Seeing These Actors With Their Stunt Doubles Really Ruins Everything

We’re all asked to do a lot in our everyday jobs, and I think most of us would love to have a stunt double. Think about it. If you have to sit through yet another boring meeting that should have been an email, wouldn’t it be nice to sub in a double to take on that role?

Well, actors have that option. Sure, it’s nice to see some actors doing their own stunts, but sometimes it’s just too dangerous. These stunt doubles deserve a ton of credit for all that they do, but seeing them next to the stars of our favorite movies kind of ruins everything.

Double Brad, Double Rad

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest
Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

If you thought Brad did his own stunts, we’re sorry to break this to you. We weren’t sure at first, but here is the proof.

He may not perform his own stunts, but he does have his own signature look. Hollywood might never find someone with his Pitt’s look again.