If You Thought Harry Styles And Gonzo Looked Alike, These Pictures Prove That Harry Stole His Look

Celebrities seem to have an effortless way about them where they look fabulous all the time. While it must be nice to have a whole team making sure your image is picture-perfect, there are also a lot of celebrities that set the trends that we all flock to.

It turns out Harry Styles IS NOT actually one of those trendsetters, because he’s been stealing Gonzo’s look this whole time! If you’re not familiar with the fashionable Muppet, take a quick look at how his outfits stack up to Harry’s.

An Old Classic

Photo Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter
Photo Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

You can’t go wrong with a classic, traditional black and white suit. Harry’s take on the classic tuxedo is a little more casual, while Gonzo’s pulled out all the stops. He’s even sporting a fancy bowtie.

These boys both look fantastic. I actually can’t decide who wore it better.