This ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Theme Park Has Been Abandoned For Years, The Images Are Super Creepy

This ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Theme Park Has Been Abandoned For Years, The Images Are Super Creepy


One of my favorite films to watch when I was a child was the Wizard of Oz.

It’s a great film and I look forward to the day where I get to share the magic of the film with my future children and grandchildren, and I know I’m not alone in that.

It’s an amazing film filled with friendship, adventure, and of course magic.

No family night in is complete without popcorn, and of course, a copy of this classic film.

You’d think that all the buzz around the film would lend itself to a great amusement park reminiscent of Disneyland.

But apparently not.

A Wizard of Oz inspired theme park was built back in the 70s, but it proved to be unpopular compared to its Disney counterpart. It’s a shame.

Back in 1970, this Wizard Of Oz inspired theme park was opened as an attraction in North Carolina, USA. The attraction didn’t gather as much attention as they would have hoped and ended up being closed down 35 years ago.

It was however just left abandoned.

Of course, this makes for some really amazing and creepy photo opportunities.

An Ohio based photographer named Johnny Joo, recently visited the site and captured these eerie photos.

Apparently, the first year the park opened, it attracted more than 400k visitors but interest dropped off after that.

The designer of the park made it such that as visitors walked through it, it followed the original storyline.

Visitors had the chance to walk the “Yellow Brick Road”.


And even got the chance to leave in a hot air balloon in the form of a ski lift.

I’m utterly surprised this park didn’t prove to be successful, I would have loved to go there!

It sounds fantastic!

The park was owned by a man called Grover Robbins who tragically died just before it opened meaning he never got to see his dream come to reality.

The photographer who took these photos said “It was an enchanting feeling, being that the mountain was blanketed in fog that morning. It was amazing seeing scenery practically straight out of a fairy tale being covered by layer upon layer of fog.”

The park is now opened once a year for an event called Autumn at Oz, which is run by old employees and park enthusiasts.

“It opens for one day in remembrance of the park and how it used to be,” Joo said. Wizard of Oz fans flock from all corners of the world for the event and “tickets are quite difficult to come by,” Joo added.

If you’re a Wizard of Oz fan, there’s still hope to go and visit the land of magic and fun! But you may have to fight to get a ticket.

So if you are a fan of Wizard of Oz, why not give it a go sometime?

Would you like to see Wizard of Oz land brought back to life?

Feel free to let us know what you think in the COMMENTS.

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