12 Lazy Cleaning Hacks You’ll Fall In Love With

It’s the little things in life that count the most, and sometimes it’s the simplest life hacks that make the biggest difference when it comes to cleaning your home.

Those simple and genius touches around your home will make a massive difference.

Don’t believe me? Just try them for yourself and you’ll soon notice a massive difference!

There are so many little hacks you can try around your home to make it cleaner and prettier than ever before!

You’re going to be very impressed with these hacks!

1. Magic socks

1. Magic socks

You know those sickeningly cozy socks that make you feel like a baby? Well, put those things on. Walk around your house. Take them off. You just dusted your apartment by simply having feet. Alternatively, stick one around your floor brush and watch the dust being swept away!

2. Remove Carpet Stains


Dropped red lipstick or spilled coffee on the carpet again? Don’t panic. Use Spray-and-Blot Spot Remover!

It’ll destroy that stain in no time at all! It’ll also destroy coffee, ink, and wine stains too!

Now you can enjoy your bottle of wine without worrying about spilling it!

3. Pet Hair


If your pets shed their hair faster than it grows, then you need a rubber broom!

Trust me, all you have to do is drag it along your carpet and it’ll pick up every last bit of fur your pet left behind!

4. Bye Bye Dusty Blinds

4. Bye Bye Dusty Blinds

For this incredible hack, all you have to do is tie two microfiber cloths to a pair of tongs, then run them along your blinds.

This way you can wipe both sides of your blinds at once! Simple yet SO effective- give it a try!

5. Dusty Fans

5. Dusty Fans

You can dust your ceiling fans with an old pillowcase. This way it traps the dirt instead of brushing it into the air.

All you have to do is put the pillowcase on each blade, and gently pull it back toward you, this way the dust falls inside the pillowcase.

6. Shower Head


If your shower head is a little worst for wear then you should tie a ziplock bag filled with vinegar and a pinch of baking soda around your shower head. You should leave it there for 1-2 hours and it’ll soon look brand new. This sounds bizarre but it actually works!

7. Glass Cleaner


If you have glass shower doors that are covered in grim, then use some Bar Keeper’s Friend. It’ll make the glass look brand new in no time at all! Now you can enjoy a long, hot shower without staring at the freakin’ dirty doors! Thank us later.

8. Scrubbing Too Much


If you’re sick of cleaning your toilet, which is covered in toilet rust and mineral rings, use a pumice stone instead of a toilet brush! Just be careful not to scrub too hard or it can take off the paint and leave it looking grubby!

9. Smelling Good!

9. Smelling Good!

You should hang up a toilet refresher if you don’t want toilet rust and mineral rings to come back.

This way you won’t have to ever scrub so much again!

Try this out and make less work for yourself in the long run- it’s a win/win!

10. Clean Cooktop

10. Clean Cooktop

If you want to add some sparkle to your cooktop then simply drizzle some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Then all you have to do is quickly scrub the cooktop with a dish brush using circular motions. The result is amazing and only has to be done ever so often!

11. Clean Again…

11. Clean Again…

If you want to make your white porcelain sink white again then use a little baking soda and just a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to clean it up! You never would have believed how handy baking soda and hydrogen peroxide was until reading this article- they’re miracle workers!

12. Fresh Sink…

12. Fresh Sink…

If you’re sick of having a smelly sink then you should grind up ice, citrus peels, and peach pits. Your kitchen will soon start smelling fresh!

The ice and peach pits will also clean out any stuck food bits in the garbage disposal.

Which cleaning hack was your favorite? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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