That would be pretty magical. If you can’t do this, you’re less interesting than a humpback whale.

Birds Are Smarter Than We Think


Photo Credit: infinity / Reddit

The phrase “birdbrain” just isn’t all that accurate. Yeah, birds have small brains relative to ours, but they’re still pretty smart.

This bird can do a puzzle that involves matching circles and squares of the same color. Can your dog do that?

He Knows How To Make A Hammock


Photo Credit: 10gauge / Reddit

This little orangutan fashioned himself a hammock using some fabric and the bars of his cage. I don’t think that I could make a functional hammock if you paid me. My knots probably wouldn’t be strong enough to support a human body.

Orangutans have smaller bodies, though. At least, this one does.

This Dog Has A Special High Chair


Photo Credit: natsdorf / Reddit

This black lab has a condition that makes it hard for him to get food down, so he eats in a special high chair.

I love that this device kind of looks like a dog, and that it’s so aesthetically pleasing. It matches all of the other furniture in the room, so the dog doesn’t feel so different.

An Albino Moose


Photo Credit: mybustersword / Reddit

This moose probably does really well in the winter when it can camouflage against the snow.

It’s almost too easy to spot him during the summer months though. I hope nobody hunts him. He looks like some kind of magic moose on the loose on earth.

A Real Life Unicorn


Photo Credit: gDisasters / Reddit

This is a model of the Elasmotherium, a big hairy unicorn that existed as early as 29,000 years ago. This guy looks like something out of a fantasy video game.

I think I prefer this big hairy unicorn to the small, dainty, horselike ones. This one could carry more people, and it has a stronger horn in case we need to fight anyone.

Jaguar Drags A Caiman Out Of The Water


Photo Credit: bsurfun2day / Reddit

This male jaguar went swimming and came back with an 8-foot reptile in its mouth. It takes some serious guts to wrestle an alligator-like creature and win.

A caiman and a jaguar are pretty evenly matched. In fact, if I hadn’t seen this picture, I’d probably bet on the Caiman.

Reviving A Bee WIth Some Sugar Water


Photo Credit: GallowBoob / Reddit

This bumblebee was exhausted, so a kind stranger gave him a quick drink to boost his spirits. His long slurpy tongue is pretty interesting if you ask me.

Why haven’t I ever offered a bumblebee some sugar water? It seems like a very nice and cool thing to do.

Citizens Took Care Of Berlin’s Zoo Animals During The War


Photo Credit: bigmeat / Reddit

It must have been weird going to the bathroom with a giant bird looking at you. I’m sure the people made it work.

As Soviet troops approached Berlin in 1945, citizens did their best to take care of Berlin Zoo’s animals. I wonder who got the lions?

An Albino Sea Turtle


Photo Credit: Hdalby33 / Reddit

This guy almost looks like a coconut or a Japanese style painting. He looks so milky and pure, I love it. I wish I was lucky enough to see him in person.

Whoever took this picture is way more interesting than the supposed most interesting man in the world in those beer commercials.

The Tallest Horse In The World


Photo Credit: Sumit316 / Reddit

This is Big Jake. He is ginormous. He is the tallest horse alive today. I wouldn’t want to fall off the back of this guy. That would be a long, hard fall.

Maybe they use him to pull carriages or something. He’s probably super strong.