There’s Now A Wine Glass That Attaches To A Wine Bottle So You Can Drink Quicker

There’s Now A Wine Glass That Attaches To A Wine Bottle So You Can Drink Quicker


Thank goodness it’s Friday! Am I right ladies?

Personally speaking, I’m so glad it’s the weekend! Finally, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the lovely weather we’re having.

To me, that sounds like the perfect idea of heaven!

But the best way to kick of the weekend is by cracking open a bottle of wine and having a cheeky glass… Ok, two glasses. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m drinking the whole bottle, don’t judge me!

We all like a glass of wine, but after a hard day sometimes one glass just isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a bottle – in one swift go.

If you are on the go, it can be hard to pour yourself a glass of wine. Whether you are on a camping trip and don’t have any glasses, on a long train journey home from work and fancy a glass or two, or maybe you are on a romantic picnic, there is often no solution to your wine pouring problems.

Until now…

Take a look at THIS wine glass that you can actually attach to your bottle! Incredible, right? You can literally enjoy a whole bottle of wine and you don’t even have to swig from the bottle.

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The plastic screw at the bottom of the glass allows it to perfectly fit into the neck of your bottle, so no spills and no mess here!

The new concept called Guzzle Buddy looks just like any other extra-large wine glass, except instead of a stem, there’s a spout at the base. Just pop the spout into the neck of your chosen bottle of plonk and get chugging.


The Guzzle Buddy means you will NEVER have to share your wine with anyone ever again. It’s all yours….

Just to be clear, we would never promote excessive drinking as if you did polish off the whole it’d be two-thirds of your weekly recommended alcohol intake.

Not to mention it would around a quarter of your recommended calorie intake. Crikey!

But just imagine how much happier you’ll be with a Guzzle Buddy…

If you bring a bottle of nice wine to a party,  stick your glass in it and carry it around with you all night. Perfect!

Obviously, we’re not trying to encourage you to binge drink by sharing this amazing product with you.

We just felt like this awesome wine product would be perfect for all you wine lovers.

But if you do use it to drink a full bottle of wine, I’m not going to judge you for it because I know I’ll probably do something similar this summer.

Cheers to this ingenious product! It’s genius!

What do you think about the Guzzle Buddy? Do you love it or do you think it’s a terrible idea just asking for trouble?

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