7 Reasons Why Being Over 40 Is Simply Fabulous!

7 Reasons Why Being Over 40 Is Simply Fabulous!


Most people are scared of getting older, and even more, people are terrified of hitting the big 4-0.

But there’s no reason to fear!

There’s nothing wrong with being 40 or over, it just means you’ve lived a long and interesting life, and you’ve more than likely met some very interesting people.

Here are a few reasons why being 40 makes you fabulous.

1. You know who you are

You’re not stuck trying to discover who you are. You already know.

You don’t have to experiment with your look because you’ve spent years deciding what your look is.

You don’t even have to question what you’re going to pick out at the buffet table.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re done with exploring the world around you. It just means you’re better at picking what you want the first time around.

2. You’ve learned to relax

Sweating the small stuff is what people under 40 do.

Now you’ve matured like a nice fine wine you’re less inclined to engage in petty arguments and fights.

You’ve finally learned that no matter how much they love you, no one is going to agree with you all of the time.

You learn to understand that deals sometimes fall through, escrows won’t always close, and money comes and goes.  Those things aren’t important. What is important is learning to deal with those issues in a calm manner.

3. You know your friends

You’ve already got a well-established tribe of people you want to hang out with.

You’re less interested in working hard to be accepted by a social circle.

You’re totally fine with the fact that you’d rather spend New Year’s Eve with a close friend drinking wine and watching a movie, instead of trying to get on the guest list to an exclusive party.


4. You’ve leanred the word no

No is your most used word. Which isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re finally in charge and looking after your own interests. You no longer have to make long excuses for not doing something. Thank goodness for that!

5. You’ve tamed your critic

We all have that little voice in us that’s always criticizing you and everything you do.

But when you reach 40, you’ve learned how to mute that annoying little voice.

You know that you’ve never accomplished your goals by listening to that voice.  So now, when that voice starts to criticize you, you know how to say “No thanks!” and go about your merry way.

6. You respect yourself

When we were younger we’d accept certain things. Like snarky comments from friends, family members. Or we’d let our boss berate us in front of your co-workers.  

But when you hit 40, you’ve learned that this is unacceptable.  These days, if you do find yourself in a sticky situation, you’re quick enough on your feet to come with an escape plan.

7. You’ve let go of that crazy b******

Remember those people who would always drag you down to your level? Well, they’re no longer in your life.


Because you’ve finally realized they’re just white noise, something you don’t need in your life.  You’ve learned that you won’t stand for that kind of silliness anymore.

The friends you do have are the kind you can trust to have your back.

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