Making It Rain: The Most Stunning Weather Girls On Television

When you were a kid, you might have found the local weather broadcast pretty dull. A lot of times it’d be an older man wearing a suit and tie as he pointed out high and low fronts on a map. Not very exciting. Fast forward to the 2010s and things have changed a bit. Nowadays it’s much more common to see female meteorologists, and let’s just say that their taste in clothing is much less stuffy than it was years ago. Take a look at some of the most gorgeous television weather girls on TV today, and try not to break a sweat.

Many Degrees for Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft was born in Moscow and her family emigrated to the San Francisco Bay area when she was a child. Evelyn would blossom into a beautiful weather forecaster and journalist. She is a graduate of the Menlo School in Atherton, California, and she is also a graduate of the University of Southern California. She possesses a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. In addition to these degrees, she also attended Mississippi State University and obtained a degree in Meteorology. Evelyn works for KCAL 9 in Los Angeles. When she is not working, she likes to sail and sample street food truck eateries.

The Midriff Queen Mayte Carranco

First, it was tight dresses with revealing parts. This time it is tops exposing midriffs. This is just so bizarre, especially when it comes to these hot weather forecasters! There may be a connection to viewership numbers and racy outfits on weather forecasters. No one wants to see some guy in a suit giving the weather report. They instead want to look at a hot babe, such as Mayte Carranco.Mayte Carranco is a weather forecaster from Monterrey, Mexico. She is known for wearing outrageous outfits to get the word out about the weather. In addition to being a weather forecaster, she is also a singer.

Is Magda Palimariu Modeling or What?

Is there a theme here or what? You have these beautiful women in somewhat scantily clad get-ups and no one seems to be complaining. Is it just us, or does the weather report seem more like a modeling shoot than the local news? Magda Palimariu is a weather forecaster from the country of Romania.Magda Palimariu is an honor graduate, which adds to her already perfect anatomy. Brains and beauty go hand-in-hand with a lot of these ladies. In addition to studying meteorology, she also studied literature and also sports journalism. Many people are fortunate to have a hot and brainy weather reporter such as Magda.

Ximena Londono Cordoba Takes It up a Notch

This has gone too far. The following photo is of weather forecaster, yes, we said weather forecaster, Ximena Londono Cordoba of Colombia. Who in the world delivers the weather in this manner? Is this the paradigm shift that the media industry is going through?Ximena Londono Cordoba wears many hats when it comes to her career. In addition to being a weather forecaster, she is also an actress and a model. Ximena is the host of the TNT Movie Club in Colombia and she works for Despierta America on Univision. She also landed a starring role in the film Matemático.

The Olympian Angie Sabrina Gonzalez

Okay, this image is a little more conservative than the rest of the pictures that have been featured in this article of the weather ladies. Notice the word little when it comes to the clothing. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez is a weather forecaster from Venezuela who graces television screens across Venezuela with her awesome looks and knowledge of the weather.As with most of the women in this article, she does more than just deliver the weather. Angie Sabrina Gonzales is also a major athlete. She is an athlete of giant proportions as she is an Olympian. She was a track cyclist who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics and she competed in the women’s road race event, finishing in 57th place.

Just Another Hot Outfit for Jackie Guerrido

These outrageously hot outfits are a bit too much! Is there some sort of revolution going on with fashion and the news industry that no one knows about? Jackie Guerrido is a Puerto Rican journalist and meteorologist who was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jackie and her family later moved to the Big Apple shortly after she graduated from high school. Jackie went to the University of Miami and became a meteorologist shortly afterward.Jackie has worked as a weather forecaster for Primer Impacto, and she is currently working as a news anchor. She has also appeared in a movie called AWOL72 as a detective.

The Traveler That Is Alex Wilson

Alexander Wilson, better known as Alex Wilson, employs her talents as a meteorologist on The Weather Channel. Alex Wilson has worked for The Weather Channel since 2013. She is originally from Macungie, Pennsylvania. She has double the brainpower, as she attended both Syracuse University and Pennsylvania State University.

Alex Wilson is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the weather business. She actually prefers cold weather over warm weather. She is a true native of Pennsylvania as she loves the Philly sports teams. She likes to travel the world and enjoys shopping for clothes as it is essentially a necessity for her job.

Yanet Garcia’s Trunk Is Full

This is just way too much for the average person to handle. This has to be a modeling shoot. Do you remember a certain song that came out in the ’90s that was performed by Sir Mix-A-Lot? The same song was sampled by Nicki Minaj years later; you probably know what we are referring to.Let us help you out. With two million Instagram followers, Yanet Garcia is a weather forecaster who is known for wearing form-fitting skirts; and we use the word form-fitting loosely. You see something that cannot be missed in the photo. She has been compared to Kim Kardashian. That is all for now.

A Stroke Won’t Stop Bri Winkler

Bri Winkler is a picture of both success and perseverance. She is a meteorologist who works on a weekend morning show based in Los Angeles for ABC 7 News. Bri graduated from the University of Miami and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric and Marine Science. She is one of those lucky people who is both beautiful and smart.

In life, tragedies befall us all. In 2012, Bri became ill and originally thought that she had problems with her blood sugar. She later found out that she had actually suffered a stroke. Bri eventually recovered and she keeps herself busy by spreading the word about strokes and stroke prevention.

The Hawaiian Native Maria Quiban

Maria Quiban is a meteorologist who works for KTTV-TV in Los Angeles, California. Maria originally hails from the state of Hawaii. Maria Quiban earned a degree in Meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2005. She originally worked for KHNL in her native Hawaii before working for KTTV in Los Angeles.Maria has been with KTTV since 2000 and this will be her 17th year working for KTTV. She is no stranger when it comes to being in front of a camera. Not only is she a meteorologist, but she has also appeared in several television shows and movies such as Criminal Minds, Everybody Hates Chris and Bruce Almighty.

Why the Texas Population Loves Chita Craft

Let’s mosey on down to the great state of Texas as we take a look at Chita Craft. Chita Craft is a member of the KHOU weather team in Houston, Texas. She has worked with KHOU since July 2011. If you are up in the morning in the Houston area you will be sure to catch Chita.Chita is originally from Alta Loma, California and has a pet dog instead of a pet cat (with a name like Chita, you might expect her to be a cat owner). She has a schnauzer named Doppler and prefers coffee any day over tea. Chita has both beauty and intelligence as she possesses an AMS seal of approval and also a National Weather Association seal of approval.

Sugey Abrego Might Be Heading to the Club

Okay, what exactly is going on here? What meteorologist appears on television like this? Sugey Abrego, that’s who! Sugey Abrego is a meteorologist who works for Canal 4 which is based in Mexico. It seems like she has broken the mold of what a meteorologist looks like as she definitely has pushed the envelope when it comes to the received opinion of what a meteorologist should look like.Sugey certainly turns heads when she makes an appearance on television. Not only has she graced television audiences on screen, but she has also appeared on the cover of Maxim Mexico in 2009.

The Telemundo Star That Is Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra is originally from Peru and currently works for Telemundo’s Cada Dia con Maria Antonieta in the mornings. She moved to New York to study journalism at Hunter College and eventually was given an internship with CNN. Mary Gamarra originally worked for Univision and honed her skills there before moving on to Telemundo. She also had a life improvement segment on Noticiero 47 as well before the move to Telemundo.

She worked in Dallas, Texas for Telemundo before working on the Telemundo morning show with Maria Antonieta. In her spare time, she is a practitioner of yoga.

NBC 4 Has a Star in Domenica Davis

Domenica Davis is considered to be one of the hottest women in meteorology. She is a graduate of Boston University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism. She is also a graduate of Mississippi State University as well.Domenica Davis worked as a broadcast journalist for Fox News before moving to NBC 4 as a weather forecaster. She is known for her curvaceous body and attractive face. She tends to keep her private life private, as not much is really known of her outside of her job as a weather forecaster. Super hot weather forecasters seem to get a lot of attention, so this is understandable.

Jill Nicolini and Her Revealing Outfits

Jill Nicolini is another hot weather forecaster that juggles various jobs as a part of her list of skills. Jill Nicolini is an actress and also a model in addition to being a meteorologist. Jill Nicolini appeared on the reality television series Married by America back in 2003. Before appearing on reality television, she appeared in Playboy magazine, which cost her the Miss Long Island crown.Jill would bounce back and eventually become a meteorologist after her title was taken away. Jill originally worked for WPIX before working for WB11 Morning News. She also appeared on the Opie and Andy Show as well before working for WB11 Morning News.

Gabriela Grechi Keeps It Short

Do you see anything wrong with the image of Gabriela Grechi? Take a look at the image closely. Any woman with any other job that would wear a dress this short would instantly come under fire by their supervisor, but not Gabriela Grechi. She is a part of the new wave of hot weather reporters and she represents this trend to the fullest.Gabriela Grechi is a meteorologist who resides in Italy. She originally worked on a show named Orario Continuato, which translates to “Lunch Break.” She went on from here and landed a job for the Telelombardia network for station Rete 4.

Meet the Multitalented Ariane Brodier

Ariane Brodier is a beautiful meteorologist who is of French descent. Ariane graces the screen on M6. In addition to doing the weather, she is also a television host who has a wittier side as a humorist as well. She can be both serious and funny, and also gorgeous without any problems at all.

She is considered to be one of the hottest meteorologists in her field. Ariane also uses her talents as a columnist and she has worked in other genres of television such as music television. She has been a part of such music shows as The Alternative and CLUB.

Elita Loresca Keeps the Viewers Watching

Here we have Elita Loresca. Elita Loresca is a Filipino-American meteorologist. She worked in her native country, the Philippines, for a while until she moved to America and settled in California in 2004. She has worked for KGET-TV and KGPE –TV in California. In addition to working in California, Elita has worked for WSVN 7 in Miami, Florida, and she currently works for ABC-13 Eye Witness News in Houston, Texas.

As with many of the ladies in this article, Elita obtained her Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State. She has two lovely children and a dog who’s named Barrie Sanders. Elita loves to exercise and especially favors Cross-Fit and Kick Boxing.

Best of Both Worlds Cristina Blackwell

Cristina Blackwell previously got her start as a weather girl at Univision as a weather girl. But due to her immense popularity and astounding beauty, Cristina has jumped from being a weather girl to the San Antonio, Texas market where she will host S.A. Live, a daily living program kind of like San Antonio’s version of the Today show.

Cristina’s mother is from Mexico and her father from Alabama, and she was born in SA, so the move is certainly a return to her roots and she speaks both Spanish and English, which will serve her well in SA. She already has quite a fandom online and that will likely only grow and she continues to move up in the journalism world!

South of the Border Beauty: Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado is a weather girl from Juarez, Mexico. Her stunning good lucks are so popular her notoriety has definitely jumped south of the border! Mexico has kind of reputation, at this point, for having some of the hottest and most beautiful women as weather girls and as TV hosts in general.

Allegedly, a lot of men tune in to watch her talk about Mexico’s latest weather conditions even though it will till them absolutely nothing about their local weather. Perhaps, Diana will one day make her move to an American market, she will undoubtedly have success since she already has many American fans.

Across The Pond Cutie: Sian Welby

Sian Welby is a weather presenter from across the pond in England. Not only is this blonde bombshell beautiful but she is also funny and she gives comedy weather forecasts. Her comedy forecasts have become so popular and a few have even gained popularity on the internet, gaining her fans on the international level.

She has been the face of Channel 5 weather since 2010. Recently, Sian even appeared on BBC radio to engage in a pun battle with a fellow male presenter, is there anything more British than a pun battle?! Sian is the rare combination of amazing personality and beautiful looks, it’s a win-win situation here folks!

Susana Almeida’s Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

Susana Almeida is a Mexican weather girl based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Susana has quite a following across the world due to her beautiful face and amazing figure! Susana was subject to viral fame after a clip that purported to show her having a wardrobe malfunction went viral across the Internet. Yikes!

Of course, like other Mexican weather girls, Susana has maintained a vigorous workout regimen to keep her amazing figure in check. Although, she suffered one some may view as an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, Susana took it in stride. She can certainly be counted as another weather girl whose beauty has gained her notoriety around the world.

Kait Parker’s Wholesome Beauty

Kait Parker is a meteorologist with The Weather Channel. Kait has a wholesome beauty that has gained her many followers around the world. Recently, Kait gained even more popularity after using her brains to school alt-right website Breitbart with some facts about climate change. After Breitbart, as is common with the website, posted an article making false claims about climate change and that the weather was actually cooling, Kait gave them a special message on air.

Kait had this to say, “Here’s the thing: Science doesn’t care about your opinion,” Parker said. “Cherry-picking and twisting the facts will not change the future, nor the fact—note, fact, not opinion—that the earth is warming.” The only people who have anything to gain from saying global warming is fake are huge corporations with factories that are pumping harmful chemicals into our air and environment. It’s important to stay vigilant about the real “fake news”. It doesn’t get any better than Kait’s beauty and brains! Check out the moment here:

Beauty and Brains Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson is another meteorologist on The Weather Channel. She first hopped on board with The Weather Channel team in 2013. Alex gained her degree from Penn state and was even awarded a scholarship from the Weather Channel, before ever working there, to study meteorology.

She graduated with honors from school, and is definitely another on the list who has both beauty and brains. She has gained popularity for her personality and her beauty. Alex says when she’s not doing the weather she loves spending time with her two dogs, is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves read about pop culture. Hey, maybe she’ll check out this list!

Gorgeous Indra Petersons

Indra Petersons is a meteorologist seen on programs like CNN’s “New Day” and now works for NBC News. Indra is of Latvian origin but she was born in the United States. Her first gig in weather was working in El Paso, Texas.

Indra has gained popularity for her beautiful face and personality, not to mention she has a great figure too! She obviously stays in shape and on social media she claims to be a nutrition junkie, so health is obviously very important for her. In 2013, Indra got married to former Marine and military sniper Jake Wood of Iowa.

Marilu Kaufman’s Amazing Figure

Marilu Kaufman is a Mexican weather girl who is known for her stunning figure which she shows off in super tight dresses. Of course, like many of her colleagues she has gained leagues of male fans across the international stage. Although some have criticized Mexican news stations for constantly sexualizing their female presenters and even more specifically their weather girls, but it’s clear they know that an attractive womanly figure sells.

If you check out her social media you will see that she has cultivated quite the following. Marilu has gained over 28,000 followers on Instagram where she posts a mix of selfies and photos of herself on set. Check her out today!

Llarisa Abreu, A Bilingual Dream

Gorgeous Llarisa Abreu has been working for the AccuWeather Studios for a few years now. While she is an American, her reports are broadcast to Bermuda, and she has become quite the hit! It’s easy to see why, with her beautiful good looks. She is also bi-lingual in English and Spanish and has gained fans on international scale.

Llarisa has said, “I must say I feel very blessed and humbled to be well received by the people. I’ve connected with the audience so well and I feel so comfortable getting up there and presenting the weather.” Llarisa is of Dominica descent but was raised in New Jersey, she says she hopes that she will be able to visit Bermuda where she often gives weather reports about. This beauty also has a good heart and volunteers for Certified Angels, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping inner-city kids pursue their dreams.

Irene Sans Market Crossover Queen

Irene Sans is a beautiful former Telemundo chief meteorologist. This girl isn’t your typical Mexican weather girl, she is a beauty with brains who is an actual meteorologist. She has even appeared alongside iconic meteorologist Al Roker on the Today show!

She is bilingual and has a degree in meteorology and Hispanic market communications which makes her an obvious fit for a market like Telemundo. As of 2015, she has been working in the “general” English speaking market in Orlando, Florida and no doubt she will be just as successful! Irene is a true blue scientist so if you follow her on social media expect a lot of weather talk, her pretty face is just a bonus!

California Girl Julie Durda

Julie Durda is a beautiful California girl who now does the weather in another beach state, Florida. Julie was once a professional cheerleader for the football team the San Francisco 49’ers and she was even a contestant on The Bachelor.

Julie was also once a host of the show Battle Bots which could be seen on Comedy Central. Julie is super popular due to her beauty and fun personality. She is also super active on social media. Her Bachelor days are behind her however, and Julie is now happily married and is also a new mom to her baby son Dillon.

Sunny Shay Ryan

Beautiful Shay Ryan is a meteorologist for ABC news in Tampa, Florida. Shay is active on social media and is super well-known for her bubbly personality and blonde good looks. However, not everything has always been Sunny for Shay, in 2013 she had to take some time off to have several spots of skin cancer removed.

Luckily, the cancer was treated early so she is back in fighting form. Definitely have to be careful in a sunny climate like Florida, of course no one would know that better than meteorologist Shay! Of course, you can check her out on her various social media accounts and keep up with the gorgeous gal.

Catch Molly Rosenblatt in the Movies, Too

Molly Rosenblatt is a native of Minnesota. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has a degree in Journalism. Molly went on from Golden Gopher country and attended Mississippi State University to obtain a degree in Meteorology.

In addition to being a meteorologist, Molly Rosenblatt lends her talents to WOFL as a Traffic Anchor. In this day and age, it helps to get all of the exposure that you can, especially when you work as a television personality. Molly is one multi-tasking woman and she has also appeared in several movies which include The Last Day of Joseph Goebbels, Budapest Hotel, and The Mechanic.

Los Angeles Loves Tuning in for Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson is originally from Plymouth, Michigan. She first attended and graduated from the University of South Alabama and obtained a degree in meteorology. Jackie then attended Middle Tennessee State University and graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. She worked as an anchor for KCAL 9 before eventually working for KCBS in Los Angeles.

Jackie appears on weeknights for KCBS Los Angeles. Jackie has been seen wearing skirts that take your attention away from her forecasting the weather. As with most beautiful ladies, especially the ones in this article, Jackie has appeared on numerous television shows and appeared in the movie Battleship in 2012.

Cheering For Megan Glaros

Blonde bombshell Megan Glaros is a meteorologist and entertainment reporter based in Chicago. Megan is also a former NFL cheerleader and you used to be able to find her on the sidelines cheering on the Indianapolis Colts! She has worked for a few different stations over the years including the Florida market.

She was there when the horrifying Hurricane Katrina hit, which undoubtedly prepared her to face the worst in weather for the rest of her career. Megan has also been involved in dance since she was a young girl as well as professionally modeled over the years, and it’s easy to see why!

Fine Sabrina Fein

Sabrina Fein is the chief meteorologist in San Diego, California. Sabrina is a gorgeous brunette who has apparently always been interested in the weather. Her family and friends have said she has always had an uncanny knack for predicting the weather even since she was a kid!

Sabrina also happens to be talented in the looks department and has sported some looks that rival her Latina counterparts. In February of 2017, Sabrina took maternity leave to welcome her second baby and her station sent her off in style with an on-air baby shower. You can catch up with her on her various social media accounts!

Maria Timmer: That’s Doctor To You!

Maria Timmer is a 29-year-old meteorologist from Nicaragua. She worked for Fox News until 2016, but left the station in order to pursue her PhD at Central Michigan University. Up until then, Maria could regularly be seen on various Fox programs including Fox & Friends.

It’s a pretty big deal for a young person to manage to make it on to a national market. We will undoubtedly see bigger things from her in her future especially after she can be referred to as Dr. Timmer! The love of weather definitely runs in the family and in 2014 Maria tied the knot with fellow meteorologist and storm chaser Reed Timmer.

Vera Jimenez’s Perfect Fit

Vera Jimenez is a meteorologist based in Los Angeles. She is originally from Mexico but has lived here since she was a small child. While in college, Vera originally thought she was study medicine but soon switched to broadcast journalism which has proven to be a perfect fit.

She has gained quite a bit of notoriety in California and elsewhere and people love to watch her for her personality and good looks. While many speculated whether or not Vera was a married woman, in 2016 she verified that to be true and revealed her marriage to businessman Brian Herlihy. Oh well, at least we can watch her on the weather!

Janice Villagran Crossing Borders

Janice Villagran is another astounding beauty from south of the border. She is currently a presenter on iTestigo. Janice is known for her sexy outfits, beautiful face, and flirty demeanor. She is super active on social media where she posts a variety of selfies and on-set antics.

As with many other south of the border female reporters, she often pushes the bar with her super tight outfits which show off her amazing figure. If you check out comments on her social media pages, it is clear that she has crossed borders with her popularity as there are tons of comments from both English and Spanish speakers. Can you blame them? Janice’s beauty knows no bounds!

Leticia Castro, YouTube Sensation

Leticia Castro is another phenomenal beauty who has both a stunning face and beautiful figure. She is currently the weather anchor on ABC in Norcal/Vegas. In the past she worked for various Spanish language networks, including Telemundo and Noticias Univision, before crossing over into the general market.

She is also, unsurprisingly a former beauty queen. She is also an avid Youtuber and regularly posts travel v-logs and beauty tutorials. She also founded her own beauty pageant called Nuestra Belleza Latina which she has said is a way to give back to fellow young Latina women while empowering them strive for and reach their goals.

Beach Beauty Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill is the Action 10 Weather reporter in Corpus Christi, Texas. Sonya was actually born in Corpus Christi but was actually raised in Orange Grove, Texas and Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Sonya has said that she has been interested in weather since she was a child since she loved the outdoors.

She also currently takes advantage of her current surroundings and loves to be by the beach. Other beach activities she loves include snorkeling and jet skiing. Sonya is also a former beauty queen who once competed in the Swimsuit USA International in Riviera Maya, Mexico. She finished in the top ten out of 70 other women, and it’s easy to see why!

Latina Lovely Carolina Ramirez

Carolina Ramirez is the weather girl at American Spanish language news station Despierta America. Carolina is based in Miami, Florida. Miami is known for it’s large Latino culture, so for this Spanish speaking lady, the market is perfect for her. Carolina is known for her curvaceous beauty so it’s certainly easy to watch the weather.

She has also been seen on other iconic Spanish language television shows like Sábado Gigante. Carolina is also a former beauty queen and was the first runner up in 2010’s Nuestra Belleza Latina. Carolina is active on social media where she posts updates very often on both Facebook and Instagram. Check out this beauty today!

Romania’s Roxana Vancea Goes Viral

Much like fellow weather girl Susana Almeida’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction went viral, Roxana Vancea suffered a similar fate in 2016. While on air during a live telecast, Vancea decided to do an impromptu set of jumping jacks which lead to a rather revealing moment.

Naturally the video of the incident went viral, making Roxana into an internet superstar virtually overnight. This isn’t the first steamy moment for the now-infamous weather girl, and it appears that wardrobe malfunctions are fairly common for her. No wonder the weather segment is so popular!

The Gorgeous Christina Loren

Christina Loren isn’t the type to wear revealing outfits that reveal much cleavage. She is more of the classy type but her looks are stellar and the way she carries herself adds to her appeal. You try and pay attention to the weather forecast but you end up looking at her nice dress and that nice smile

Pretty much what we are trying to say is that her professionalism is top notch and it’s the way she carries herself that got her landed on this list. From the image above, you can see that her dresses are an appropriate length and her smile great.

Lluvia’s Got It Going On

Are you familiar with Lluvia Carrillo? If not, you need to get familiar quick but luckily for you, we are here to help you out. You can bet it would be hard to look away from the screen when she is dishing out the weather. This Mexican beauty is known for putting you into a daydreaming trance.

Her outfits are classy with an edge to it. The leggings give the viewers a chance to see any curves she may be packing and she has nice long and flowing hair that she can let rest over any cleavage that might show.

Kristi Capel Is A Hot One

Kristi Capel is a former beauty queen! In 2005, she won Miss Missouri and apparently, she has been successful at everything she has done since then. She isn’t Instagram famous or wearing the clothes that give you an eyeful but out of respect for her beauty, she is automatically known as one of the hottest.

She started out as a forecaster for WBRE-TV before she got a co news anchor gig for Cleveland’s Fox 8. She is tall and fit and that is by no coincidence because she earned a scholarship to college for volleyball.

Vania Is One You Won’t Forget

Vania Manzano can be found on Instagram with thousands of followers in awe by her nice body that she loves to flaunt. She posts videos of her workout routines and photos of her antics at work on her Instagram. She is a weather girl on TV but she may be a model on Instagram with all the proteins she posts pictures of.

She likes to share what is going on in her daily life so people get to know the real her and not just the woman who works for TV Azteca Jalisco. she works hard in her professional life and her personal life and she enjoys both very much.

Let It Shine on Sheena Parveen!

Out in Philadelphia, you can find one of the hottest weather girls there is. Her name is Sheena Parveen and she was in Tampa, Florida before going to Philadelphia. When she came to her new city, people were shocked because she could easily pass for a supermodel but no, she was just helping people with the weather.

In any of her outfits, you are able to see the curves that she was blessed with so male viewers love to sit back and watch befoe they get their day started in the morning. Now gone from Philadelphia, she utilizes her talents at NBC Washington.

Patricia Jaggernauth, Your Child’s Crush

Out in Toronto, you have this woman Patricia Jaggernauth. She strives to be more than just a weather woman and is not scared to be the center of attention. She takes on everything with professionalism and grace. It didn’t take her long to become one fo the most well known and liked personalities at her station.

The picture you see above is one of her more subtle ones. She is usually in a bathing suit soaking up the sun and like we said, is the center of attention but that comes naturally. She is the real deal.

Don’t Stare Too Long!

Here we have Mélissa Theuriau. She stunningly gorgeous and thanks to that, she is popular outside of the weather forecasting world. She is an internet sensation too. She has videos of her reading the news which is evidently all she has to because she was voted one of the most beautiful news reporters in the world.

She is French if you were wondering. This Frenchie once posted a picture of her topless at a beach. As if she didn’t get enough attention already. That probably got her tons more followers. Maybe, just maybe she was presenting the weather?

Grab Some Shade With Zelenny

What is bad weather when you have Zelenny Ibarra presenting it? Even if she tells you it’s going to hail and be thunderous, her looks would take away from the severity of the weather she just forecasting. Too bad for any guy out there who has the chance to get to know her because she is married.

She is known for her short and attractive dresses. She has been in this industry for over a decade so she knows what she is doing and knows how to look good while doing it. Her husband is lucky and those that get to tune into her on the regular are blessed.

Get To Know Lissette Gonzalez

Yet again we have a subtle beauty. One who doesn’t really flaunt it but if you just take a look you can appreciate her. She has been serving as the morning and noon meteorologist on CBS4 in Miami since 2007. She is originally from Miami A true professional, she got her degree in Certified Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State and did so with honors.

She was named best meteorologist by the Miami New Times “Best of Miami 2013”. She has a multitude of talents in her background including Broadway star and former beauty queen. Be sure to check her out if you are in Miami!

Get The Record Straight With Maria LaRosa

Think long and hard about a list of hot weather women that doesn’t include Maria LaRosa. We know, you might be thinking for a long time. The answer is simple, there is no list like it out there. If there is a list that doesn’t include LaRosa, the person who made it needs to be suspended until further noticed!

Born in New York, but she grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey. Her career has spanned from Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Ohio and all the way to Georgia, which she worked for ABC. She is still working in Georgia today.

Have You Heard About Florencia Medina?

Florencia Medina hails from Argentina. She is probably one of the very few hot Argentinians that report the weather out there. For some odd reason, they are not that big on beautiful weather girls. We don’t know exactly why that is the case but it is and nothing can be done about but appreciate Medina that much more.

An appreciation of her would be something like admiring her long hair and just her overall beauty. She’s got the looks and skills and her smile is amazing. You can’t go wrong if you tune into her.

Watch Out Now, Mabel Salinas

Another beautiful weather girl of Mexican descent to grace our list. The attractiveness is obvious the moment you look at her. She knows what she’s got and wants us to see it too. Can you blame her? Mabel Salinas is one of the most under the radar but beautiful weather girls we have internationally.

Like we said, she knows she’s got it and makes it look great. Above she is seen wearing a tank top like shirt with the cleavage on full. Those who tune in and watch her are for sure in for a treat every time.

Naile López Has Got A Great Figure

Some of these weather girls have gained a huge following thanks to their outfit choices for the most part but there is no shame in their game. Most of the time it is on purpose but other times, wardrobe malfunctions take place and the weather girl can do nothing about it. We know López is beautiful but she is victim to one of these malfunctions as well.

She once wore a pair of brown shorts that seemed to hug her tight and an outline of her private lady parts appeared to be showing. Instant fan hysteria took place after that.

One Look And You’re Hooked on Lozoya

It isn’t hard to tell why some of these women are on this list. Their beauty is evident and their presence on screen demands your attention. For this young lady, Gaby Lozoya, some fans set a timer so that they won’t miss her do her job. She has curves for days and wears clothing that perfectly compliments this.

She has millions of fans on social media and her fame is growing on the daily. Who can stop her? She is just being herself and using what she was blessed with so that we say, keep on going.

You Can Count On Perla Montemayor

With 19.4k followers alone on Instagram, it is safe to say that this Univision Texas weather girl is a hit with her fans. Her page is also filled with fitness posts as well so she could very well be an Instagram model too. That is not the point we are trying to make. The point is, the bottom line that she is a true beauty.

The curves are obvious but once you see her great smile, you will want to tune in every day that you can. Even if it means waking up earlier than usual, you can bet that you will not want to miss her.

Chrissy Teigen, The Failed Weather Girl

Chrissy Teigen, the lovely supermodel that everyone seems to adore. She is also married to singer John Legend and they have a child together. A little-known fact about Teigen is that before her modeling career took off, she used to host a few weather shows. While her beauty and personable charm were on display in front of the prompter, her career as a weather girl didn’t go quite as smoothly as she would have hoped.

In fact, she was so bad that she didn’t even know what day of the week it was while on live TV. With her superstar modeling career and gorgeous A-list husband, things turned out just fine for this former weather girl.

The Dean Of Weather

Meet Janice Dean, she works for Fox News. And for anyone wondering if she is single, she is happily married. Her nickname is “Janice Dean, the Weather Machine” She is originally from Canada and got married to her husband, Sean Newman in 2007. He is a firefighter and she predicts the forecast, a match made in heaven.

She has two kids as well that she raises so she is a mother and a weather girl. Life could get hectic for her sometimes but as long she looks in the mirror every day and sees her good looks, that should help her through the day.

Ring The Alarm!

It is a shame that we let her get this low on the list but sometimes the best is saved better for towards the end. Meet Pamela Longoria. She is just your regular weather girl with 131k followers on Instagram, oh and she is extremely stunning to watch. She dresses to present the weather like she is going to an award show and we are not mad at her at all.

She lets her curves show but she does so in a classy manner. Even her friends are beautiful! They say birds of the same feather flock together and she flocks with the beautiful girls!

Keeley Donovan Is Legit

Keeley Donovan is an English journalist and broadcaster. She is one of those subtle beauties that you don’t get to run into all the time so that would make her unique. She began broadcasting at the early age of 14 for her local news channel in Immingham. While she was in school, she began freelancing so that she could earn some money.

It would appear that her work ethic has been high since a teenager and we cannot knock the hustle one bit. She began doing weather forecasts for BBC but not prior to that.

Sarah Cruddas

Sarah Cruddas is a beautiful blonde British journalist who has largely reported on the weather, particularly in her early career. However, Sarah’s true calling is “space journalism” and she even holds a bachelor of science from the University of Leicester in astrophysics and a post-grad diploma in broadcast journalism. Although she has beauty she most certainly doesn’t lack brains!

She is an advocate of space exploration and recently penned a children’s book on the topic for all the future space explorers of the world. She has even appeared in a movie (where she played a “newsreader,” of course) for illusionist Derren Brown, entitled Derren Brown: Apocalypse!

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson is another beautiful blonde weather girl who can be right here in the good ‘ol USA. Of course, it should be no surprise that she can be found in sunny Los Angeles, California although she originally hails from Michigan. After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism, Jackie started her career in Florida in weather and has remained in the discipline since.

She was married to former NFL player John Kidd for several years before they divorced in 2015 in a split that made gossip headlines. It was alleged that perhaps Jackie had left John for Foo Fighters front man and former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl. Although, it seems nothing ever came of the possible relationship.

Lucy Verasamy

Lucy Verasamy is British weather presenter who can be found on ITV. The stunning brunette originally went to school for Geography so it is kind of interesting that she ended up in weather. Lucy is known for her very classy appeal, yet she not had a boyfriend publicly.

She is very active on social media where she interacts with fans about various topics including weather (of course), cricket, and football matches. Lucy has also begun working for ITV Racing, which includes covering horse racing events. Most recently she was reporting from the Royal Ascot where she was decked out in the finest attire including a massive hat as is custom to do at horse races of the caliber.

Carol Kirkwood

Although Carol Kirkwood is not the youngest spring chicken on the list, she has a pretty large fan following on the internet. Fifty-five-year-old Carol has long been employed by the BBC but back in the early 1990s she worked at a TV Channel called Windsor TV alongside now world-famous comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen.


She has also appeared on various other TV shows and panels including England’s “Strictly Come Dancing” which is their version of “Dancing with The Stars” and she finished in tenth place on the show. Clearly, when it comes to Carol’s looks and charm, age is nothing but a number!

Angie Gonzalez

Angie Gonzalez is a yet another gorgeous weather gal hailing from our neighbor in the South, Mexico. Angie works for Milenio a 24-hour news channel in Mexico. She originally hails from Monterrey and like many of her cohorts is known for her beauty.

Although, south of the border it is quite common for stations to find the most beautiful women they can find, who serve as more model than meteorologist (not that we’re complaining). The station that Angie works for in particular is known for really pushing the drool factor with their ladies and are known to be even more scantily clad than others within the same field.

Eli Kari

Eli Kari is a Norwegian television presenter and author in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Before getting her degree, Eli worked as a waitress, bartender, and even teacher at a local school. Ultimately, she earned her degree and began working as a television presenter specializing in weather. However, she did not completely abandon her earlier professions and has even released a book on cocktails.

She later published a children’s book on weather which apparently runs in the family as her grandfather, Knut Gjengedal, was also a well-renowned children’s author. Eli is known for spicing up otherwise run of the mill forecasts and even once sang an entire weather broadcast which can be seen on YouTube!

Jennifer Reyna

Jennifer Reyna is an American weather girl who was raised in California and now calls Houston, Texas home. She launched her career in media after winning a bikini contest! Jennifer is well known for her beauty and unfortunately for this stunning brunette, her beauty and fame has brought about some malcontent in her life.

In 2013, Jennifer had a stalker named Christopher Olson who was eventually arrested by police after the man repeatedly showed up at her place of work and various establishments which she frequented. Jennifer told police that she was in fear for her life. While fame certainly seems enamoring from afar, it certainly has it’s dark sides!

Samantha Mohr

Samantha Mohr is a meteorologist from Georgia. Although, she is also another of the “older” women on the list, she is well known for her beauty. Actually, before she embarked on her career as a meteorologist she won the Miss Georgia beauty pageant back in 1985, and even competed for the Miss America title in 1986. As of now she works at the station WXIA-TV in Atlanta.

In addition to her meteorology degree, Samantha also holds a bachelors degree in speech pathology and a minor in audiology! In addition to her beauty, Samantha is also among the most educated of the list with an actual intention to use her degree. Quite an impressive education for this stunning woman!

Prissila Sanchez

Prissila Sanchez is a gorgeous red-head weather girl who works for Univision based in San Antonio, Texas. Prissila originally hails from Reynosa, Tamaulipas in Mexico. Back in 2014, Prissila appeared on the show Nuestra Belleza Latina, as a contestant. The show is kind of a hybrid beauty pageant and reality show.

She later had to leave the show after becoming pregnant. As is common with many Spanish language news channels, Prissila is often decked out in super tight and revealing clothing, which definitely draws in a bigger audience to check out her weather forecasts! Prissila is definitely one of the most beautiful women on the list!

Fannia Lozano

Fannia Yadehí Lozano is a Mexican television presenter based out of Monterrey and she works for the news station Azteca Noreste. Fannia is a stunning young woman who is also very active on social media and often shares her followers glimpses of her personal life.

For instance, if you check out her Facebook page you will posts of her with her sister and her dog lounging in front of her pool. She is also a fan of the app Snapchat and she often uploads videos of her with various silly filters. Judging by her lifestyle it seems as though she either comes from a well of family or her job pays her very well!

Allison Miller

Allison Miller is a beautiful meteorologist based out of Austin, Texas. Before coming to Austin, Allison worked back in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. She has actually won a Daytime Emmy award for her reporting. Allison has also been a dancer since youth and even teaches dances classes at Pure Austin and the YMCA. She is also married with one daughter and multiple adopted pets!

Allison is also currently expecting her second child. She says since moving to Texas, she enjoy exploring the area and discovering all of what Central Texas has to offer. She often shares photos on her Instagram account of her home life including her little girl and husband.

Perla Montemayor

Perla Montemayor is a weather girl for Univision in McAllen, Texas, which is a town close to the border of Mexico. Of course, like other weather girls for Spanish language news stations, the weather is all about the tight dresses and showing of impeccable bodies. Perla is definitely no exception to the rule.

She is also a model and enjoys showing off her outfits on her social media accounts. She shares much of her life on social media including requests for hair extensions and taking a class with a kick boxing trainer. It’s no wonder this stunning woman has made fans from all around the world!

Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer possesses what have come to be thought of as all-American good looks with blonde hair and blue eyes. Dylan attended Rutgers University and graduated with a degree in meteorology. Dylan has ascended to quite high professional heights and has made it to national level news.

She works for NBC on Weekend Today as well as MSNBC. She also regularly appears on the Today show as a fill in for Al Roker. She once even had a car accident while on the way to cover a blizzard for the Today show. Luckily, Dylan only sustained a minor concussion and had no lasting injuries. She has also appeared on the Weather Channel and the NBC Nightly News so we will undoubtedly see more from this stunner in the future!

Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela Martinez is a news personality reporting on the weather from Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Although this gorgeous woman is obviously known for her looks, unlike many of her colleagues she actually does seem to take an interest in weather.

If you look at her social media you will find her posting photos and video of various weather phenomenon like tornadoes in addition to photos of her in her best modeling photo shoots. This definitely seems to be different than other weather girls from similar stations who seem to be simply models who have fallen into doing weather rather than actually interested in reporting about the topic.

Alejandra Delgadillo

Alejandra Delgadillo is another beauty from South of the border, who has an hourglass figure that will make your jaw drop! Of course, she does not hesitate to show it off while reporting the weather for Zona Rayada. She also purports to be a flag football player on her Twitter bio and also seems to be a soccer fan as she often posts photos of herself sporting her favorite team’s jersey.

In 2016, she also served as Miss San Luis Potosi in the Miss Mexico competition. While she didn’t win the overall beauty pageant, her stunning beauty was definitely enough to garner affection from fans internationally who still tune in to watch her today!

Massiel Carrillo

Petite beauty Massiel Carrillo is a weather girl in Guatemala. Massiel has a pretty large online following and is definitely a fan favorite. You can find quite a few YouTube videos dedicated to her broadcasts if you search her name.

Massiel is also very active on social media where you can find her posting about her travels (like to Miami Beach), shopping, or trying out the latest sweet treats. Massiel also definitely embraces her bombshell image and regularly posts photographs of her modeling various bikinis and even lingerie! She even re-posted an article of her claiming her to be the new hottest girl on weather TV.

Gisselle Bravo

Gisselle Bravo is an on air news reporter for Estrella TV based out of Los Angeles, California. She also appears on the program Don Cheto Al Aire. Gisselle was born in Guadalajara, Mexico but was raised in California. She started in the business very early and apparently began modeling at the age of five including in various beauty pageants and dance competitions.

She later competed on Nuestra Belleza Jalisco USA and held the title from 2012 to 2013. The current morning program she appears on Don Cheto Al Aire is the number one Spanish language news program for that time slot which is quite impressive!

Dámaris Mazzocco

Dámaris Mazzocco is a news presenter who hails from San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León Mexico. She has worked as a news presenter since 2002. While Dámaris is known for her beauty and her outfits while on air, she also has different interests than your regular model type weather girl.

She touts “God First” on her Twitter bio and also holds other interests close to her heart. She has said that she works as an indoor cycling trainer, which is probably for fun than monetary purposes. Another interest that Dámaris notes is volunteering for DIFNL which is an organization that aids children with auditory problems.

Evelyn Jimenez

Evelyn Jimenez is a news presenter from the Dominican Republic. She is definitely interested in the show business side of things, and started modeling from a young age. She later went on to compete in various beauty pageants including “Miss Hawaiian Tropic”, where she was a first runner up.

She was then able to teach herself English and enroll at the CIFALC Acting School in order to study acting. She has since appeared on various networks including Univision and Telemundo including on reality programs and “novelas” (soap operas). She has also since appeared in a few films and is currently a presenter on Televisa del Golfo.

Samantha Robles

Samantha Robles is a beautiful brunette who is a TV presenter on the Imagen Television news station. She is also in a band called Hot Berries as a singer. She previously worked at Televisa del Golfo station. It seems that music might be appealing more to the beautiful women at this time as she states on her Facebook bio “I’m a Rockstar.”

She often posts various photos of herself in her own personal life including with her boyfriend. She also promotes her band on her personal page as well as regular updates that include photos of her while presenting the weather. She certainly seems like she is destined for great things, after all, who could withstand that smile?!

Lisa Villegas

Lisa Villegas is the Chief Meteorologist at KOLD/KMSB-TV in Tuscon Arizona. Lisa loves to paddle board, salsa dance and is a die-hard fan of the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.

Out of school at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Lisa got her start out of school at KRG-TV in the Rio Grande Valley. Due to her success, she was then offered a position with CBS 11. However, while working at CBS 11, she was let go which was rumored to be due to a scandalous image that she had posted on her social media account. Yet, it seems that these accusations didn’t affect her professional success as she’s now looking and doing better than ever.

Weather Is In Kristin Clark’s Blood

WeatherNation Meteorologist Kristin Clark says on her website that both parents are also meteorologists. “My parents have been meteorologists for the same television station for over 30 years. Weather has been ingrained in me since day one, so transitioning into a career in meteorology was only natural,” she writes.

Kristin received her B.S. in Meteorology from Penn State University. She is great at her job and was one of the youngest people ever to receive the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation. Those are some pretty impressive credentials! In her spare time, Kristin enjoys cycling.