The True Story Behind The “Blind Side” Shows That The Movie Didn’t Get Everything Right

Michael Oher’s story isn’t quite like every young athlete’s. While some are trained and groomed for a career in professional sports, Oher underwent some serious hardships before he made it big on the football field.

His story was inspiring enough to be made into an Oscar-winning film, but did they get everything right? Some of the facts may have been skewed in order to make the film even more impactful, which might have played a part in Michael Oher even saying he hated the movie.

Leigh Anne’s Family Was Racist

Racial issues are brushed over in the film and mentioned only occasionally. At one point, a player taunts Michael during a football game. Race is not a problem in the Tuohy home until Sean confesses that it’s strange for him to have a “black son” before having a Democrat as an acquaintance.

The book points out that Leigh Anne was raised by a racist family. She is not sure when or how her views about race change, but obviously at some point, the color lines blur. She also later said, “I married a man who doesn’t know his own color.”