The Story Of Monday As Told By Cats – Your Monday Feelings In Feline Form

The Story Of Monday As Told By Cats – Your Monday Feelings In Feline Form


So, it’s Monday again. Are you happy? Nope? Didn’t think so. Well neither am I, so I’m doing what I do best in times of crisis – looking at pictures of cats on the internet! And I’ve realised something. Cat’s don’t experience the Monday feeling, but they sure look like they do! So to try to put us all in a better mood this morning, here are the cats who know exactly how your Monday is going.

Let’s start at the beginning! The moment you wake up in your nice cozy bed…


But then you realise. It’s Monday. WHY?!


So you reluctantly get yourself out of bed…

giphy (12)


…and you try to make breakfast. But then you realise that you’ve completely forgotten how to do life over the weekend.



Before you know it, you’re on your way to work. But you’re not happy about it. Not one bit.


So you stop off and get a coffee and heaven help anyone who tries to take your mug away when there’s still a tiny bit of precious, precious caffeine left.


So here you are. Back at work for another week. You resign yourself and walk inside.


Somehow, you make it through the morning meeting and nobody seemed to notice that you slept the entire time.


Then Felicia from accounting tries to tell you some seriously shocking gossip that you heard, like, three weeks ago but you have to be polite because she does the pay cheques.


You finally make it back to your desk, where you get to work. Kind of. Eventually. I just need five minutes to rest my eyes…



Now you’ve had your power nap it’s time for some work… After you’ve sneakily made your way over to your work bestie to catch up with what happened over the weekend.


Quick, here comes the boss to interrupt your chat! Hide! Is he gone yet? Act natural…

giphy (11)


It’s high time for some lunch and you wanna eat everything. Did I say my diet was gonna start on Monday? Yeah, I meant next Monday.


The boss wants to know if anybody wants to do any overtime this week?

giphy (4) copy 2


Maybe you’ll pass the time with some totally necessary and very productive looking photocopying… What do you mean the copy machine’s broken again?!


Oh, I hear the boss is looking for you. Something about giving you some more work for a new project?


Are you sure it’s not time to leave yet? I swear I’ve been here for about 6 years.


The second the clock strikes home time


You finally get back home at the end of the day and wonder how you’re supposed to do this for the rest of the week. The outlook is bleak.


You’ve made it. Another Monday is over and hopefully these cats have put a bit of happiness into your day. To say thank you for the smiles, go and show your favourite feline friend some love. No guarantees that they’ll accept it though, you know how grouchy they can be on Monday!



The Story Of Monday As Told By Cats – Your Monday Feelings In Feline Form

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