The Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries In The World: Was It Worth It To These Celebs?

It’s not hard to believe that two million cosmetic surgeries are performed in the U.S. every year. But you’d better believe that a lot of those patients are celebrities wishing to enhance their appearances. In most cases, a star’s appearance is part of their job description and some are willing to do whatever it takes to look good. The celebs you’re about to read about all underwent some pretty expensive surgeries. Do you think they made the right decision?

Roseanne Barr – $45,000

Roseanne Barr is known for her comedy and for appearing on her self-titled sitcom Roseanne, as well as her short-lived and scandalous tenure on the show’s reboot.Roseanne is also known for her appearance. She has been the target of many people over the years because of her appearance.

Roseanne Barr possibly changed her appearance due to being cast for roles designed for heavy set individuals. After the Roseanne sitcom ended, she decided to make a change in her appearance. She has spent around $10,000 to reduce her chest and $6,000 for a tummy tuck. She has also had rhinoplasty to top it off for about $4,000.

Tom Jones – $90,000

Tom Jones was a prominent singer back in the 60s who is known for such songs as What’s new, Pussycat and She’s a Lady. He has been performing for about 50 years and counting. He is currently on tour, and looking great is a must when it comes to performing in front of thousands and thousands of fans.

Tom Jones is in the neighborhood of 70 years of age, and he wants to keep as much of his youthful appearance as he can keep. He is currently touring as of late, and he has had alterations made to his eyelids and his nose. He has also had numerous facelifts and dental work to bring back those glory days.

Kris Jenner – $70,000

Kris Jenner is the mother of the Kardashian Jenner family and she is also the link that brings them all together. It seems like the Kardashian and Jenner clan have dominated this article with the amount of surgeries and other body and facial modifications. They go all out when it comes to their appearance and it shows.

Kris Jenner has had her share of plastic surgery and she has had numerous plastic surgeries that began somewhere around 40 years ago. She has had surgery on her chest, a number of rhinoplasties, thousands of dollars spent on Botox treatmanets and some dental modifications as well.

Demi Moore – $500,000

Many people may or may not know that Demi Moore was a model at one time before becoming famous as an actress. She is also a songwriter and a filmmaker. She rose to fame in the 80s and her talents have led her to success throughout the 90s ad even until recent times. She became the highest paid actress in history for her appearance in the motion picture Striptease when she earned $12.5 million.

Demi has kept her appearance up due to several plastic surgeries. She has had numerous face lifts and cheek augmentations over the years. She has also had laser treatments to top it all off.

Joan Rivers – $99,000

One of the greatest female comediennes of all time Joan Rivers (June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014) set the bar when it came to controversy and laughter. She became a legend due in part because she was able to become successful in the world of comedy which was dominated by men in times past.

Joan Rivers defied aging though surgical means as she was well into her 60s when she was still performing and making numerous appearances on television. She had a whopping 739 minor procedures, perhaps more than any other celebrity or any person for that matter, throughout her lifetime that totaled to about $100,000.

Sharon Osbourne – $185,000

Sharon Osbourne is known for her unique appearance, especially with the dyed hair and clothing that she is known for wearing. She is the better half of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, and she is known as a reality television personality who keeps the Osbourne family together. She became a reality television sensation in 2002 with her appearance on the show The Osbournes.

Sharon Osbourne has had her share of surgeries, which may be appropriate since she is a reality television star. She actually had a breast reduction back in 1978 and this was the first of several body modification surgeries that she has had. She has also had gastric bypass surgery and several tummy tucks and arm lifts.

Rumer Willis – $100,000

Rumer Willis has jumped on the bandwagon of cosmetic surgery. She is a young woman who was going under the knife quite early in her career and life. She balances a career as a singer and an actress, and on top of this, she is the daughter of action film star Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, which leads to the question of maybe following in her mother’s footsteps. Just something to think about.

Rumer has shelled out a lot of money when it comes to her appearance, a stunning $100,000 to be exact for body modifications. She has had jawline reconstructive surgery and rhinoplasty as well. She has also had Botox and lip injections done to her face.

Michael Jackson – $1 Million

The king of pop Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was known for many modifications to his appearance throughout his career. He was one of the most talented musicians of all time and his fame still continues even though he is no longer with us. He was known for his eccentric behavior and awesome talent which made him a legend among legends.

You can see in the photos that his appearance has drastically changed over the years. He claimed to have a skin condition called Vitiligo and said that this is the reason why his skin pigmentation became lighter. He went on the Oprah Winfrey Show and said that he had two facial surgeries done at the time of his drastic change of appearance, although he has had jaw reconstruction, eye lifts, nose jobs, and countless other surgeries.

Kim Kardashian – $16,500

You cannot have the title of “Queen of all Media” without some adjustments and modifications done to your body. Kim Kardashian has earned this name, partially because of her sporadic appearances on television. Kim Kardashian has enough money to open up her own bank, and plastic surgery has definitely not broken her wallet by any means.

Kim Kardashian has a net worth of about $85 million, and so she has shelled out some of her funds in order to alter her appearance. She has spent about $5,000 on her nose and about $5,000 on Botox treatment to her eyebrows and other facial modifications to her lips and skin. She has also spent $500 for laser hair removal treatments.

Donatella Versace – $25,000

Donatella Versace is famous for her name first and foremost. She is a well-known icon in the fashion industry. When you hear the name Versace, what do you think of? Some people think of fashion, and some think of fame. There is one thing that is associated with Versace, and that is money.

Donatella is one of the richest women in the world, with an estimated net worth of $200 million. She has treated herself to some plastic surgery and treatments. She has had laser surgery, Botox injections and fillers to alter her appearance. Her alterations are estimated to be about $25,000.

La Toya Jackson – $21,500

La Toya Jackson is a member of the uber famous Jackson family. La Toya Jackson is often considered to be the “odd woman out” when it comes to the Jackson family. She is not really known for her singing career, but she did pose for Playboy magazine in the late ’80s to make up for her unimpressive career as an artist.

La Toya has kept up her appearance over the years, and she has gone under the knife, just like her late brother Michael Jackson. Latoya has been under the knife for a brow lift, breast augmentation, and a nose job as well.

Nicki Minaj – $31,200

Nicki Minaj has certainly progressed in many ways. Her career has progressed since her beginnings in New York and she has been going strong ever since. She has also progressed in her appearance as well. Nicki is seemingly getting larger and larger when it comes to her body.

Nicki has undergone such changes as skin lightening, which costs around $1,000. She has also had three cosmetic surgeries done as well which amounts to $11,500. Nicki is perhaps known more for her backside than anything and she has spent about $5,000 or more just on butt implants to make her backside more bubbly.

Kathy Griffin – $30,000

Kathy Griffin may be a comedian, but she does not joke about her appearance. She has been making people laugh for almost 30 years, and she has also made an appearance on television and in films as well. She has gotten a lot of roles that are based on humor, which is expected.

Some speculate that she wanted to change her looks to obtain more roles in television and in film. She has had several treatments, such as Botox injections and chemical peeling which has resulted in her spending $5,000. She has also spent $1,000 on permanent hair straightening and other modifications to her appearance.

Mickey Rourke – $36,000

A lot can be said about the career of Mickey Rourke. His career spans over 30 years and he is still going strong. As time changes, gravity begins to kick in. His early career as a boxer has not affected his looks, nor is acting either, but with age comes changes.

Mickey Rourke has to keep up with the game in order to be successful. A large majority of the cosmetic surgeries that he has had performed on him have been on his face. He has gone under the knife for a nose alteration and has had six facelifts total. The cost of all of these alterations amounts to about $36,000.

Caitlyn Jenner – $60,000

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, made national headlines when she underwent a major change that would result in her transforming from a man into a woman. She has always felt that he was a woman on the inside, and she took the ultimate step in fulfilling her desires to become female in 2012.

How exactly did she make this huge transformation? Jenner started with a small number of rhinoplasties and laser hair removal procedures that date back to the ’80s. These procedures went well into the ’90s also. She then spent about $60,000 on around a dozen surgeries on her body and a face change that took up to ten hours to perform to finish it all off.

Lil’ Kim – $19,625

With the passing of time comes a change for the better. Lil’ Kim, aka Kimberly Denise Jones, rose to stardom during the mid and latter part of the 90s. Lil’ Kim pulled a disappearing act from the music scene in 2008. She went to prison back in 2008 where she served a year. What happened next is beyond explanation.

Kim seemed different when she came out of prison. She began getting surgery on her face, which many people noticed immediately. She appeared to be an entirely different person and she stunned the entertainment world with her appearance. She had over $5,000 of skin lightening treatments done and spend $8,000 on breast implants. She also had $4,000 worth of surgery done to her nose and about $3,000 worth of liposuction done to her body.

Cher – $750,000

Cher still has beauty and talent after all of these years. She was a huge fixture in the late ’60s and especially the early and mid part of the ’70s. Cher and the late Sonny Bono became an overnight success with the song I Got You, Babe. Her fame has definitely caused her to cross over into other fields of art such as acting and modeling.

With all of these things under her belt, She absolutely has to look her best. She has had her share of Botox injections, eyelid alterations, rhinoplasties, and chest augmentations that have totaled to about $750,000.

Kylie Jenner – $2 Million

Kylie Jenner makes the distinction of being the youngest celebrity on this particular list to have cosmetic surgery. It must be a ritual to go under the knife in the Kardashian family. She has a huge following as part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, and so it is natural to upgrade her cosmetic features to go along with her notoriety.

Kylie is an aspiring model and she is determined to be the best model possible. She has modifications that include lip fillers and other body modifications which have totaled to be $2 million.

Jocelyn Wildenstein – $2 Million

Jocelyn Wildenstein has spent numerous amounts of money on her face as you can see. She has drastically had her appearance altered and she does not even have a slight resemblance to her former self. She had surgery done to her face due in part to her former husband Alec Wildenstein having a liking to big cats.

Being transformed into a cat must have a huge price tag. Luckily, she has the clout to carry the bill for this huge undertaking of a total face makeover. She has spent more money than anyone in this article and she has spent an arm and a leg on her face which totals to $2 million.

Blake Lively – $7,500

Although the actress, best known for playing Serena van der Woodsen on the TV show Gossip Girl, has never officially confirmed or denied going under the knife, it’s quite apparent that she’s had some work done. In older photos of her, Lively’s nose is clearly thinner than it appears in more recent snapshots. Her eyelids also seem to have received a lift, and she’s likely had skin-smoothing procedures.


Some have speculated that she’s also had a breast augmentation. Surgery or not, she looks terrific. We doubt that husband Ryan Reynolds is complaining about her appearance! The couple, who married in 2012, have two children together.

Barry Manilow – $70,000

The iconic crooner, famous for his hits like “Mandy” and “Copacabana,” is no stranger to cosmetic alterations. Now in his 70s, Manilow is in the same boat as many other celebrities who are not keen to age in the public eye.

Several reports indicate that he’s received many surgeries over the years. These are rumored to have been a full facelift, at least one rhinoplasty, cheek implants, regular Botox injections, and eyelid surgery. When fans remarked on his changed appearance after his first facelift, Manilow claimed that he’d had the surgery to repair his nose, which he allegedly broke by walking into a wall.

Suzanne Somers – $9,000

The world knows Suzanne Somers best from her role as Chrissy Snow on the hit 1970s sitcom Three’s Company. Forty-odd years later, and she has a very different appearance.

In fact, she looks so different now that rumors about plastic surgery are rampant. Here are some of the treatments that Somers is speculated to have received: breast augmentation, lip injections, Botox injections, and eyelid surgery. Whatever her views on plastic surgery may be, Somers has been very candid about preferring alternative medical treatments and a healthy diet to treat cancer. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Dolly Parton – $25,000

Country legend Dolly Parton has been candid about the plastic surgeries she’s received. In an InTouch interview, she once said that “[a]nybody that’s got the nerve, desire and the money to have surgery, should find a good doctor and just do it.” She’s clearly an advocate of going under the knife!

The singer, now in her 70s, has admitted to breast implants, chin liposuction, fillers, and undereye bag work. But in 2012 she said “These days, I do very little — just fillers and Botox. You owe it to people not to look like a dog if you can help it!”

Heidi Montag – $1 Million+

Heidi Montag, the former reality television star, is a self-proclaimed plastic surgery “addict.” In fact, these days she might be more famous for all the outlandish changes she’s made to her appearance than for her days on MTV’s The Hills.

In 2012, Montag confessed to blowing more than a million bucks on surgery. She had 10 procedures in one day, including a nose job, breast implants, a butt enhancement, liposuction, and a brow lift. She blames her love for plastic surgery on being insecure, but now says she regrets going so far off the deep end with it.

Megan Fox – $8,000

Megan Fox has always been recognized mostly for incredibly good looks, and is a 13-year old boy’s dream. She has also played roles in films such as the Transformer franchise, Jennifer’s Body, and a other less-known B films. Before her procedures, she was already recognized as a beautiful actress, and yet around 2013, people began noticing some changes.

Although she denies it, it is evident that she has had some serious work done. It has been reported that she underwent breast augmentation, cheek implants, lip fillers and Botox. Even though she won’t admit it, the transformation tells all.

Natalie Suleman – $12,500

Natalie Suleman, better known as “Octomom” gave birth to eight children at once in January, 2009. Her pregnancy and birth gained national attention, and Suleman appeared on numerous talk television shows as the nation followed her and the children.

With all of this exposure, came a fair bit of money. After dealing with an eight-child pregnancy, birth, and now raising eight babies, she decided to treat herself. She decided to undergo lip injections, a nose job, and vaginal rejuvenation (for obvious reasons).

Pamela Anderson – $10,500

Pamela Anderson used to be a household name for her natural beauty, and actress on the hit series Baywatch. Also, being a Playboy Bunny certainly helped, along with the numerous adult films she has been a part of.

Although she was once young, and beautiful, time eventually got to her. To fight against time, she underwent numerous surgeries in order to maintain her once sought after look. These surgeries included breast implants and face tightening procedures.

Laura Flynn Boyle

Known mostly for her role in the 1990’s show Twin Peaks, as well as her appearance in the comedy film Men in Black II. Later in her life, Boyle certainly underwent some cosmetic surgeries. Unfortunately, these surgeries had the opposite effect she wanted, and instead of making her look young, made her look worse than ever.

In 2006, the actress underwent serious surgery which included rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, facial fillers, and a brow lift. In the end, these procedures caused her face to puff up and in turn sag, making her almost unrecognizable.

Pete Burns – $38,000

Pete Burns was the founder of the band Dead or Alive, known for their hit “You Spin Me Round”. During his time in the limelight, he developed a fascination, as well as an addiction to cosmetic surgeries. He was known to have extensive polyacrylamide injections in his lips, cheek implants, and several nose jobs.

After a botched lip job, he underwent around 300 surgeries in order to try and fix his now ruined lips. in an interview, Burns noted, “When I’m 80 and get to heaven I want God to not recognize me”. Burns also admits he has no idea how many times he had surgery throughout his life. He passed away in 2016 due to yet another cosmetic surgery malfunction.

NeNe leaks – $20,500

Linnethia Monique “NeNe” Leaks is well-known for her involvement on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality television series for eight years. She then went on to take on a variety of other television roles over the last decade from shows such as Glee, to being a judge on the show Fashion Police.

In 2013, she admitted that she has had a fair amount of plastic surer done to herself in order to keep her youthful look and figure. These procedures include a breast reduction, a rhinoplasty, liposuction, and a breast lift. one of the most tasteful transformations we have seen yet.

Janice Dickinson – $20,000

Janice Dickinson is often labeled as the world’s first supermodel. During the 1970’s and 80’s she was incredibly successful since her exotic look set her apart from all of the other typical blonde, white models at the time. She has been on the cover of Playboy, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue.

She has also been a judge on America’s Next Top Model and the star of her own show, the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Since her looks got her where she is today, it was unlikely that she was going to let them just disappear. She notes that she is no stranger to plastic surgery and has had a facelift, browlift, tummy tuck, and fillers to keep her looking good.

Heather Locklear – $18,500

In the late 1980’s after a brief career as a model, Heather Locklear became a television show star in series such as Spin City, Dynasty, Melrose Place, T.J Hooker, and Hot in Cleveland. She has also been in headlines not only for her acting, but for her intimate relationships with rock stars Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora.

Although she has had quite a bit of work done, her surgeries have not dramatically changed her appearance, or made her unrecognizable unlike some other celebrities. She admits to have a series of Botox injections, a facelift, and cheek implants to reduce sagging. Also, she has had a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty, because why not?

David Gest – $20,000

David Gest was an entertainer, comedian, and television personality. Moreover, he had many high-profile friendships which really helped to put him in the spotlight. he was married to Liza Minnelli for a little and was also close friends with Michael Jackson whom he helped produce the highest rated music special in history about the reuniting of Michael Jackson and the Jacksons.

Being in front of the camera, paired with Michael Jackson’s encouragement to get plastic surgery, Gest had a lot done. He had multiple facelifts, a brow lift, Botox injections, and had fat suctioned from his chin to create a more defined jaw line. Gest admitted that he regretted having so much work done and that it was bankrupting him.

Denise Richards – $13,000

Denise Richards was considered a heartthrob in the 1990’s. Her career consisted of being a model, and an actress. She was in series such as Married…with Children, Saved by the Bell, Starship Troopers, and Wild Things. She eventually got her own reality show and is now married to Charlie Sheen.

When she was only 19 years old, she had breast implants to increase her looks on the screen. However, the procedure was botched and she received breasts that were larger than she originally wanted. The augmentations later, she finally had the right sized breasts for her frame.

Meg Ryan – $11,750

Meg Ryan came to fame in the 1980’s after her appearances in numerous films such as Naked Gun and Promised Land. After her performance in When harry Met Sally, she became the romantic comedy go-to actress of the time.

Unfortunately, although a once adore romantic comedy star, she has been the victim of criticism for her constantly changing looks. Apparently, plastic surgeon expert Mark Youssef even commented that, “She’s had too much done”. Ryan has had just about everything done from a neck lift to countless fillings, making her another celebrity that has soiled their once good looks with artificial fillings and countless surgeries.

Trista Sutter – $10,650

Trist Sutter is a well-known reality television star on shows such as Survivor, Big brother, and The Bachelor. After becoming the runner-up on the first season of The Bachelor, she starred on the first season of the Bachelorette and found love, being one of the first to ever do so on the hit TV series.

Even after receiving $1 million from ABC for a three-episode series of her wedding, she waited years until she had any procedures done. Eventually, she had a a blepharoplasty to reconstruct and lift her eyelids as well as a breast augmentation and lift. For 43 years old she didn’t overdue it and still looks great.

Tara Reid – $9,500

Tara Reid became a renowned actor in the 1990’s for her appearance in films like American Pie, Urban Legend, Van Wilder, and My Bosses Daughter. Her most recent appearances have been on the TV show Celebrity Big Brother, as well as the Sharknado trilogy.

As Reid grew up, she had a few plastic surgery mishaps that resulted in a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck that seriously damaged the skin on her torso. However, in 2009, she revealed that the damages had been corrected as she appeared in a 2009 issue of Playboy Magazine.

Kim Novak – $9,200

Kim Novak first began appearing in films in 1954. Her well-known films include Picnic, The Man with the Golden Arm, and vertigo. However, in the 1960’s, she took a break from big films and acted in some rather forgetful movies. She eventually retired in 1991.

After her retirement, it was widely assumed that Novak would fall out of the spotlight forever. However, Novak ensured that would not happen and underwent some pretty intense plastic surgeries with cheek implants, a brow lift, and Botox injections. At the 2014 Oscars, she was completely unrecognizable next to Matthew McConaughey.

Courtney Love – $9,800

Courtney Love is the lead singer of the band Hole and is a notorious wild child. She was also married to Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain before he passed away, which really put her in the public eye and into the headlines.

Over the years, Love has had a dramatic transformation in her face and figure. At the beginning of her career, she had a rhinoplasty, and since then has spent almost $10,000 having every procedure under the sun done to her, from breast augmentations to lip injections. Many people now describe Courtney as being not totally recognizable but at least her procedures didn’t leave her face completely ruined.

Iggy Azalea – $20,000+

The Australian rapper is not as popular as she used to be when she first came out and battling for the top of the female rap chain against Nicki Minaj. Still, her looks haven’t faded and she still has some loyal fans. She used to be a little lacking in the chest area but that changed.

“I didn’t [need plastic surgery],” Azalea told DeGeneres. “There was nothing wrong with me. I think it’s a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, they should be able to make an informed decision, and if you want to change something, then that’s up to you.”

Jessica Simpson – The Cost Of Regret

We all know Jessica Simpson as the former wife of Nick Lachey. They had their own show that many fans loved watching but the match made in heaven eventually broke up and the two went down separate paths. She wasn’t happy in that relationship and clearly, she wasn’t happy with her lips!

She got lip injections recently but didn’t like the results at all. “I had that Restylane stuff,” Simpson, 33, told Glamour magazine in 2006, adding that she was disappointed in the results. “It went away in like four months…[but] thank God! [They] looked fake to me. I didn’t like that.”

Dianna Agron – $15,000

Glee was one of the most popular shows on cable. Viewers tuned in to listen to the songs they would sing with so much passion. The show was so good, it made appearances on other TV shows. Dianna Agron played Quinn Fabray on the show and admitted to getting her nose done

She had broken her nose by a collision with her friends dancing one night and that is what prompted the fix. “We had a day off [from Glee] and I met up with some of my friends and we were dancing,” she told Letterman. “There was another collision of sorts – I must be turning too quickly – but it’s fixed now!”

Kathie Lee – $1,200+

Kathie Lee Gifford is best known for her part on the talk show Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee. What’s interesting about Lee, is that she hasn’t had just one or two plastic surgeries throughout her years but she has had a handful and we can’t cover all of them. She has had different types of various body parts and we are surprised she doesn’t look that much different.

She even had a procedure done to her on live television. Lee and Hoda were the specimens and they called themselves human guinea pigs.

Kelly Rowland – $22,000

Kelly Rowland may not have been the star of Destiny’s Child but she was considered second in command. Because who can honestly outshine Queen Bey? That doesn’t mean she wasn’t talented because she surely was. She didn’t lack anything but she thought she lacked something on her chest so she got it fixed.

“I wanted to get breast implants when I was 18, but my mom and Beyoncé’s mom told me to really think about it first,” she said. “I took their advice and waited 10 years.” Well, when mom says no you listen but once you’re grown do what you want.

Victoria Beckham – $12,956

David Beckham is one lucky guy to have this woman by his side. Victoria Beckham is one of the gorgeous women on this planet but clearly, that isn’t enough for her, at least she thought. She wanted to get a bigger chest and so she did. But later on, she regretted it and got them reduced again.

“I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs,” she writes to herself. “All those years I denied it — stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.” Such a valid point she makes there.

Holly Madison – $32,000

All playmates are beautiful in their own right but Holly Madison has a distinct beauty to her. Madison has gotten work done on her face and chest area and she says it helped her get what she wants in life.

“Living with Hef brought down my self-esteem a lot,” Madison told Life & Style. “I was comparing myself to the other girls … You have to look a certain way at the mansion. Plastic surgery made it easier for me to get things I wanted in my career. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My nose photographed really big in front of my face. If I wanted to do anything in the entertainment industry, I needed to get it fixed.”

Kourtney Kardashian – $25,000

Another Kardashian has made this list (spoiler, this may not be the last one) and this time it’s Kourtney Kardashian. The more undercover one of the sisters, Kourtney got her procedure done back when she was in college. We bet that’s a bit of shocker to some of you!

She may have regrets about the decision though. “I wish I never did it,” she said. “I had great boobs. Now I’m going to have to get them redone at some point. I like to look like myself. I like imperfections, but you also want to look your best. I think lasers would be a good place to start if I was feeling like doing something.”

Gwyneth Paltrow – $1,500

Hands up if you agree that Gwyneth Paltrow would still look amazing without any type of surgery! Almost every hand should have been raised but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Paltrow went out and got botox but like several others on this list, she may have regretted doing so. And not for what you might think.

“I’ve probably tried everything,” she told the mag. “I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50. I’ll try anything. Except I won’t do Botox again because I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!”

Ashlee Simpson – $13,000

The younger sister of Jessica Simpson who was featured earlier on this list has found her self here as well. The both of them are beautiful in their own right but a little extra help never hurt anybody (not that much at least) so Ashlee decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and get some work done as well.

“I used to look at a beautiful girl on the cover of a magazine and think I could never be that,” Ashlee, this week’s Us cover girl, confessed. (Plastic surgery) is something that everybody should think about for a really long time. Once you know it’s something you really feel comfortable with, then to each their own.”

Britney Spears – $2,000

It’s Britney [expletive]! No really, it’s Britney Spears and she comes in with a minor surgery but it still counts. She had lip injections but she likes to call it “fun stuff”. Depending on who you ask then yeah, that’s fun stuff.

“I just bought the new Shiseido face wash and moisturizer,” she said. “I have no problem trying new brands. A doctor I see, [Beverly Hills plastic surgeon] Dr. [Raj] Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes — I’ve had lip injections before. He has this peptide-based face-care product; it’s green and slimy, and you mix it together and put it on your face. It does wonders. You leave it on overnight. Can you tell I love skin care?”

Clay Aiken – $11,000

He is an alumnus of American Idol, the hit talent discovery show and he has one amazing voice. Many thought he was going to win but he sadly fell short. He has also had work done but the reason behind why makes it seem like it was necessary for him to get the work done on his jaw.

“I had operative surgery on my jaw for a TMJ thing and I had them suck the fat out of my chin while they were in there,” he said. Well, it is more of a killing two birds with one stone type situation.

Tori Spelling – $13,000

Tori Spelling is one of the classic actresses on this list. Her acting days stem more than two decades ago and she is still known for some of her roles. She had work done on her chest in her early twenties but she regrets it due to to a major factor that not only affects her but those she loves.

“I got my boobs done in my early 20s, and if I had known it would or could possibly impact production of [breast] milk, I would never have had them done,” she explained while pregnant with her third child with husband Dean McDermott, daughter Hattie.

Khloe Kardashian

Another Kardashian makes the list. This time it’s Khloe Kardashian. Khloe didn’t get as much fame as her sister Kim until later on in her life. Her name started to get bigger when she was dating NBA star Lamar Odom and then when that turned into a mess, Khloe was a major hot topic. Recently, she has gone through a major transformation.

“I think plastic surgery should be viewed almost like makeup because we’re all putting on a [expletive] mask basically every day anyway,” Khloé said. “When you dye your hair, you’re changing who you are, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

Octomom – $12,810

You may or may not remember Nadya Suleman or “Octomom”. She came to the common forefront back in 2009 when she artificially fertilized herself and gave birth to octuplets! Goodness, that must have been painful and raising all of them must be a hassle!

She spent the $12k on rejuvenating her lady parts, rhinoplasty and lip job. As if her popularity wasn’t high enough, in 2013 she made a porn video and sold it to support her children. That same video won an award for best celebrity tape. How much weirder can she get?

Christopher Maloney – $92,000

This X Factor contestant Christopher Maloney was once in a peaceful place, that is until trolls started to tell him what he looks like and what he should do to himself. It didn’t sit well with Maloney which prompted him to take action. Almost $100k worth of action.

X Factor was great, but as the series was going on and the further that I got in the competition, I was getting really bad trolls and they were telling me that they were going to kill me, shoot me, I was called Mr. Potato Head, that I was ugly, that I had a big nose and it just affected me so much and at the end of the final, I did have a breakdown,” he said on This Morning.

Nicole Richie – $1,300

Nicole Richie does a lot. she is an actress, author, fashion designer and TV personality. She became really popular for her role in The Simple Life on Fox. Oh yeah, her father is someone by the name of Lionel Richie, we’re not sure if you have heard of him. She has backed up plastic surgery in the past.

“It’s all the rage,” she says of plastic surgery. “To me, it isn’t all that different from getting fake tans or teeth-whitening. Why grow old gracefully when you have the technology to prevent it?”


Ciara has been in the music game for over a decade and counting now but it seems as of late she is emerging slowly and slowly into the role of wife and mother rather than a musician. After the messy breakup with rap star Future, she moved on and married QB Russel Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

Throughout the years, Ciara has gone through a number of looks. She often changes her hair and if you notice her facial features, they too change in size and shape. Now, she has not confirmed through her own mouth that she has had plastic surgery but experts of the topic analyze her face and notice things.

Ariana Grande

The tiny singer with the huge voice is another one who hasn’t explicitly revealed that she has undergone surgery but there are plenty signs and clues that point to her doing so. Getting her fame and recognition on the teen TV show, she quickly has risen to the top of the pop world.

Does her rise have anything to do with the fact that her beauty has also gotten a boost? Something we won’t know for sure but back in 2015, she canceled the rest of her tour with no explanation. She was then seen in pictures walking her dog but her face had a looked a bit different. Many speculated that she canceled due to a botched plastic surgery.

Nicole Kidman – $1,400

Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood’s finest, on and off the screen. She has dazzling many fans with her stunning looks throughout the years when she blesses the screen with her face. But has it been her natural face the whole time? According to her, she has had surgery but she didn’t really like it.

“I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it now I can finally move my face again,” she said. Sometimes you have to find out if the grass is greener on the other side for yourself. It wasn’t for her.

Vivica Fox – $26,085

Vivica Fox might be best remembered for appearing on the soap opera Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless back in the late ’80s. She has appeared in many movies and television shows since then. As the years go by, a person’s appearance starts to change quite a bit. There is only one way to fix this, and that is to go under the knife.

Vivica Fox is now in her early ’50s and she knows that she has to compete against other younger stars for roles in movies and in films. She has obviously had a chest enhancement as shown in the image. She has also had Botox injections and lip injections as well. A little rhinoplasty has been done on her nose also.