These Humiliating ‘Stinky Situations’ In Professional Sports Are Super Unfortunate

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be a professional athlete. You have to train every day, take your diet extremely seriously, and be willing to push your body to its absolute limit.

The thing about pushing your body is that sometimes, your body pushes back. These athletes learned that first hand, and often in the worst way possible, when they ended up doing the dirty in the heat of battle. What makes things worse is that many of these moments were captured on camera.

Happens Every Game

Channing Crowder is a bit of a wildcard. During his playing time, Crowder made a habit of wetting himself during the game. There wasn’t a game that went by that Crowder didn’t pee his pants, and during his six-year NFL career, that can really add up. Considering the Miami Dolphins play in all-white jerseys, it’s amazing to see Crowder’s commitment to his craft. Maybe he’s just really hydrated all the time, so it comes out more clear than yellow. That’s the sign of a good teammate right there. Hydration is the key to peak performance. Now if the Dolphins could just get past Brady and the Patriots…