These Humiliating ‘Stinky Situations’ In Professional Sports Are Super Unfortunate

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be a professional athlete. You have to train every day, take your diet extremely seriously, and be willing to push your body to its absolute limit.

The thing about pushing your body is that sometimes, your body pushes back. These athletes learned that first hand, and often in the worst way possible, when they ended up doing the dirty in the heat of battle. What makes things worse is that many of these moments were captured on camera.

Happens Every Game

Channing Crowder is a bit of a wildcard. During his playing time, Crowder made a habit of wetting himself during the game. There wasn’t a game that went by that Crowder didn’t pee his pants, and during his six-year NFL career, that can really add up. Considering the Miami Dolphins play in all-white jerseys, it’s amazing to see Crowder’s commitment to his craft. Maybe he’s just really hydrated all the time, so it comes out more clear than yellow. That’s the sign of a good teammate right there. Hydration is the key to peak performance. Now if the Dolphins could just get past Brady and the Patriots…

Manny Being Manny

If you don’t know about the greatness that is Manny Ramirez, you were born in the wrong generation. Manny was the ultimate character out on the field, and was known for pulling antics left and right. So, it’s only natural that when Manny had to go and use the bathroom, he didn’t let something like being out on the field during a game get in the way. Manny used the Green Monster’s door from the field to duck in and take a quick wiz, all while he was standing out in the field. There were just some things that Manny could do that no one would ever dare to dream possible.

Can’t Wait For Weightlifting

Getting ready for the Olympics, you have to put yourself through intense physical exertion in order to reach your goals. You’re always looking for that new personal best because you never know what the competition has in store. When Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero went to the 2012 London Olympics to represent Ecuador, she put it all on the line. Unfortunately for Guerrero, her body betrayed her when she hoisted 128 points clear over her head. The involuntary accident made headlines, but if there was ever a time to lose control of your bladder, that’s probably it.

So Raunchy

You’ve got to give it up to these MMA fighters who put their bodies on the line everytime they step into the cage. But man oh man, seeing one of them crap themselves still doesn’t get any easier to look at. Travis Wolford was not willing to tap out when he was getting submitted, but his innards sure did.

Passing out because of a submission hold is one thing, but passing a little more than just gas is something completely different. Imagine waking up to find out you lost AND sharted? Yuck. Just another reason why you’d never get me in a ring.

Vicious Bowel Movement

During Wrestlemania XIII there’s a rumor still swirling around that wrestler Sid Vicious could’ve used a bathroom break in a fight against the Undertaker. Even more bizarre is that it’s said he did it on purpose just to spice things up in the ring.

The Undertaker literally caught wind of the action, as did the referee, because the smell was so bad so quick, that changes had to be made. Undertaker promptly pinned Sid down, got the win, and rushed out of there as soon as possible. If this is true it remains the most vicious thing he’s done in the ring.

You’re Not Fooling Anyone, Izzo

Retired NFL linebacker, Larry Izzo, who played a majority of his career with the New England Patriots, had a run-in with an unwanted bowel buddy. Although it wasn’t caught on video, his coach at the time in New England, Bill Belichick, praised Izzo for taking a dump on the sideline with no one noticing.

How he did this still remains a mystery but this picture of him more recently with the Houston Texans shows that maybe he’s not done with the sideline defecation. When you have a talent, it’s always a shame to waste it. We’re keeping an eye on you, Larry.

Costly Poop

Don’t you dare take a fake dump of a football during a touchdown celebration in the No Fun League, oops, I mean the NFL. Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin got fined for an “unclassy” celebration so the league slapped him with a fine.

Where does the NFL draw the line? Even though this is one of the most light-hearted TD celebrations to result in a fine, when are the players going to be allowed to have SOME fun. In the year 2025, every player will be forced to be an emotionless robot if they want to successfully play

Speculation Is The Most Fun

History will tell you that Paul Pierce somehow overcame a debilitating injury and returned to the game from his wheelchair to help his team win a big game. But, not many people are buying it and it’s said that he didn’t get hurt during the game, and instead, he actually pooped himself.

Speculation arose when his teammates picked him up off of the floor in a bizarre fashion, almost as if he had something hiding in his trousers. Pierce didn’t have tears from the pain, he had those classic “I pooped myself” looks of horror planted on his face.

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Uta Pippig is a three-time winner of the Boston Marathon, which makes her one of the most legendary runners of all time. During one of the races she won, she starting feeling cramps about five miles into the 26-mile race. Those cramps quickly transformed into ischemic colitis which caused her to have diarrhea and blood running down her legs.

This is just another example of a runner pushing their body to the absolute limit, and unfortunately for Uta and the thousands of people watching — it was painfully obvious. The important thing is she came out as number one, even if everyone was focused on number two.

Man, We See You

During the 1990 World Cup, England’s Gary Lineker had a bit of a messy incident while on the pitch. He literally pooped while trying to slide tackle a player from Ireland and then tried to clean himself up by dragging his bottom on the ground to wipe it off.

After navigating his way around the field for a few moments while on his butt, he wiped off his hands and got up as if nothing happened. Unfortunately for Lineker, (who still has the most goals by an English player in the World Cup) everyone caught onto his stinky escape plan.

Convenient Lastname

Made up studies show that if your last name is ‘Brown’ then you’re more than likely to create some brown in your pants at least twice every three years. So, when UFC fighter Humberto Brown lost control of his bowels during a loss to Gabriel Benitez, he met his unofficial quota.

You can only guess that crapping yourself during a competition is a lot easier to deal with when you actually win. This loss for Mr. Brown just stinks – literally and figuratively. Let this be a lesson to never wear white shorts when entering the octagon.

That’s Not Mine

Anyone who has played in a beer league knows that games can get very intense and heated, and hockey is no different. Player Dave Bermingham got into a fight with someone from the other team, so that person decided it was a good idea to impregnate his hockey glove with feces.

Yes, you read that right – he actually had someone take a poo in his hockey glove after they fought. This picture was taken a week after the fight when Dave found the glove in the garbage can at the arena. Let’s hope no one saw the glove and put their hand in it. Gross.

Don’t Drink Out Of That Gatorade Bottle

NFL kicker Nick Novak forced his way into highlight films all over the league because of his dedication to staying on the field. Being a kicker would make most regular minded individuals want to pee the second they know they’re about to take the field.

All eyes are on him and fans are not easy on kickers if they don’t perform right away. Novak knew he’d be tapped on the shoulder shortly, so he grabbed the equipment intern and used him as a human shield to block him taking a whizz. Dedication to the game I guess. Kudos to you.

That’s One Way To Lose Weight

Former Seattle Seahawks center, Robbie Tobeck, was a very important piece to the Seahawks offense. He lost 10 pounds leading up to a game against the Redskins because of a virus, and the team took all the precautions necessary in case he exploded.

They had garbage bags and buckets on the sidelines in case he needed them, and well, it didn’t take long. On the first play of the game, Trobeck lost control of himself on the field. Let’s all just hope that Seattle’s QB Matt Hasselbeck was warned before he licked his fingers to call the ball to him.

And, It’s Happening

Paula Radcliffe was one of the best marathon runners to ever put her soles on the pavement. During the 2005 London Marathon, she had given herself a big enough lead in the race that when she ran into stomach issues she had no problem pulling over and “relieving” herself.

She still went on to win the race and told reporters afterward that she really didn’t want to have to resort to dropping a few pounds in front of hundreds of thousands of people but the will to win was just too much. The next time someone tells you it’s OK to quit, just remember Paula.


1982 is a race that Julie Moss would probably like to forget, but can’t. The Ironman Triathlete was working her way through a 140-mile course which she had to run, swim, and bike.

On the way to winning the race, her legs gave out from under her and her, uh, bowels followed suit. She pooped herself while on the ground and went on to describe the race as an “ultimate, giant, chocolate mess”. It’s hard to blame triathletes for not being able to control their bowels when they push their bodies to the point of complete and utter exhaustion.

In His Own Lane On This One

When Adam Lane was a running back for the University of Florida Gators, he got some serious notoriety for taking home the MVP of the Birmingham Bowl. Unfortunately for Lane, what people will really remember him for is the not-so-mysterious brown spot on his white pants.

After taking a hit on the field, he quickly ran off to hide the fact that he just crapped his pants on national TV. I can only imagine the absolute panic that would go through your mind when you realize what you just did. He came out wearing a fresh new pair of whites, but it was far too late.

Justine Time For The Show

Imagine fighting someone and having them pinned to the ground, only to get a whiff of a little somethin’ somethin’. That’s exactly what happened to UFC fighter Felice Herrig when he submitted Justine Kish after they rolled around in Kish’s poo for a few minutes.

Kish had a sense of humor about the situation by saying that those things can happen during a fight. That’s easy for her to say since it was her own brand, but for Herrig, it was probably a different story. I also feel bad for the minimum wage intern who had to rush in there and clean that up.

I Hope You Ate Already, Sorry

Swedish marathon runner Mikael Ekhall was not only auditioning his running to athletic sponsors, but he was also auditioning for a diaper commercial. This picture looks like if you get too close to your computer screen, you might actually start smelling him.

It’s probably one of the dankest looking pictures on the internet, to the point that you really start feeling bad for him. Running is hard enough, so just imagine running with the smell of a sewage system housed in your nostrils.

“You Can’t See This, Hopefully”

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for professional wrestlers in the WWE. Even if you look like John Cena (which is to say the lovechild of a defined pectoral muscle and the Hulk) you’re not immune to getting sick before a show.

In a match where he was facing Scott Steiner, he had some severe food poisoning. As we all know, the show must go on, and he had to continue on with the match as if nothing was wrong. He took a DDT (a type of wrestling slam) and immediately ran under the stage to puke and simultaneously mess up his jorts.

Surfs Up Dude

It’s hard to blame professional surfer Kelly Slater for publically admitting he regularly defecates when he’s out on the water. The combination of sharks and massive waves is enough to make even the strongest-willed person feel the need to let go.

Slater says that when he does go, he really tries to make sure that there are no surfers down current from him. Let’s hear a round of applause for Mr. Slater, who is compassionate enough to not want to poo on other surfers. Every child at the wave pool should take a lesson from the seasoned surfer.

Something Is Stewin’

While NASCAR driver Tony Stewart has yet to admit that this story is true, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests that his ‘tailpipe’ misfired during a race in 2004. He radioed his crew to have a relief driver ready as quickly as possible because he had to go to the washroom. A few minutes later Stewart came back on the radio saying that he no longer needed that driver, which suggests one thing – he drained his crankcase while driving.

He would go on to win that race, but bypassed victory lane and went straight for his trailer. He joked that he needed to brush his hair, but you weren’t fooling anyone, Tony.

Uh, George?

So, there’s a video of George Brett talking about his hilarious stories with unexpected bowel movements. In the video, he has no idea that anyone can hear him talking, but man oh man, we can hear everything. In it, he describes that he’s good to go potty in his pants about twice a year and he talks about one of the more recent times being at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

If you’ve never seen the NSFW video, you definitely have to. It’s nice to know that even some of the best baseball players to ever throw on the jersey have embarrassing regular people problems.

Bug Vs Brawn

A bad virus can do a number on your body, and Tim Sylvia learned the hard way how timing can be everything. In a fight in 2006, Sylvia said he was fighting off a bug the entire fight, but based on the results, it’s safe to say the bug won. In what would be his lasting legacy in the octagon, Silva left a brown spot on the bottom of his pants in a match against Assuerio Silva, which would unofficially become the first time in MMA history someone got the runs in the ring. There’s always a first for everything, and Sylvia earned that honor in front of a huge TV audience.

Not Speedwalking Fast Enough

Race walking has catapulted into the national spotlight by being a legit Olympic sport. When it comes to walking as fast as you can, there are just a select few that can really put their country on their back. Yohann Diniz is one of those people, as he represented his country of France in the 50k speedwalk. During the race, he looked in visible pain and apparently shoved a sponge down his pants to soak up the wet fecal matter. If that’s not bad, he then through the sponge out into the crowd, which definitely makes for one of the worst souvenirs a person can get.

White Pants Are Dangerous

White pants, while fashionable, are incredibly dangerous to wear in any situation. You have to be extra cautious with spills, and in the case of Kevin Long, farts.

The former Carolina Panthers offensive lineman had a rough start to his professional football career when in his first NFL preseason game, decided to take a chance at a fart, and it didn’t go over so well. He had a big brown stain on his white pants, and his teammates were jokingly yelling at the refs to take him off the field. Luckily, he was able to stick around the league for a bit.

Bill Walker Pisses Excellence

Basketball stadiums can be pretty big, so when nature calls, you might not be able to answer in time. Considering even the smallest amount of moisture can be dangerous if it hits the basketball court, Walker risked everything on the sidelines in order to empty his bladder. Despite being in front of hundreds of college kids, Walker decided to pee into a towel, and was applauded by the Wildcat fan base for his efforts. This led to a season-long campaign, “Bill Walker Pisses Excellence.”

The Key To .300

When you’re a hitting savant, everyone comes to you looking for pointers. Hitting a 100 MPH fastball is pretty much impossible for the average person, but ballplayers routinely drop them in the outfield. What’s their secret? Well, for Moises Alou, a little pee can go a long way.

Alou would routinely pee on his hands, which he believed would help toughen his hands so he could have more control when wielding a bat. This is the same reason batters wear batting gloves, but taking a more old-school approach. Considering he hit .303 for his career, it can’t be a totally ridiculous idea, right?

Don’t Shake His Hand

Another member of the “what’s that smell?” crowd, Jorge Posada was another player who went to great lengths to keep their body in tip-top shape. Posada would give his teammates fair warning that shaking his hand was probably a bad idea. In Posada’s mind, he believed that urine was the best way to help heal blisters and cuts that would naturally come up over the course of a year. Honestly, it’s not so crazy. You pee on a jellyfish sting to get rid of the pain, why wouldn’t a blister be the same? Maybe Jorge was on to something, or at least maybe he made fist-bumping a thing.

Nattie By Nature

Natalya Neidhart comes from wrestling royalty, so she knows that anything can happen once you step inside the squared-circle. She’s one of the longest-tenured wrestlers on the women’s roster, so most of the women look to her as a role model. So when something goes wrong in the ring, Wrestlers generally sweat all over the place, and all over each other, so it went pretty much unnoticed when Natalya got hit in the stomach and wet herself on national TV. These professional athletes take so many bumps and bruises and falls that it’s amazing this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often, but at least Nattie could laugh it off.

Wayne Gretzky Had An Oops Moment

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest NHL player of all time but that didn’t stop him from an “oops” moment during Game 2 of the 1987 Canada Cup. Gretzky was playing his heart out, as he always did when he became so exhausted that his bladder lost control while he rested on the team bench. Ever the sportsmen, Gretzky waited until the game was over to tell his fellow player of the accident. When the greatest player to ever skate manages to become worn out to the point of soiling their pants you know a great game was being played. Gretzky and Lemieux were the same line during the 1982 Canada Cup and Gretzky managed to rack up five assists, despite his urinary oopsie.

Mark “The Stink” Schlereth

Mark Schlereth was playing for the Broncos when he told his fellow athletes about the “stinkhead” fish he loved to eat. He also happened to regularly urinate himself during live NFL broadcasts. His teammates quickly put those two facts together and named him “The Stink” because of his potty habits. “Pretty much every game I did [pee himself]. I was already drenched in sweat so it was no real difference to me. So later the nickname got shortened to just ‘Stink.’ Hey, I was miserable anyhow out on the field, I wasn’t going to hold it in and become even more miserable.” It didn’t destroy his future job prospects, after leaving the NFL he became an ESPN analyst.

Yokozuna Proves That WWE Athletes Are The Best At Soiling Themselves

Yokozuna is one of the largest WWE wrestlers of all time, weighing in at a whopping 600 pounds. He was known to consume 120 eggs, 12 full-sized chickens, and a bucket-sized serving of Japanese rice every single day. With that much food going into his body, most of it had to a find a way out. During a tour in India, Yokozuna was suffering from a bad bout of diarrhea but decided to step into the ring against Bret “The Hit Man” Hart. During the match, Yokozuna climbed to the second rope and to complete his famous “Banzai Drop” maneuver. Hart quickly noticed a wet, brown stain on Yokozuna’s trunks. Hart moved out of the way at the last second and a large brown mark was left in the corner of the ring. That adds new meaning to Bonzai “drop.”

Yokozuna Even Made Stone Cold Steve Austin Soil Himself

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was fighting Yokozuna in South Africa when a body flat from the 600-pound wrestler caused Austin to leave a dirty spot in his own pants. Apparently, when Yokozuna is in the wrong, a lot of crap goes down, or out in these cases. Austin did have one advantage because his trademark pants are black which allowed him to hide the stain that quickly formed as a result of the body slam. If you don’t think WWE wrestlers put their bodies on the line you obviously haven’t seen them beat the literal poop out of each other

CM Punk And The Antibiotic Incident

CM Punk soiled himself in 2013. Punk was taking a bunch of antibiotics to fight a misdiagnosed staph infection when he decided to jump into the wring. One effect of antibiotics is often an increase in trips to the bathroom. During his December 6 match against Dean “The Lunatic Fringe” Ambrose, CM Punk soiled himself but decided to keep the match going. The best part of this fight was the look on Ambrose’s face following a roll-up pin. Punk used this embarrassing moment to highlight how his health and well-being were completely neglected by management when he was wrestling in the WWE.

NFL WR Chris Godwin Had An Accident During His Rookie Season

Oh man, talk about a horrible way to start off your professional sports career. Bucs wide receiver Chris Godwin was playing in one of his first professional matches during his rookie season when his bowel-releasing accident was caught in photos and on film. The Vikings during the 2017 season were known for having a hard-hitting defense and apparently, they hit hard enough to make a rookie evacuate their bowels. Not surprisingly, this wasn’t a moment Godwin was willing to speak about with reporters but a video fo his unfortunate accident did make its round on Twitter and appeared on major sports websites throughout the United States.

Bad News Brown And Andre The Giant

When your WWE name is “Bad News Brown” and you get stuck in a stinky bowel-releasing situation, it’s hard to forget that moment. Brown was wrestling against the legendary Andre The Giant when the bowel breakdown occurred. Andre The Giant attempted to splash down on Brown from the corner of the ring but what happened wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Brown was quickly covered in feces and ran off to the shower in disgust. After news of the incident occurred, Brown was a good sport and said he didn’t blame Andre The Giant, who was severely ill before their match started.

The 4-3 Pee Formation

In November 2016, Jonathan Stewart of the Carolina Panthers had to pee so badly that he began urinating at the start of the play, was handed the ball, evaded several tacklers, and then continued to pee while he was laying at the bottom of the pile after finally being tackled. When you’ve got to go there is sometimes nothing that can stop you. What might be most impressive is the fact that Stewart managed to grab positive yards on the play. We admire Stewart’s ability to multitask and also his ability to talk candidly about the play after the game concluded. For the record, we don’t know what formation the offense was actually running during this wet and wild play.

Even An NFL Coach Was Caught In A Pee-Filled Situation

It’s no secret that NFL players regularly relieve themselves on the sidelines of live broadcasted games. What we don’t often see is a coach doing the same. That’s exactly what happened when Washington Redskins special-teams coordinator Ben Kotwica simply couldn’t hold it any longer. The Redskins were playing the Detroit Lions and apparently, Kotwica wasn’t as stealthy as his players. A mom of two children caught this photo as Kotwica urinated into a Gatorade cup. Here’s a fun fact, he wasn’t the only coach to pee on the sideline during the game. You’ll never look at the NFL the same way again.

Cyclist Goes To Bathroom On Side Of The Road

Cyclist Tom Dumoulin was competing in stage 15 of the Giro d’Italia when he stopped to go number two on the side of the road. Not wanting to get his gear messy, he stripped down, walked down the side of the road, and took a dump in full view of camera crews and photographers. It was pretty apparent by how quickly the Dutchmen disrobed that he couldn’t wait any longer to use the bathroom. The video went viral but at least, unlike other athletes on our list, he didn’t go to the bathroom in his uniform. When you gotta go, you gotta go.