The Strange Truth Behind A Grieving Wife And Her Husband Is Finally Revealed

The Story of Linda and Richard Iseler is certainly a strange one. In 1993, Linda’s husband Richard disappeared, leaving Linda behind with nothing to raise their two young sons.

There was a lot of suspicion around Richard’s disappearance, and Linda was questioned time and time again. Twenty-three years later, a breakthrough happened that changed the story completely!

A Strange Tale

The story of Linda and Richard Hoagland is one strange and sordid tale. The two had a happy marriage and Linda gave birth to their two sons. They settled in Indianapolis, Indiana where everything seemed to be going well for the happy family.

The couple took part in normal, everyday activities with the occasional argument over money or the children, but nothing to the extreme. When their sons, Matthew and Douglas, turned nine and six years old, respectively, the happy family’s life turned upside down. Something was very wrong in the household, and only one person knew about the secretive tumult.