These Animated Films Will Forever Be A Classic

Animated movies have the ability to reach audiences of any age. While some characters may be brightly colored or possess abilities people to wish they had, the best-animated films are an assortment of great stories. They’re filled with tales that let imagery speak to everyone, which helped set the bar for these movies to become some of the best animated films ever.

These movies are far from being just movie versions of cartoons. We have some of the best characters and most compelling that have made a memorable impact on so many different generations. What is the best animated film? There are a variety of answers, so spark the debate yourself.

Aladdin Was The Highest-Grossing Film Of 1992


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An Arabic street urchin finds a magic lamp containing a genie. In order to hide it from the Grand Vizier, he disguises himself as a wealthy prince while trying to impress the Sultan and his daughter.

Upon its release, not only was it the highest-grossing film of 1992, but it was the first animated feature to reach the half-billion dollar mark.

Lady & The Tramp Grossed Higher Than Another Disney Classic


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When two dogs meet, they embark on many romantic adventures while falling in love.

The film took in a higher figure than any other Disney animated feature since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film earned an estimated $6.4 million in the box office, but a domestic lifetime gross of $93.6 million.

Beauty & The Beast Was The First Animated Film To Be Nominated For Best Picture


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A prince that’s transformed into a beast must learn to love Belle and earn her love in order to return to normal again.

Despite not winning the Oscar for Best Picture, the film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score and Best Original Song, making it the first animated film to ever win each category. Fun fact: Warner Bros. first win for Best Picture didn’t come until 2007. The movie with an ensemble cast of dancing animals is still on the way.

Monsters INC. Took Five Years To Produce


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Sulley and Mike are two monsters employed at the factory Monsters Inc. who find themselves afraid that a child is toxic to them. When one child enters the factory, they must return her home before it’s too late.

The characters went through many incarnations over the film’s five-year production process. The animators were constantly finding new ways to use fur and cloth realistically for the film.

Toy Story Was The First Feature-Length Computer Animated Film


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One of the best animated films ever made came to life in 1995. From a toy’s perspective, it focuses on the relationship between Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they go from rivals to good friends.

In addition to its theatrical releases and success, toys, video games, theme park attractions and spin-offs have garnered massive commercial success.

Happy Feet Was The First Film Distributed By Warner Bros. To Win An Oscar



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Despite being an animated film, it did incorporate motion capture of live action people in certain scenes.

With its ensemble cast of Elijah Wood, Hugh Jackman, and Nicole Kidman, Happy Feet would go on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, a first for Warner Bros. What animated film is the best selling DVD? Marlon has the answer to that shortly.

Jungle Book Was Critically Acclaimed For Its Soundtrack


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“The Bare Necessities” is the one song from the film that fans grew up singing along to. The film became Disney’s second-highest grossing animated film in the United States.

In 2016, Jon Favreau directed a live-action adaption of the film, but it didn’t have the same bare necessities as the 1967 classic.

The Lion King Is An Animated Version Of Hamlet


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Brother kills his sibling for power and the son wants revenge? Yeah, that’s Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but that turned out to be an epic tragedy for the ages.

The highest-grossing traditionally animated film of all-time will become a CGI remake in 2019. Jon Favreau will direct as Donald Glover and Beyonce will voice Simba and Nala.

Finding Nemo Is The Best-Selling DVD Ever


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With over 40 million DVDs sold, it was the highest G-rated film of all-time before Toy Story 3 took over.

The overprotective clownfish, Marlon, teams up with a regal blue tang named Dory to search for his abducted son, Nemo. In 2008, the American Film Institute named it the 10th greatest animated film ever. The first and only animated film franchise with two films grossing over $1 billion is just ahead. It may have to do with some yellow creatures too.

The Sequel To The Incredibles Was Released 14 Years After The First One


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Meet the Parrs, a family of superheroes who are forced to live a quiet suburban life. Mr. Incredible’s passion to help people draws the family into a confrontation with a disgruntled ex-fan.

The film was incredibly popular, winning two Academy Awards, but fans had to wait for 14 years for the release of the sequel, which came out in June 2018.

Pocahontas Was Praised For Its Animation But Not So Much For Its Story


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The film’s racial overtones and historical inaccuracy garnered a mix of praise and disappointment.

Despite racking in $346 million at the box office, its gross was significantly worse than of The Lion King. The film received two Academy Awards for Best Musical or Comedy Score and Best Original Song for “Colors of the Wind.”

Despicable Me Is The First And Only Animated Franchise With Two Films Grossing Over $1 Billion Worldwide


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Super-villain Gru and his yellow-colored Minions are ready to take over the world. But, his adoptive daughters and his wife get in the way of things.

The franchise has become the highest-grossing animated film franchise in box office history. It’s also the 13th highest-grossing film franchise of all-time. The film that reversed Disney’s fortunes is coming up.

Cars Was Pixars Final Independent Film Before Its Purchase By Disney


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Set in a world populated by anthropomorphic cars, the film stars the voices of Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, and Larry the Cable Guy.

Two sequels followed suit, and a spin-off, Planes was released in August 2013. Also, this marked the final acting role of the late Paul Newman.

Despite Madagascar’s Mixed Reception, It Was A Success At The Box Office


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Four animals from the Central Park Zoo unexpectedly find themselves stranded on the island of Madagascar.

The film managed to claim the top position in the U.S. Box Office the week after its release on May 27, 2005. Not only that, but the film’s success launched a franchise with a series of films and a spin-off featuring the penguins.

Cinderella Helped Reverse Disney’s Fortunes


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At the time of the film’s release in 1955, Walt Disney Productions suffered major losses to the European film market.

This was mainly due to the outbreak of World War II, but Disney and his animators turned back to feature film production in 1948. After its release, it became the greatest critical and commercial hit for the studio since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. During is a slow peak, one film in 1989 breathed life into the art of Disney films. That movie is still on the way.

Mulan Was The First Of Three Features Produced At Disney-MGM Studios In Orlando, Florida



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The film’s plot takes place in China during the Han dynasty. The daughter of aged warrior Fa Mulan impersonates a man to take her father’s spot to counter a Hun invasion.

Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, and B.D. Wong start in the English version, while Jackie Chan provides the voice for Captain Li Shan for the Chinese version of the film.

Shrek Was Appealing To Both Kids And Adults


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The film that parodies other fairy tales, Shrek finds his swamp to be overrun by creatures from the stories.

It did well enough to the point where adults enjoyed the adult-orientated jokes but simple enough for children to follow along without missing a beat. The film’s main title character was awarded his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2010.

Little Mermaid Was Given Credit For Breathing Life Back Into The Art Of Disney Films


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More money and resources were dedicated to The Little Mermaid than any other Disney film.

After its release, critics described the film to be a new golden era for Disney animation. With its warm and charming hand-drawn characters and catchy musical numbers, it became a smash hit.

The Ice Age Franchise Has Generated $6 Billion In Revenue



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The buddy comedy-drama road film all started with animals migrating south to escape the winters.

Once Manny, Sid, and Diego come across a human baby, the set out to return it. The first film of this franchise earned $383 million worldwide, which followed with four more sequels.

Up Was Pixar’s First Film To Presented In Disney Digital 3D


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Ed Asner voices an elderly widower named Carl who sets out to fulfill his dream of seeing the wilds of South America. Asner’s vocal performance was highly praised, including the montage of Carl and his wife Ellie aging together.

The film received a Best Picture Oscar nomination, making it the second animated film since Beauty and the Beast to earn the designation.