Remember These Guys From ‘Crocodile Dundee’? Well, Where Are They Now?

Remember These Guys From ‘Crocodile Dundee’? Well, Where Are They Now?


Can you believe it was almost three decades ago that we saw these guys from Crocodile Dundee take the big screen?

It feels like two minutes ago I was watching them wrestling with crocodiles whilst I tried to impersonate their distinctive Australian accents!

It was one of my favorite films and I was totally in love with Mike Dundee, you have gotta admit he was a total dreamboat!

Just look at him! (It’s a shame we don’t look like her though, right?)

Well, with that in mind, I wonder what these guys are up to now? Do you think they are still hunky and hot, or has age hit them like a brick in the face?

Let’s take a look at what the cast of Crocodile Dundee look like 30 years on for the hit movie…

Mark Blum – Richard Mason

Playing the bad guy, he was never going to be the most loved character in the show, however, he has proceeded to have a pretty successful acting career.

He starred in the huge sitcom ‘Frasier’ and ‘The West Wing’.

His latest role is ‘Uncle Bob’ in the Amazon original series ‘Mozart in the jungle’

Reginald VelJohnson – Gus

Gus played the limo driver in the show, but he wasn’t just a cameo in his later career as he had a huge role in ‘Die Hard 2’

In later life, he has continued his acting career, starring in Disney series ‘Officer James’ and ‘Girl Meets World’.

Unfortunately, he’s not been in any other Die Hard movies.

Linda Kolowski – Sue Charlton


She was the love of Mick Dundee’s life and a true beauty, and the pair even married in REAL LIFE as Mick left his wife for her. But did it last?

Sadly, the love birds fled the nest and divorced in 2003. It seems they just had nothing in common.

Here’s what she looks like now:

David Gilipil – Neville Bell

This was by no means David’s career highlight. He was a much love character, but what has he been up to now?

Well, he’s been in a little trouble as he had a run in with the law when he pulled out a machete!

In 2010 he was sentenced to Jail after breaking his wife’s arm! Wow!

Mick Dundee was the star of the show. He shone in the spotlight and played a character we will never forget.

But where is he now after his divorce from his co-star?

Shall we find out?

Here he is…

He turned down a lead role in ‘Ghost’ and went on to star in another Crocodile Dundee movie!

Paul Hogan didn’t appear in many movies after that and was even under investigation for tax fraud. Thankfully the charges were later dropped.

Now, at 76 years old, the actor is retired and helps to care for his 17 year old son, Chance.

All images and info sourced from Time To Break

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