These Foods From Around The World Are Banned In The United States

If you’re like me, you probably love food. Like, you probably love food to an unhealthy degree. I think the best part about going out is finding a nice buffet and just grabbing one of absolutely anything.

But, there are some items that aren’t on the menu, and never will be because they are banned in the United States. Don’t believe me? Well, you might be surprised on what foods are on the list that you’ll never see in the U S of A.

Mirabelle Plums

The mirabelle plum is a small, sweet plum primarily grown in the north-eastern region of France. The region has the ideal climate and soil composition of the mirabelle plum, which is why 80 percent of its global production comes from there.

What can be so bad about this adorable fruit? Well, nothing actually. But still, there’s a federal ban on import of the mirabelle plum since it has a “protected origin-destination,” according to some sources. This means that the FDA has a trade agreement with France to protect their market, which makes obtaining these little guys nearly impossible for Americans.