Our Favorite Celebs Have Been Hiding These Talents From Us This Whole Time

We all have our special talents. Some people can sing, or dance, or play an instrument, and it makes them unique and special. Some celebrities took these talents and turned them into a whole career!

However, just because they’re famous doesn’t mean that they’re a one-trick pony. Many of these celebrities have some hidden talents you probably never knew about.

Bob Barker Will Kick Your Butt

94-year-old game show host Bob Barker is known for his work on The Price is Right, but don’t be fooled by his kind persona. If he needs to, he can kick some serious butt. Barker trained and earned a black belt in karate with none other than the famed martial artist Chuck Norris.

What’s more, Barker practices the sport every day. If it helps you reach the ripe old age of 94, then sign us up. We are in. We also love Barker for his dedication to animal rights! He works with groups like United Activists for Animal Rights and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.