Here Are The Stories Behind These Hollywood Studio Logos

Here Are The Stories Behind These Hollywood Studio Logos


Whenever we watch a film, at home or at the cinema, we often see the odd logo before the film actually starts.


Because it’s a friendly reminder of who brought you this incredible movie magic.

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The logo is important to many movie producers because it represents their company and all the films that company has produced.

It’s a big deal.


There are many iconic Hollywood logos, some of them more famous than others.

For example, Dreamwork’s logo, which features a boy fishing on the moon.


But, I bet you didn’t know there were a few stories behind these legendary Hollywood logos.

1. DreamWorks


DreamWorks is a young company, which was founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen.

It was founded after Katzenberg’s resigned from The Walt Disney Company.

The three wanted their own live-action and animation film studio and set three conditions for themselves: they would make fewer than nine movies a year, they also wanted to be free to work for other studios if they chose, and most importantly, they would go home in time for dinner. Which is understandable!

They wanted a computer generated image for their logo. The three started off with the idea of a man climbing to the moon to fish.

Illustrator Robert Hunt tweaked the idea so that the animation starts from the fly hitting the water, and it then pans to the boy sitting on the moon fishing. Curiously, the boy used was Hunt’s son, William.

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Here Are The Stories Behind These Hollywood Studio Logos

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