The World’s Strongest Militaries Aren’t All Created Equal

Many military powers claim to be the best, but there is a stark difference between the strongest and the rest. Not every country has the same resources, and a strong military can be extremely expensive.

There are a ton of metrics that go into determining which military is the strongest, so it’s not just about manpower or technological advances. While some countries strive to be peacekeepers, others are willing to flex their military muscle.


With a population of just 17 million residents, the country of the Netherlands maintained a decent sized military that includes 42,705 active personnel and 10,500 reservists.

With a decent sized military force, the country is able to maintain a small number of fighter jets, attack aircraft, 29 attack helicopters, and support transport. The country’s military features 144 battle tanks and relies on armored fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery for much of its ground support. The Netherlands does not operate an aircraft carrier but features frigates, four corvette warships, patrol craft, and four submarines for additional naval support. The country’s military budget is $12.6 billion.