These Are Some Of The Strangest Inventions From The Past

People are constantly inventing new things – devices and gadgets that help us get through our daily lives a little better. But there have been some pretty bizarre inventions throughout history. Just look at the coffee maker that was designed to work in the car. That one is a real head-scratcher. Join us as we take a look back at some of the weirdest inventions of the past. Would you buy any of these?

Gas Powered Rollerskates

I’m not going to say I wouldn’t try these out, because they actually look like fun. However, the entire point of rollerskates is to get out and exercise. Plus, having a tank full of gas strapped to your back while flying down the street on a pair of skates seems like a great way to — well — explode! I’m not even sure if this tech would be street-legal. Even hoverboards these days are banned in many locations.