Steve Loses it When Couple That Looked After Him During Tough Times Called In

Steve Loses it When Couple That Looked After Him During Tough Times Called In


If you are aware of the comedian and host Steve Harvey, you will know he is a hilarious loveable guy. But like the rest of us, away from the screen he is just a regular guy that has lived a pretty tough life.

In a special feature on his birthday, Steve took calls from among others, this couple who brought him to tears. The call started:

“Hi Steve, this is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida, and I called to wish you a happy birthday, and to ask you one question: Do you still love me, baby?”

The guy on screen immediately brought a tear to Steve’s eye. The seemingly normal looking guy was actually Steve’s guardian angel from his past. He and his wife saved Steve and helped boost his career when he was going through tough times.


The man’s name was Rich and along with his wife Becky, their kind actions had helped Steve get through a rough time in his life when he was down on his luck.

The couple had taken Steve under their wing and given him an opportunity to get on his feet and eventually become the huge success he is today.

“I was 26 years old and I didn’t have nothin’,” Steve said. “And these people owned a furniture store in Cleveland. And they took me in and gave me my first contract with my little carpet cleaning company.”

Steven goes on to share with the audience how the couple helped him fulfil his dreams. He explain that as anyone with a dream knows, chasing that dream can be a long, emotionally draining, and expensive process. In Steves case this dream cost the then 27-year old $11,000 putting him in debt big time! The Liss’s were there to help.



The couple actually paid off Steves debt and took him one step closer to following his dream.

It is so moving to see such a huge character as Steve moved to tears as he remembers his roots. In the touching clip, Steve tells the couple that now he has money and that he wants to fly them over to come to visit him on the show.

Watch the clip below to see the full touching moment.

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Steve Loses it When Couple That Looked After Him During Tough Times Called In

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