Shocked McDonald’s Employees Share The Strangest Order Request They’ve Ever Recieved

Shocked McDonald’s Employees Share The Strangest Order Request They’ve Ever Recieved


Quite a few people think that working in McDonald’s is easy.

All you’re doing is putting together orders for the hungry crowd of people in the fast food chain.

Well, those people would be wrong.

It’s more than that.

They’re also having to deal with some pretty strange people.

Here are some of the craziest order requests McDonald’s employees have ever received.



Back when I worked at McDonald’s, I would often work drive-thru. One night, a group of kids came in and ordered a Big Mac, fries, a Stealth bomber, and a large Coke.

Without batting an eye, I said ‘Okay, that will be twelve billion, four hundred and fifty-three million, nine hundred and seventeen thousand, two hundred and twenty-one dollars and forty cents, please pull up to the first window.’

There was kind of an awkward pause, and then they said, ‘Um, how much is it without the bomber?



Someone literally came to my McDonald’s store, asked for medium fries and some whipped cream. Then watched her dipped the fries in the cream. I don’t know about in the States, but in Australia that’s extremely unusual.


Woman came to my store, ordered a medium Big Mac meal with coke, fairly standard. Then orders a 6 piece chicken McNuggets happy meal with apple juice and BBQ sauce.

Me: You want a toy with that today, ma’am?

Her: Oh no, we don’t take toys from McDonald’s, it teaches children to idealize the bourgeoisie and big corporations.

She then spent the next 2 minutes lecturing me on Marxist doctrine. Eh it wasn’t busy, it was pretty amusing actually. However, all the time I kept thinking, the Sumo Salad is over there if you want your organic, vegan, GMO free salad to compliment those views. Why even take your kids to McDonald’s?!

Big Mac without meat:

I know veggie burgers are a thing in some countries but in Australia it isn’t. Why order a Big Mac with no meat? I work in a food court, the place 3m behind you makes vegetarian wraps, there’s falafels from the kebab shop 15m that way, there’s about 4 shops with different vegetarian options.

I don’t understand your logic, but hey, it pays me so whatever.



I worked at a McDonald’s in high school in a very religious town and frequently worked the late shift. One night I was on the window with a headset and two girls pulled up in a truck

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