Terrified People Share Their Creepiest Paranormal Experiences

Terrified People Share Their Creepiest Paranormal Experiences



Whether you believe in ghosts, ghouls, or demons, we’ve all heard something go bump in the night.

Whether it was supernatural or a friendly cat jumping about the place, it’s scared us. Be honest.

Well, some very scared people share their scariest supernatural experiences that they’ve ever experienced.


When I was a kid, my brother and I would get stuck with babysitting the neighbor’s kid. His name was Alex. Alex was really fond of my Lego set that I had in the corner of my room. He would play for hours while my brother and I would play video games in the living room.

So one night, when I fell asleep on the couch (while babysitting), my brother came to me and said, “Alex is under your bed and shaking..” I asked, “What’s wrong with him?” My brother told me to follow him into the room and try to talk him back out from under the bed.

I go inside to find him on the verge of tears as he was trembling profusely under my bed. I asked Alex, “What’s wrong? Why are you under there?” Alex whimpered, “It…” while looking at the my sliding closet. As I walked toward the bed in order to help him out, he ran; he ran all the way back over to his house and waited on his front steps until his parents got home.

Now, my parents were out to dinner with his, and he explained the whole story in detail to both his parents and mine. His explanation sent shivers down my spine.

My mom told me me that Alex was playing with my Legos and heard a slight murmur from my closet, something that resembled a faint vocalization of, “Come here.” He said that he looked behind him and noticed the closet had a slight opening with light peering in from my lamp. He stared at the crack until he saw an eyelid open. He told us that there was a man in my closet. Alex then hid under my bed after he gave out a slight yelp (which attracted my brother’s attention).

My family rushes back into my house and into my room. In horror, we find my closet door rocked open. My window had been left open, when it was previously closed, and a few things knocked over which had not been touched previously.




I used to be in the military and the training camp bunk that we lived in was said to be haunted.

Occasionally, our stuff would go missing and reappear in weird places, like under our bed, or inside a bag that we had zipped up and stuff.. no big deal right? i mean human error and all. Then came the instance that freaked everyone out.

It was one night after lights out and my friend was on his phone texting his girlfriend. Most of us were drifting off to sleep, and were lying on our beds etc. suddenly, he heard the shuffling of feet from the corridor, so thinking that it was our sergeant, he quickly hid his phone under his pillow, rolled over on his side and pretended to sleep.

Till this day, what happens next chills me to the bone. While he pretended to sleep, he heard someone right behind him, at the other side of his bed going “Don’t worry, you can continue to pretend sleep.”

I would dismiss this as a figment of his imagination, except about five other people around him heard it as well, including me. creepier still, there was no one there, and it was the voice of a little girl that said it.

For reference, our training camp was in the middle of an island, and was set up away from the main admin blocks. The island has been closed by the government for army training purposes for the past 15 years so there were definitely no civilians around, let alone kids.

To make matters freakier, when we came back from our weekend home leave, there was a bunch of female hair on his bed, neatly bundled up, long and jet black. under his pillow was a note – “remember me?”.

Now as i said we were in the middle of a forest, in the middle of an island. And at that point in time, there were no female recruits / personnel on the island. Our bunks were locked up for the weekend and the duty sergeant had no idea that the incident happened. we never spoke about it after that night.

Still chills me to the bone thinking about it.




Terrified People Share Their Creepiest Paranormal Experiences

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