Zoo Employees Reveal Which Animals Are Massive Jerks

Zoo Employees Reveal Which Animals Are Massive Jerks


Zoo animals are cute right?


According to these zoo keepers reveal that our favorite zoo animals are actually huge jerks!


I used to volunteer at a zoo and the biggest jerks were the ravens. They were smart and awesome for teaching activities but if they got bored they would find a way to entertain themselves.

One time a raven decided to place some of its food right outside its caged to lure a peacock. When the peacock got close and began to eat the raven would sneak up and pluck the tail feathers off of the peacock.



Ex-Zookeeper here. Orangutans are super smart, super strong, and super jerks. Well, some are. We had a female who, if you were standing in front of her indoor inclosure, would spit and hit you in the mouth every time, then grin. She grinned so big when it happened. Lesson learned.


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Swans are pure devil spawn.

They want to kill anything that moves near them. Sweet harmless baby ducks born on the pond? Initiate murder instinct. Man who feeds me and cleans my awful poop everyday? Start up the murder protocol.

Even the dumbest of invertebrates knew that we fed them and would be kinder. Swans see you bringing them food from across the park and are furious that “YOU STOLE MY FOOD I NEVER HAD AND PUT IT IN THAT BUCKET YOU’RE BRINGING TOWARD ME AND I AM GOING TO BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THIS GROUNDHOG NEAR ME BECAUSE OF IT, AND THEN TRY TO MURDER YOU.”

Swans are the worst.



A hand-raised wallaby named Wallace Montgomery. He was hand-raised and then given to us when he became a wee bit overwhelming for his previous caretaker.

Feeding time? Prepare to be be gouged by his razor sharp nails, bit on your softest parts, and the bowl WILL be knocked out of your hands.

Cleaning time? He will grab your rake and shovel, hit you with them, and kick you when you bend down to pick up your stuff.

Trying to give him fresh straw to sleep on? Nope. He shredded the bag it came in. He kicked the fresh straw into the yard. He picked up the dirty straw and rubbed it all over you.

I love him immensely. Fun fact: if you pick him up mid-tantrum, he will lay his head on your shoulder and give you three solid minutes of snuggles before recommencing your attempted murder.




Zoo Employees Reveal Which Animals Are Massive Jerks

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