Resturant Managers Share The Reasons Why They Refused A Customer Service

Resturant Managers Share The Reasons Why They Refused A Customer Service


Sometimes the worst part of owning your own restaurant is having to deal with some pretty crazy and odd customers.

Here are some of the strange reasons why restaurant managers refused service to a customer.


This happened last week. Guy comes in with two kids. Makes his orders. And then tells his brats to get some chips. So they get bags and bags of chips and just sit there eating them. Then the guy complained about being charged for ‘stuff I ain’t takin’ home.’

Refused to leave. Gary, the store manager, tells him to leave. Guy starts screaming. I come out of the kitchen and in a deep voice say, ‘Problem sir?’ The guys younger son actually started crying. They left.

Not my proudest moment. Yes, I meant to intimidate but not terrify the kids. Besides they had pushed over a stack of beer bottles and we lost about 60 dollars worth. Plus fifteen bags of chips.



The most recent was for violence towards staff. I was on shift with one of my coworkers when this customer (let’s call him Dan) came in already very drunk. He was a customer who had been in several times before, each time ending in him being cut off for being too drunk. I refused to serve him alcoholic drinks, offering him soft drinks or water instead. He declined these and decided the best course of action was to come round to the bar gate and try and pull his own pint. Obviously we stopped this from happening at which point Dan decided to punch my coworker. Since he was drunk it wasn’t particularly hard, however since then he has been permanently banned and is not allowed near my coworker or on the property.




One time, at my parent’s mom-and-pop diner that my parents have owned for years, this guy got really drunk. Drunk off what, I have no idea, we don’t sell any booze. There’s a bar down the street, though. Anyway he stumbles in and asks for a whiskey. I tell him we don’t have that. He orders a pink lemonade. I make him one and give him it. He promptly takes it and chucks it across the room. I tell him, ‘Sir, you will have to leave.’

‘Effff you.’

‘Sir, please leave now.’

After a few minutes of this, I get tired and grab his arm, and point him in the right direction.

‘Okay, okay…’ And he leaves.

Now, multiply this by a few times per week, maybe 8 or 9 times per month. It’s not too bad when compared to big restaurants, but it gets annoying.

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The best one was when I was an assistant manager in Jackson, Missouri. This place was in a bad neighborhood. There was quite a bit of gang-related activity there. Drugs, prostitution, fights, you name it. All in a day’s work, at this place. Well, one night, we had a disagreement between 2 pretty big dudes right in our dining room. It escalated quickly and suddenly these guys were fighting. I called the cops and walked over and with a little help got them separated. I explained to the guys that the cops have been called and were on their way. I noticed when one of the guys turned around that he was carrying a gun. My thoughts… ‘Whooa, dude’s packin’ heat and you just put your hands on him trying to keep him from fighting in the store. Dying for this place.’ Luckily they went outside peacefully and left.

After that, I became a little bit more complacent about maintaining the peace. I’d make my call to 5.0 and wait it out. I was no longer getting involved.

Another time, we had a guy get stabbed in my store. I would mostly turn a blind eye to drug deals in the dining room, but I didn’t like seeing it. If I saw that, I’d kindly ask the patrons to leave. Seeing the remains of drug use in the store was commonplace. Empty baggies, blunt leftovers etc. Girls were as bad as guys often. About once every 2 weeks, 2 chicks would have a knock-down drag-out. Those weren’t as big a deal, though, cause the women weren’t as big as the guys.

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