These Beautiful Triplets Took A DNA Test And Couldn’t Believe The Results!

Meet the Dahm triplets. As you can expect, the beautiful ladies in this trio have had very interesting lives. To start, not many people can say they’re triplets, and even fewer can claim to be as lovely as the three of them are. But those unique experiences don’t even compare to the huge surprise they received when they took a DNA test as adults.

A Triple Threat Is Born

The Dahm triplets were born in December of 1977. The triplets are identical girls named Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn. The girls also have another sibling – a sister, no less. The Dahm trio are naturally occurring identical triplets which is quite rare. With multiple births, parents can also be under quite a bit of stress due to the possibility of complications. Undoubtedly the Dahm family felt extremely lucky when their three beautiful girls were born perfectly healthy — and not to mention stunningly beautiful. It was clear the girls would have outstanding good lucks from childhood on with their beautiful blonde hair and stunning blue eyes.

The Thing About Triplets…

Because the triplets were identical, it made parenting even more tricky than it already is with just one or two babies. Before you can tell apart identical births by their own budding personalities, one must figure out how to tell them apart as infants! The Dahm parents came up with their own inventive way to tell the three beautiful girls apart, which some might find to be a bit crazy! They had their newborn triplets tattooed! Yes, they put a tiny dot on the girls’ bottoms so they could decipher who was who. Nicole was born first so she received one dot on the bottom. Next up, was Erica who received two dots to signify the second born. The third born was Jaclyn, she was not given any dot. I guess these days the girls can just claim the dots to be freckles!

The Girls’ Hometown

The Dahm sisters also happened to grow up in a small town, which as you can imagine got them even more attention than you could imagine. The small town was called Jordan, Minnesota and has a population of fewer than 30,000. The girls also attended the local public school, where they certainly stood out! Of course, how could you miss three gorgeous triplets with stunning blonde hair and blue eyes? They were, of course, the talk of the town as well as the desire of the boys and envy of the local girls. As the girls grew, more than just their peers took notice, and soon modeling agencies came calling…

Attached At The Hip

As is common with many multiple birth siblings, the girls were extremely close and during their childhood and adolescence, they rarely separated from one another. While some multiples began to dislike their parents dressing them the same or giving them similar toys to play with, the further couldn’t be from the truth for the triplets. The girls continued dressing alike and playing up their “triplet-ness” even into recent times. Nicole told Playboy magazine, “We rarely hold our own identity. We were always known as ‘You three’ or ‘The Triplets.’” Once the girls married and formed their own families is probably the first time the three were able to fully form separate identities.

Getting Discovered

By their teen years, the girls were already being noticed left and right for their stunning beauty. Of course, many began to murmur that the three should consider taking a venture into modeling. However, being from a small town, there aren’t too many opportunities for such a career. As 16-year-olds, the girls were able to enter a contest run by Teen Magazine called The Great Model Search. And the girls won! They had their first opportunity to grace the cover of a magazine. This was only the beginning for the girls and soon more opportunities would be coming their way.

Back-Up Plan

While the girls came to the end of their time in the local high school, they began to make plans for their future, including their career. Surprisingly, modeling was not their main focus, at the time. Instead, they all decided to attend the University of Minnesota. They also all entered into the nursing program, with the intention of all three working together helping people as nurses. While the girls were still in school, they came across something that would change their lives forever. While on campus, they came found a flier that advertised a Playboy magazine contest. They were searching for models that they could include in one of their magazines called the “Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition.”

A New Venture

The triplets had many discussions over what it meant to pose for Playboy magazine. Of course, the girls knew they would have to be completely vulnerable in front of the camera so it was a pretty big decision to make. With encouragement from their parents, Jaclyn, Nicole, and Erica decided to go for it. The girls soon met with a casting agent who was of course impressed by their stunning natural beauty. The agent requested that they do a test shoot. Now, was the big moment of no return for the girls. A test shoot meant they would definitely have to disrobe for the magazine. The girls decided to go through with the opportunity. And they won, yet again! The Dahm Triplets were the first triplets ever to be featured as the centerfold in Playboy magazine.

A Risque Moment

In the moment that the triplets decided to Playboy, they also knew that it would derail life (and their nursing plans) as they knew it. The girls knew that taking the risk would also open them up for criticism. However, the girls’ parents gave them their blessing. Of course, the girls also had each other to lean on through the intense experience. The girls were subsequently interviewed by Playboy magazine for their famous spread in 1998. Jaclyn said, “We would never have done this (modeled for Playboy) as individuals.” Little did they know that this modeling contract would open so many doors – and lead to a shocking DNA test.

Dropping Out

The girls ended up forgoing their previous plans to become nurses and instead pursue careers in the entertainment industry. Of course, they seemed to be destined for such success when they were little girls. The three appeared as centerfolds in Playboy and soon they were fielding opportunities within their new field of the entertainment community. Playboy was the catalyst for the girls’ new lives and a totally new journey that the three embarked on, together, of course. Soon, the girls moved to Los Angeles to give stardom a shot! It seemed like the girls certainly had a chance to hit it big.

A Hollywood Dream

Upon arriving in Hollywood, it seemed as though the girls almost immediately found success. Ask any struggling actor or actress today in Hollywood, and they will tell you that this is no easy feat. While some might argue that the girls’ “triplet-ness” was just being used as a gimmick, it doesn’t excuse the fact that they were readily accepted into Hollywood. Soon, the girls were even cast in a variety of television shows including the very popular Boy Meets World. Their roles were gorgeous sisters who lived near the older brother Eric’s dorm room that he shared with his friend Jack. The girls also later appeared on an episode of Family Feud with their dad and older sister. They ended up winning the show and taking homing ten grand!

A Life-Changing Show

The girls seemed to continue getting offers for various movies like Juwanna Mann and Pauly Shore Is Dead. They also won an episode of the show House Wars where they competed with their father and an assigned interior designer. The girls won the show and the prize was being able to keep the home they designed. Later, they participated in a show called Renovate My Family which aired on the Fox network. For one of the girls, this fateful show definitely changed their lives forever. Erica, the second born twin, met Jay McGraw who is the son of Dr. Phil. Jay was the host of Renovate My Family, and the two immediately hit it off. Soon the two had their first date and they both claim that it was love at first sight.

Jay and Erica Forever

That fateful meeting between Erica and Jay set off a chain of events that would one day lead to the triplets’ surprising DNA results. Jay and Erica got married in 2006. Jay, along with his father Phil McGraw, are producers on the TV show The Doctors. The Doctors is a show that has a panel of doctors discussing various health issues and topics. The hosts include Dr. Travis Stork (who appeared on a season of The Bachelor) and Dr. Andrew Ordon, among others. Jay had the brilliant idea to feature the girls on the show where they discussed various women’s health issues from the perspective of triplets.

Popping the Question

In order to reveal the details about their impending nuptials, including all of the engagement details, Jay McGraw, of course, had to appear on his father, Dr. Phil’s, show. Jay certainly did not hold back on letting the audience know exactly how he treated his dream girl. He recounted to his famous dad, that he took Erica to Dallas, Texas (which is where he’s from). Jay then went the traditional route and got down on bended knee. He said that he “asked her to spend the rest of her life with me.” The happy couple also spilled on the amazing engagement ring which happened to be a very impressive five-carat platinum ring outfitted with a tremendous diamond as well as two green emeralds.

Maids Of Honor

What would any one of the triplets’ weddings be like without their sisters to stand beside her at the altar as their bridesmaids? Of course, the Dahm triplets had to serve as those special ladies for Erica. Of course, many brides would dream of having identical bridesmaids as they are often already outfitted in perfectly matching attire. How much easier would it make planning if the bridesmaids were already literally identical? The bridesmaids for Erica were outfitted in stunning gowns made by Bradley Bayou while their sister Erica wore an absolutely stunning Chado Ralph Rucci gown. Erica’s gown was custom made for her. What an amazing bride with two equally stunning bridesmaids!

A Wedding To Remember

Jay and Erica were married in August of 2006 and the two have now been happily married for over ten years. They were married at Dr. Phil and his wife Robin’s amazing property located in Beverly Hills. Jay and Erica also continued on their romantic streak and they both wrote their own personal wedding vows in order to exchange in front of their family and friends. However, they certainly didn’t shy away from having a huge wedding. The two had almost 400 guests present on their day of wedded bliss! Robin McGraw said she noticed her husband Dr. Phil getting a bit teary eyed, which of course made her quite emotional. And she said she was crying “tears of joy” over her son and his new beautiful bride.

A Famous Father

Erica’s journey ended up taking her to marry into an already famous family. Her new husband, Jay McGraw, is the son of the very famous TV psychologist, Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil knew about Erica from the very get go and seemed to be quite fond of her as the woman in his son’s life. Allegedly, when Jay shared the news that he wanted to pop the big question to Erica, Dr. Phil was totally excited and couldn’t wait for his son to go through with it. Jay even asked his dad to be his best man on his big day. Clearly, the two have an amazing relationship. While appearing on his dad’s show Jay said that he felt that his parents “love her almost as much as I do” (when referring to Erica). How beautiful!

Another Happy Couple

Erica is not the only happy sister to get married. Jaclyn also went on to marry her own personal prince charming named Billy Dolan. You can find more about the couple on Jaclyn’s social media. The two seem to be very close with Erica and Jay and they often share photograph vacationing together. Nicole is also settled down and married to Michael Kelly. All three of the girls also often get their families together including their daughters and sons which means each cousin has an age appropriate playmate. It sounds like everything worked out just swimmingly for the Dahm triplets!

Triplet Experience On The Doctors

The Doctors also often have a celebrity guest host, for which the triplets appeared on the show. The triplets first appearance on The Doctors was definitely a hit and the three soon started making regular appearances on the show. The girls also discussed various women’s topics and other interesting issues that they have faced as twins. Producers Jay and Phil McGraw eventually had an idea for the show that would certainly make an eye-catching show. Even so, the triplets never could have guessed that something as simple as a guest appearance on the show would be such a life-altering experience.

Pregnant Together

People seemed to really enjoy watching the triplets appear on the show. Triplets are already a relatively rare sight, so it makes sense that they would bring excellent ratings to the show. It helped that even more interesting medical anomalies occurred to the triplets that only brought more attention. The girls had all began to settle down at the same time, but it certainly came as a crazy surprise when they all found out they were pregnant within months of one of another. The girls were to experience yet another milestone together – pregnancy. Of course, The Doctors had to feature this amazing story on the show.

The Next Dahm Generation

In 2010, all of the girls gave birth to their first children. As if it wasn’t already crazy enough that triplets all had babies at the same time, the girls also were experiencing yet another bonding moment – they all had new baby daughters! Wow! That definitely must be some kind of statistical feat. As the triplets settled into mother hood, it seems as though they decided to take some time away from the limelight and instead focus on raising their children. However, as is per usual with the girls, it was only a matter of time before they were back in front of the cameras. This time it was for one of the most shocking triplet updates yet!

Back In The Spotlight

The girls remained off-camera from the birth of their first child all the way until March 2017. In the meantime, the girls all became mothers a second time – this time they each had a son. Because Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw are producers on the show, they came up with quite the interesting concept to pitch to appear on the doctors. With the growing popularity of DNA tests mapping individual people’s ancestry, they thought it would be interesting to test the reliability of such tests. They also brought on board Inside Edition journalist Lisa Guerrero to conduct the research. The triplets seemed like the perfect subjects to test such a test since they are identical and one would assume their genetic makeup would be very similar.

Matching Kids

After the girls’ all had their daughters within months of one another, they also all gave birth to their second children – sons also within a relatively short time period of one another. All three girls are now married with a daughter and son born in that order. What are the odds of that? Of course, it must be an absolute dream come true to be able to raise your children together and have them have built in best friends for the years to come! Although being a mom is a far cry from their Playboy days, the girls remain as beautiful as ever!

DNA Test Hype

In recent years DNA tests for ancestry have become more and more popular than ever before. Particularly, because now there is at-home accessibility with the tests. The tests purport to show people information about their ancestors and ethnic makeup, including what countries a person might derive from. Several companies including 23andMe and Ancestry provide some of the most popular at home DNA tests on the market today. While some have claimed that the most recent DNA tests are quite reliable, others say there is no way for them to achieve perfect reliability at this period in time. One thing is for certain — they are more popular than ever before.

Decoding DNA

It’s almost amazing that in this day and age, we now have science right at our fingertips, which would have seemed almost magical in years past. In order to take a test, you first purchase a kit. Most companies sell DNA ancestry kits for around $100-$200. Inside the kit, the company sends a vial which you have to provide a sample of your saliva. Yikes! While many people have said it seems as though it seems like a lot of saliva to provide, others say it’s only in order to ensure the companies are able to get the most reliable read possible.

Surprises To Come

You then send off your package in the mail and wait for your results. Results typically are able to tell you where your ancestors are originally from, sometimes you are even able to be linked to actual living relatives. The Dahm triplets decided to undertake this very process, except that instead of the privacy of their own home they were going to do it for an episode of The Doctors. It would seem that the results would be very straightforward as the girls are identical triplets, which should mean they share identical DNA. No one would have been able to guess the astounding results!

Identical DNA?

After you submit the saliva sample to the company, it takes a few weeks before the DNA tests could be returned to you. The Dahm triplets underwent this exact same process. No one was expecting any kind of out of the ordinary surprises. After all, identical triplets means identical DNA doesn’t it? Lisa Guerrero, the Inside Edition journalist undertaking the project, was already doubtful about the reliability of the tests. She thought perhaps the companies were simply more about crafty marketing than really being able to tell you are your ethnic or ancestral makeup. It would only be a short period of time before the girls would appear live on The Doctors and have their results revealed to them.

Genetic Fascination

What a long journey Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn have been on throughout their extraordinary life. First, they journey together through life as the rarity of triplets, then they book Playboy together, and now they are getting ready to have DNA results revealed about their genetic makeup live on television! One day, their biographies will certainly be an interesting read. The girls also conceded that they are also interested in genetics and biology, especially because they originally intended on joining the health professions field as nurses. Perhaps, the girls would even be in a unique place to aid the industry due to their identical triplet status. The girls chose to go with the company 23andMe.

The Results

23andMe is known for their ancestral DNA testing but they are also known for offering testing which can reveal even more delicate information like health risks. When the time came for the girls to appear on the show their first results were relatively uninteresting. For one, it definitely showed that they were identical triplets. If you take a glance at the above photograph, this is definitely no surprise. Apparently, the girls are so close in appearance that Erica is able to open up Nicole’s safe with her own fingerprints. Apparently, their fingerprints are almost identical which is a rarity even for multiple births. Wow!

The Mystery Deepens

The next part of the reveal focused on the results which showed the girls’ individual ethnic makeups. This particular part of the results actually went into the ancestry of the triplets and is supposed to reveal where their ancestors come from. Because the girls are siblings, identical triplets at that, one would think they would share the exact same relatives. Of course, the Dahm Triplets did not expect anything interesting to revealed on this go ‘round. However, they and the audience would be wrong about their assumption. The girls results were revealed to them as the show was taped, so it was definitely interesting to watch their surprise at the coming results.

Not Identical Ethnicities?

As far as genetics goes, all three of the triplets had their result show up as being 99% European. However, it was when that percentage began to be broken down that some real discrepancies began to arise. As the results were revealed on the show, the girls, the audience and even the doctors themselves were more and more shocked at the results. First, it was revealed that Erica had around 16% Irish and British ancestry, however Nicole had 18% Irish and British ancestry. Well, that seems to be fairly minor so far right? It was only going to get crazier as more was revealed!

Different Ancestry?

The rest of the results continued to deviate from what was expected. The 23andMe test showed that while all three girls had French and German heritage, each triplet had a different percentage. Nicole had 11% French and German, Jaclyn had 18% and Erica had 22.3%. Eleven to 22% seems like a pretty drastic difference for triplets with identical DNA. For their Doctors segment, each time a new percentage was revealed it would flash on the screen and the audience would react in absolute amazement. The girls themselves were also clearly very confused about how their differing results could happen.

The Final Ethnicity

The final ethnicity to be revealed was the girls’ Scandinavian heritage. And for this one, yet another shocker was revealed. Two of the girls, Erica and Jaclyn both had the exact same results with the same percentage of Scandinavian ancestry at 7.4%. However, Nicole had a totally different and higher percentage at 11.4% Scandinavian. The Doctors, the Inside Edition reporter, and the Dahm triplets themselves were totally shocked at the amazing results. It turns out, these amazing ancestry DNA results might reveal even more about DNA science than previously known.

An Interesting Possibility

The Dahm Triplets were totally confused at how this could be a possibility. Nicole said on the program, “I’m surprised. I’m surprised because we came from the same egg and DNA. How are our ancestries different?” Dr. Travis Stork, one of the hosts, expressed his own doubt about the results. Dr. Stork said that perhaps these tests should just be used for fun instead of being taken as a serious indicator for ethnicity. Inside Edition also ran their own show that showed the results, however, they also showcased two other sets of triplets and they also used two other types of DNA kits.

For A Good Time Only

Dr. Travis Stork said, “I think the answer here is that we’ve come so far in terms of genetic testing, but you can’t just spit in a cup and have every single answer that you are looking for.” On Inside Edition, another set of triplets had similar results with another DNA kit. Only one set of triplets had results that were extremely close which was a test done with Ancestry DNA. Perhaps one day, at-home testing for ancestry will become even more streamlined and accurate. However, in the meantime, it’s definitely interesting to get a peek inside where your ancestors may have descended from many years ago!

The Journalists Take

Inside Edition journalist, Lisa Guerrero, originally expressed she was unsure if taking a DNA test while in your own home could provide reliable results. However, she also conceded that she was interested in finding out more about her own ethnic makeup and would also like to take a DNA test herself. Lisa said that she knew her mother’s ancestry was of some kind of Latino descent while her father was English. However, she was unsure about the actual background of her ancestors. Participating in the show alongside the Dahm triplets only made her more interested in her own personal background.

Another Avenue

The at-home tests seem to be imperfect as far as percentages go, however they do undoubtedly offer insight into one’s background and ethnic makeup. Lisa mentioned on the show that while she was very interested in pursuing her own ethnic background, she might not go the route of the at-home DNA test. Instead, she said she would probably have a personalized test run by a doctor or genetic scientist. This kind of testing is definitely on the more expensive side, but are probably far more accurate. However, if you’re on a limited budget but still want to know more, an at-home test certainly won’t do you any harm!

More About The Dahm Triplets

Well, the Dahm Triplets certainly never expected to have such interesting DNA results revealed about themselves on live television. Although if they were to get specialty genetic testing done with a personal doctor, they might find that they are more similar than their first test revealed. They expressed that they were happy their experience revealed more eye-opening information about taking at-home DNA tests. The girls have certainly had quite the journey from their humble beginning as small town girls. Who would’ve thought that answering an ad on a college campus would’ve catapulted them to fame and kept them basking in the spotlight?!

A Charmed Existence

The Dahm Triplets have definitely been granted a charmed life. They catapulted to fame after growing up in a small town where they stood out immensely due to their beauty and of course the fact that they’re triplets! The girls have said, “It’s something you never experience when you’re from a small town of 2,000 people, and all of a sudden you’re in a magazine all around the world.” Erica also noted how the best part of the experience is that they’ve been able to go on this amazing journey together. Who would have thought that a Playboy test shoot would end up blessing their lives in unimaginable ways?!

Trouble In Paradise

While everything reported about the Dahm Triplets seems to be good, what would fame be without at least one juicy rumor? Perhaps, rumors are just the cost of fame and living a public life. Jay and Erica McGraw have often been under the microscope for divorce rumors. It seems as though there have been a few that have cropped up over the years. Jay has already had to bear similar rumors about his parent’s marriage Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, so this is probably not new territory to him. Although, it seems as though everything is fine as the two have remained married for over ten years now!

Golden Kids

Jay and Erica certainly have one thing going for them – one beautiful family! The two share a beautiful daughter together named Ava Elizabeth. Only one year after the birth of Ava, the two also became parents to a son named London Phillip. Erica often shares photos of their adorable kids all over social media, and quite often you can also see their glamorous grandma Robin McGraw commenting about their cuteness! The cute sibling duo also loves to spend time with their other cousins as well. As far as we can see, all seems to be going quite well in the Dahm-McGraw residence.

Future Plans

After the floodgates were opened after the Dahm Triplet’s Playboy magazine debut, the girls began doing tons of TV. They have also appeared on quite a bit of reality Television. Back in the late 1990s the girls also appeared on a Canadian show called Relic Hunter. Eight years ago the girls also started up a YouTube channel called TripletsGourmet. The channel was seemingly supposed to be a cooking channel, although only one video is currently uploaded that shares a few of their cooking secrets. It seems like the girls might’ve abandoned the channel in order to raise their families. The girls have said that they would all be willing to do another shoot for Playboy magazine one day. Whatever avenue the girls take, we are sure to see more of the Dahm triplets in the future!

Other Famous Triplets

The Dahm triplets aren’t the only triplets who have made rounds in the entertainment industry. About a decade before the Dahm sisters came onto the scene, there were the Creel triplets. This name may sound unfamiliar, but you might easily recognize the oldest sister, Leanna Creel. Still doesn’t ring a bell? Leanna Creel had a brief stint as tomboy-ish Tori Scott on the beloved ’90s sitcom, Saved by the Bell. You probably didn’t know at the time that she was a triplet, but low and behold, there are two more girls who look just like her!

Three Of A Kind

Twins and triplets are often highly desired in the entertainment industry and this is something that the Creel sisters were very aware of. From a young age, casting agents encouraged Mr. and Mrs. Creel to let their girls begin acting but their parents wanted the triplets to “be normal,” they told the Los Angeles Times. “If we’ve turned out semi-normal, it’s because of our mom and dad,” added Leanna, the eldest triplet. But despite trying to maintain a normal lifestyle, the Creel triplets did end up taking acting classes and attending workshops before officially entering the realm of Hollywood.

It Pays To Be A Triplet

Joy, the middle sister, told Los Angeles Times, “It’s really just because we’re a novelty. If we weren’t triplets, we wouldn’t be making it.” After appearing in commercials and acting in projects for film students, the Creel’s first big break came in the late ’80s. While Joy was abroad one summer with a foreign exchange program, Leanna and the youngest, Monica, played the Schwartz twins on two episodes of Growing Pains. Their success only took off from there. Leanna said, “God has just set everything up for us. The parts we got just turned up, we didn’t go searching for them.”

A Movie Deal

The Creel triplets then found themselves in movie roles. They appeared as the Wyatt triplets in the made-for-television movies Parent Trap III and Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon in 1989. Their big break with these movies came when they were fresh off their high school graduation and Disney signed the triplets to a three-year contract in which they went through acting, singing, and dancing training. Monica told The OC Register in 2016, “We were so naive and fresh and innocent. It was fun to share the experience with my sisters, too.” But despite entering acting careers with each other, the Creel girls were encouraged to be individuals.

One Out Of Three

Back in 1988, when the Creel triplets were fresh into their acting careers, youngest triplet Monica told Los Angeles Times, “No one understands what it’s like to share your reputation, your identity, with two other people. I’ve had to really fight to stand out, to be my own person, because we do have the same basic personalities and a lot of the same characteristics.” Their mother added, “All through this Hollywood thing, we told them that even though they have to look the same on the outside, they can be as different as they want on the inside.”

Being An Individual

When they were still in high school, the Creel triplets made efforts to achieve things on personal levels rather than as a collective trio. Leanna told Los Angeles Times, “We’ve had to go out of our way to give each other space, to achieve alone. I think that’s why I’m something of an overachiever. I’m always trying to see what I can do by myself.” The Creel triplets were very involved in school and extra curricular activities, careful not to step on each other’s toes. But this strategy didn’t always work out for the three girls.

When Competition Got In The Way

When it was time for Homecoming at their high school, all three sisters wanted to win the title of Homecoming Queen. But things got a little awkward when the youngest, Monica, was not a finalist in the Homecoming Court, while Joy was named a princess as the eldest, Leanna, was crowned queen. Of the incident, Leanna told LA Times, “When it’s just one girl in a family, everyone’s happy and behind you, but not when you’re running against your sisters. It just wasn’t fun because Monica didn’t make it.” Things are tough on the sisters when they start comparing themselves to one another.

Getting Along Through Acting

Despite the strain that competition put on the girls during high school, their careers in acting still helped them grow together. Joy told Los Angeles Times, “Acting is something that fits all our personalities, and I like being front of the camera and having the attention focused on me. We all do.” Leanna added, “If we go into the studio fighting and yelling, we always come out laughing and talking. It’s brought us closer together.” Acting soon became something that most of the sisters stuck with after finishing high school and one of the sisters would take off more than the other two.

Another Big Break

Shortly after graduating high school, Leanna and Monica had guest appearances together on Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1992. That same year, Leanna was cast as Tori Scott on Saved by the Bell, which would arguably be her biggest role to date. In 2015, Leanna told ABC News, “If you told me then that in 20 years, people would still recognize me from Saved by the Bell, I’d say ‘Shut up.’ Even at the time, it was kind of campy and not necessarily something I’d want to be remembered for!” But Leanna’s stint on the popular ’90s sitcom would be short-lived.

Serving As A Placeholder

Producers of Saved by the Bell only added Tori Scott while Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley were having their contracts settled. That’s why their characters weren’t present for a good chunk of the fourth season and why Leanna’s character Tori was there in their place. Although she was there for a short time, Leanna probably didn’t mind as much because at the same time, she was studying at UCLA. After Saved by the Bell, she only had two other acting credits before she quit acting for good after she realized where her true interests in the entertainment industry were.

She Preferred Working Behind The Camera

After getting her bachelor’s degree in history, Leanna reenrolled at UCLA and earned her MFA in film production. Afterward, she learned how to make movies after co-founding Ignite Entertainment with an investment banker. Leanna told ABC News, “It was baptism by fire. I worked with Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller and Kate Hudson and learned a lot about filmmaking. But then I decided, ‘I think I want to be behind the camera,’ so we sold our company to Lionsgate.” She eventually would turn to photography before being brought back to producing videos and started Creel Studio.

The Youngest Triplet

Back when the Creel triplets were interviewed by Los Angeles Times in 1988, Monica expressed her disappointment of having been left out of the homecoming running: “I ended up looking at myself and saying, ‘Why can’t I do that? Why can’t I excel like she does? Why her and not me?’ …I know someday I’ll really excel in something. I feel like I always come up short in comparison with my sisters, but in a way, that’s OK. At least I know we’re different.” As the youngest triplet, Monica always felt that she didn’t live up to her sisters, even if they were supposed to be identical.

She Would Bloom On Her Own

As it would turn out, Monica was right about finding her own way without her sisters. Like Leanna, Monica was active in her acting career, but unlike Leanna (and Joy, for that matter), Monica is the only sister who continued to act throughout the years. On her own, Monica appeared on shows such as Married… with Children, Seinfeld, Hawaii Five-O, and Agents of SHIELD, in addition to a plethora of commercials. She is currently on Amazon Prime’s The Kicks, where she plays soccer mom Sharon Burke.

The Consequences Of Being A Triplet

Because her acting career took off, Monica is now more recognizable to fans. However, because she is a triplet, she often gets mistaken for her sister Leanna. A lot of people walk up to her and think that she is the one who played Tori Scott on Saved by the Bell. Monica told OC Register, “People recognize me all day long and ask me about Saved by the Bell. I say, ‘Would you believe it was my identical sister?’ And then I have to sign (autographs). Nobody believes me.”

The Most “Normal”

Unlike her oldest and youngest sister, middle triplet Joy didn’t keep up with acting and instead, went on to other things. She tried television writing before moving on to work with her husband’s business. Joy Creel married Rob Liefeld, a comic book artist who co-created popular comic book characters such as Deadpool. Other than that, Joy has been busy raising her three kids and is still fully supportive of both her sisters’ career ventures. As for Joy’s sisters, they too have also found time to have personal lives outside of their careers.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She Waited For The Day

The year 2008 was the year that the state of California legalized same-sex marriages. When that happened, a lot of same-sex couples finally were able to get married and Leanna Creel was one of them. Leanna and her partner of many years, Rinat Greenberg, married on June 17, 2008. It was great that Leanna and Rinat and many other couples were able to freely share their love and solidify it in the way that they wanted. As supportive as Creel’s family was about the marriage, there was one thing that they were concerned about.

A Huge Concern

While Leanna was brought up as a Christian, her partner Rinat was raised as a Jew. The interfaith marriage was a concern for both families. Leanna told, “I think the interfaith thing was trumped by the gay thing. So our parents had already been through that shock. But I knew they would love her, and they have noticed I’m a nicer, better person when I’m with her. My dad is a little worried about me, and has reminded me that I don’t have to give up who I am, and what I believe in.”

The Life Of Monica

As for the youngest Creel triplet, Monica, she is well immersed into the entertainment industry. She married a casting director named Ross Lacy, with whom she has two children. She, too, studied at UCLA, earning a degree in English Literature while completing the Professional Screenwriting Program. Over her career so far, she has acted in almost 200 commercials and has been the spokesperson for many national brands, such as AutoNation. She also had a brief stint with The Groundlings, a popular improv comedy group in Los Angeles, having studied under Larry Moss and Howard Fine.

Musical Triplets

The Haden triplets are another popular set of triplets. Petra, Tanya, and Rachel Haden are the daughters of jazz bassist Charlie Haden. They’ve taken after their father and in addition to performing individually, they’ve performed together as The Haden Triplets, having released their first vocal album together in 2014. As a group, they’ve contributed to performances of other well-known bands such as Foo Fighters, Weezer, and Green Day. In addition to their musical pursuits, these sisters have a connection to the entertainment industry as well. Tanya Haden is the wife of comedic actor Jack Black!