Working 9 ‘Til Walkies – 7 Animals Who Have Jobs Humans Would Be Jealous Of!

Working 9 ‘Til Walkies – 7 Animals Who Have Jobs Humans Would Be Jealous Of!


I think that one of the major failings of the workplace is the complete lack of adorable animals allowed in (unless you’re a vet or a groomer or someone else very lucky). On the other hand, I’m completely jealous of animals, they don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to struggle through rush hour traffic and spend all day with my boss. Well, most animals don’t. There are some animals out there who are holding down jobs that most humans would be jealous of! Meet these seven animals who are working hard for their living!


Tama the Stationmaster

Tama the train cat is the cat who singlehandedly (singlepawedly?) saved Kishi Station in Japan from closing down using nothing but her cute charms. In her time in office her job mainly consisted of greeting customers and boy did they love her! The flocks of people who came to say hi to Tama meant that the financially struggling station was allowed to stay open. Well, who wouldn’t want to see a friendly cat on their morning commute?


Duke, The Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota

Duke hasn’t held his office for long, as he was elected into his new role as mayor at the beginning of August 2016, but he’s loving his new job! After winning the local mayoral elections by a landslide, Duke was treated to a 5 hour grooming and pampering session and a new outfit which includes an official mayoral hat and sash. I think he’s already doing a better job than most human politicians.


Larry, Downing Street’s Chief Mouser

Larry isn’t the first Chief Mouser to guard the home of Britain’s Prime Minister, but he’s one of the most famous. Any time there’s a shot of 10 Downing Street in the news, chances are Larry’s going to be hanging around to steal the spotlight. And clearly his fame is important to him as he’s got into several fights with rival felines at Downing Street, Larry won’t let anyone outshine him!


Bart the Acting Bear

Well, that should probably say Bart the BearS as there are now two who have been regulars in the movie and TV industry. The first Bart the Bear appeared in films Homeward Bound and and 12 Monkeys and his namesake (Little Bart) has been in Scrubs and Game of Thrones. Both of these bears have a better resume than I do and I’ll bet their acting head shots are better too!



Oscar The Hospice Cat

Oscar is a therapy cat who lives in Rhode Island and you may have seen him on the news with his special talent. Over his time at the hospice, Oscar has been able to predict over 50 deaths of  terminally ill patients residing there. When he senses that it’s almost the time for the patient to leave us he curls up next to them, giving them some much needed comfort and love during their final hours and giving the staff time to alert family members so they can come and say goodbye.


Levi the Acting Monkey

You’ll probably recognise Levi from his time on set with Johnny Depp in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Unfortunately, he was replaced in later films after demanding a pay rise. Looks like working for peanuts just wasn’t working out for him, but if I’m honest, if I could work with Johnny Depp I’d do the whole thing for free!


Gidget the Taco Bell Chihuahua

Between 1997 and 2000, Gidget was best known as the Taco Bell dog, appearing in a national advertising campaign for the fast food chain. Gidget and her catch phrase “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” proved to popular that Gidget was made into a cuddly toy as well as other merchandise. I wonder if she was paid in Tacos? I could definitely work for that!


So how do you feel about your job right now? If you’re jealous of these animals, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Now hurry and get back to work before your boss Dalmatian notices you’re on the internet while you should be working! I don’t even thing a belly rub will calm him down this time!


dog dalmatian dalmatian dog and yet again my hand



Working 9 ‘Til Walkies – 7 Animals Who Have Jobs Humans Would Be Jealous Of!

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